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Chapter 253: Chapter 253: Exposed

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Chapter 253: Exposed

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This action was so sudden that Li Xiwu was pressed against the fence by Yu Hewei before she could be prepared. She leaned back a little. Her back hurt.


Just as she was about to retaliate, Yu Hewei pressed her hand down and imprisoned her. This strength was much greater than Li Xiwu had imagined.

Li Xiwu was a little flustered. In a verbal battle, she could win, but in a situation where there was a difference in strength, she could only think of a way to protect herself.

At this moment, Li Xiwu’s mind was racing about how to defend herself and escape. It was best not to have too much of an argument. At this moment, Yu Hewei had already leaned over and grabbed her chin with her other hand. “They’re the ones who call you Little You. I like to call you Little Wuyou. It’s a unique pet name.”

Li Xiwu’s eyebrows jumped. “Pet… pet what?”

Yu Hewei’s gaze traced Li Xiwu’s face inch by inch. “Did you have plastic surgery? Pei Jingzhou was afraid that I would find you, so he deliberately plastic surgery for you, right?”

Li Xiwu held her breath, feeling that Yu Hewei was too close to her. She raised her empty hand and pressed it against Yu Hewei’s left shoulder. She tried her best to answer calmly, “Appearance repair. If I have to say that it was plastic surgery, it can be considered.”

“Appearance repair?” Yu Hewei raised her eyebrows. Thinking of what might have happened, Yu Hewei frowned deeply.

Li Xiwu took a deep breath. “Yu Hewei, can you take your hand away?”

A few seconds later, Yu Hewei removed her hand, but she didn’t get up. She placed one arm across Li Xiwu’s lower back and braced her other hand on the fence behind her.

This method of imprisonment made Li Xiwu speechless. She looked up and met Yu Hewei’s eyes. She was looking at her intently.

Li Xiwu pursed her lips and reminded her, “Let’s chat tonight. If one of us doesn’t return to the live-stream, the netizens will make wild guesses.” Yu Hewei didn’t care. “The netizens are probably speculating about us fighting.”

Li Xiwu looked at Yu Hewei’s gesture to restrain her. “What’s the difference between this and the two of us fighting like this?”

Only then did Yu Hewei slowly let go of her and take two steps back. The moment Yu Hewei retreated, Li Xiwu felt her breathing become much more carefree. She was about to leave when Yu Hewei stopped her again. “Little


Li Xiwu closed her eyes hard. “I just said that you should call me by my current name…”

Before she could finish her reminder, Yu Hewei asked, “Would you believe me if I said that I really saw Pei Jingzhou get together with that Xue guy?

Li Xiwu’s forehead twitched slightly as she glanced sideways at Yu Hewei.

Yu Hewei’s expression was extremely serious, and she had no intention of joking.

Yu Hewei continued, “That woman surnamed Xue pestered Pei Jingzhou to be intimate with him. Pei Jingzhou is unfaithful in marriage. Even if you know this, will you always… always be with him?”

Li Xiwu smiled faintly. “No matter what you say, we knew each other in the past and were very close, but I never had any memories of the past. In my memories, Pei Jingzhou is my husband. Compared to the three years of time we spent together with memories, do you think I would believe you, who isn’t in my memories, or my husband?”

Yu Hewei clenched her fists at her sides. “You loved him before you lost your memory, and after you lost your memory. Is he that good?”

Li Xiwu pursed her lips. “I can’t answer your question. This isn’t something we should talk about.”

With that, Li Xiwu turned around and left in a hurry. As soon as she returned, Xue Jinzhu quickly went forward to show off the kite. “Sister Li, you’re finally back. How about I show you my own DIY Shayan Kite?”

Her face was filled with words: Praise me quickly

[Li Xiwu and Yu Hewei have been away from the camera for so long. I thought they went to fight.]

[Sister Li is finally back. I’m happy.]

[Yu Hewei is very awesome on the show this time. I’m sure that Li Xiwu’s husband is that big shot of the Pei Corporation!]

[Waiting for a trending topic.]

[Haha, I have the dream material for tonight. Cinderella married into a top wealthy family and changed her fate! She even gained the love of the entire Internet and reached the peak of her life!]

[This is because she was born with a good life. Her current excellence is actually because she married into a wealthy family.]

Xue Jinzhu handed Li Xiwu the shayan kite that she had finished coloring.

Li Xiwu took it and looked at it carefully. “It’s much better than the one I made.”

Xue Jinzhu’s eyes lit up. “Really?”

Li Xiwu smiled faintly. “Of course.”

With that, she went to get her DIY kite. With this comparison, it was obvious that Xue Jinzhu had done a good job, especially since the paint was applied evenly and the overall completion was very exquisite.

Xue Jinzhu smiled happily, but as she smiled, the smile on her lips faded. She saw Yu Hewei coming back.

Yu Hewei walked over and took the kite from Li Xiwu. “It’s beautiful.’

As soon as she finished praising her, the kite fell from her hand, as if she had accidentally lost her grip.

Xue Jinzhu’s eyes widened. “Hey, hey, hey, the paint isn’t completely dry yet..

Fortunately, it was only a false alarm.

Yu Hewei pinched the kite again with a playful smile on her lips. “I scared you.”

Xue Jinzhu was angry. “You scared me to death.”

Beside her, Li Xiwu said, “Don’t tease Jinzhu.” Yu Hewei smiled. “Okay.” [What’s going on? I feel like the style is back.]

[The couple is in chaos.]

[I can’t help but laugh at the way Yu Hewei treats Xue Jinzhu. I’m so happy! I’m also happy to hear Li Xiwu’s words!]

[Who said that the two of them went to fight? They’re clearly on good terms.]

[What did Yu Hewei mean by those words at first? Could it be my psychological effect? Why do I keep feeling that things aren’t that simple?]

Meanwhile, after resting, Han Qianye also prepared to go out to look for Li Xiwu. She called MO Yujin and set off together. Coincidentally, Min Hanrong was also preparing to go out after lunch break. In the end, the three of them teamed up, leaving Xu Muzhen to continue sleeping in the hotel.

Min Hanrong called Tao Jing and found out their current location. The Kite Cultural Center was not far from the hotel. It would only take two more minutes to walk.

At this moment, Han Qianye took out her phone.

Seeing this, Min Hanrong said, “Qianye, I’ve already asked for the address. You don’t have to call Xiwu anymore. It’s at the Kite Cultural Center. We can just ask for directions.

“It’s not a call. I’m going to take a call,” Han Qianye said as she walked to the side to answer the call.

Min Hanrong nodded.

It was Lin Yourong who called Han Qianye.

Han Qianye didn’t know why Lin Yourong was calling at this time. She thought about how she had blocked her number last time. If she hung up this time, she was afraid that she would continue to call and affect her recording.

Since she had nothing else to do now, she answered the phone.

Lin Yourong’s voice came from the other end of the line. “Qianye, where are you?”

Han Qianye said, “We’re recording a show. Don’t you know?”

Lin Yourong said, “I know. I wanted to say that I’m also here in Beishui Town. I’m a guest of the previous episode. The audience should be very surprised to show up for this episode.”

Han Qianye’s eyebrows twitched. She had a bad feeling. “Were you invited by the show?”

Lin Yourong lied. “Yes..”

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