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Chapter 254: Chapter 254: Her Entire Body Was Soft, But Her Mouth Was Hard

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Chapter 254: Her Entire Body Was Soft, But Her Mouth Was Hard

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Han Qianye was speechless.


Why did the production team invite Lin Yourong? Invite her to add to the mess?

On the other end of the line, Lin Yourong was afraid that Han Qianye would hang up on her. She quickly said, “Qianye, I saw that you weren’t on the live broadcast this afternoon. Are you still in the hotel?”

Han Qianye thought that since she was invited by the production team, even if she didn’t tell Lin Yourong now, she would probably see her later, so she told Lin Yourong her current location. “Yes, at xx Hotel.”

Lin Yourong was overjoyed. “Then I’ll be right there.”

Han Qianye nodded. “Yeah.”

Meanwhile, Li Xiwu and the others came from the Kite Cultural Center.

The four of them walked together, each holding a shayan kite of their own DIY. This time, Xue Jinzhu’s kite was the prettiest, followed by Tao Jing. Li Xiwu’s kite looked alright, but Yu Hewei’s only covered in a little paint. Because it was not completely completed, it was not very good-looking.

But Yu Hewei didn’t care much, because she didn’t really want to fly a kite.

The mountain platform in the clouds of North Water Town was suitable for flying kites.

The location there was excellent.

However, the distance was too far. Currently, the most convenient way to get to the mountain platform is by cable car.

No one had any objections after some discussion, so they went to buy cable car tickets.

The cable car here could seat four people, and the cameramen and staff had to arrange for another cable car that was similar to the one here. At the same time, they had to turn on the drone live broadcast.

On the cable car, they could see the entirety of Beishui Town. Tao Jing had been taking photos since she got on the cable car. Li Xiwu thought that Xue Jinzhu was like Tao Jing. Other than taking photos, she would be the happiest.

Unexpectedly, when the cable car had only taxied one-tenth of the entire ropeway, Xue Jinzhu’s face began to turn pale.

The three of them were looking down at the scenery, except Xue Jinzhu. Not only was her face pale, but her hands were also nervously intertwined. Li Xiwu moved closer to Xue Jinzhu and asked worriedly, “Are you afraid of heights

Xue Jinzhu did not dare to look out of the glass at all. She pouted and nodded, whispering, “A little.”

Li Xiwu looked at Xue Jinzhu’s condition. She was more than a little afraid of heights.

“When we were discussing taking the cable car just now, why didn’t you say that you were afraid of heights? We could have taken the car up too. It’s just a little slower. It’s nothing.”

Li Xiwu did not sound blaming, so Xue Jinzhu could naturally tell. She usually liked to cause trouble for others and never scrutinized herself seriously.

However, after interacting with Li Xiwu, she became more and more serious. She could not always trouble others or cause trouble for others like before!

Xue Jinzhu pointed at the shayan kite beside her. “Actually, it’s because this is the first time I’ve done something so smoothly and successfully, so I don’t want to lose to my fear of heights, and therefore delay others.”

After a pause, Xue Jinzhu continued, “My father is watching my live broadcast.

I have to let my father see that not only can his daughter make a good kite, but she can also set it up. She’s amazing.”

Li Xiwu couldn’t help but laugh. “Yes, impressive.”

In the next second, Xue Jinzhu hid in Li Xiwu’s arms and instantly became a crying monster. “Sister Li, don’t think that I’m pretending on the surface. I’m actually extremely afraid.”

Li Xiwu raised her hand to cover Xue Jinzhu’s eyes. “I can tell.”

Beside her, Yu Hewei, who had taken a photo and turned around, looked at the scene of that Xue person pounce into Li Xiwu’s arms. An imperceptible coldness flashed across her eyes. She put away her phone. “Xue Jinzhu.” Xue Jinzhu did not dare to open her eyes. “Who’s calling me?”

Yu Hewei moved closer and deliberately raised her voice. Her voice softened.

Xue Jinzhu slowly opened her eyes in the direction of the voice, but she did not dare to open them completely. The feeling of being suspended in the air made her very flustered. She narrowed her eyes and saw that it was Yu Hewei who was calling her. Xue Jinzhu simply closed her eyes. “Why are you calling me?” Yu Hewei chuckled. “Are you really afraid of heights?”

Before Xue Jinzhu could answer, Li Xiwu glanced sideways at Yu Hewei, who was sitting on the other side. “She’s a little afraid of heights.”

Yu Hewei raised her eyebrows and leaned forward slightly. “I’m also a little afraid of heights, so can I have the same treatment as Xue Jinzhu?”

Li Xiwu:

[Sister Li is really troubled!]

[Large-scale competition for favor!]

[I feel that if Yu Hewei’s gender was changed, she would definitely be tame and cute.]

[Sister Li thought: The last time I was speechless was last time.]

[Not to mention Yu Hewei, I also want to go into Sister Li’s arms.]

At this moment, the comments were quite harmonious.

Most of the public opinion that Li Xiwu’s background was not worthy of the Pei family was on Weibo. Although there were also people in the live-stream, the netizens who cared about this matter were not high. The comments were quickly drowned out.

A few minutes later, the cable car reached the hilltop without incident.

Xue Jinzhu’s legs were weak when she got out of the cable car. Li Xiwu and Tao Jing supported her on the left and right respectively. Otherwise, she would have knelt down. However, All-Mouthy King Xue Jinzhu was still trying to save face. “I was acting just now because I wanted to lie in Sister Li’s arms. In fact, I wasn’t that afraid at all.”

Tao Jing looked at Xue Jinzhu’s leg seriously. “Then why are your legs still trembling now that you’re off the cable car?”

Li Xiwu’s lips curled into a smile. “You’re soft all over, but your mouth is hard.” Xue Jinzhu:         ‘ She had lost all her face.

Along the way, Xue Jinzhu had protected all the kites very well. They were not damaged at all when they got off the cable car. It was the same now. Because her legs were weak and she could not walk, Li Xiwu and Tao Jing had to support Xue Jinzhu. The task of holding the kites fell on Yu Hewei.

There were not many people on the mountain platform. There were two children flying kites accompanied by adults. The two children seemed to be competing to see whose kite flew higher. The two of them chased each other. One of the children accidentally bumped into Yu Hewei as he ran over.

The child’s parents hurried forward to apologize. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

Yu Hewei said, “It’s okay.”

After the child’s parents left with the child, Li Xiwu looked at Yu Hewei. “Are you okay?”

Yu Hewei’s originally expressionless face curled into a smile because of Li Xiwu’s words. “Are you concerned about me?”

Li Xiwu:

Shouldn’t she be concerned on camera? Does she have to be cold? Li Xiwu naturally couldn’t say what she was thinking. Seeing that Yu Hewei was fine, she retracted her gaze. “It’s good that you’re fine.”

Yu Hewei said, “Very few people care about me, so I’m a little surprised.”

Li Xiwu asked casually, “Why?”

Yu Hewei’s voice was very soft. “Maybe it’s because of my personality.” [Sister Yu looked like she had a lot on her mind just now.]

[Am I the only one who cares if the kite was damaged by that child?] [I feel that the scene just now was a little isolated. What does everyone think?]

[Speaking of isolation, could it be that three people are going to help one person at the same time?]

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