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Chapter 535: Chapter 535: A Scene of That Causes His Blood Boil

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Chapter 535: A Scene of That Causes His Blood Boil

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Seeing Secretary Dou turn around, Qiao Qiao immediately retracted her gaze and concealed her eavesdropping posture. She pretended to be reading the document seriously. Until Secretary Dou walked over and stood beside her.

“There’s no need to look at it for the time being. Give me the document.”

Qiao Qiao handed the document back to Dou Ying without hesitation. After

Dou Ying took it, she asked, “Am I going to read it later?”

Dou Ying put away the document and put it into a yellow paper bag. When she heard Qiao Qiao’s question, she looked up at her. This glance was especially intimidating to Qiao Qiao. She immediately said, “I’ll continue reading it.”

Dou Ying squeezed out a trace of gentleness from her stiff face. “There’s no need to read it for the time being. I’ll teach you how to read it later.”

Qiao Qiao nodded. “That’s good.”

“Sit for a while. I’ll take you to change after I’ve checked the contents of the press conference.” Dou Ying turned around and said.

Qiao Qiao heard this. Did it mean that she could blatantly let go?

That would be great. She leaned back comfortably on the sofa. If the location and scene hadn’t forbidden it, she would have just laid down and taken out her phone to play a game.

In the end, she could only maintain a ladylike sitting posture. She took out her phone and casually scrolled through Weibo to see which female celebrity or male celebrity was trending again.

About seven or eight minutes passed.

Dou Ying had already checked the contents of the press conference. She came over and called Qiao Qiao. “Alright, follow me.”

Qiao Qiao obediently put away her cell phone and followed Dou Ying out of the office.

Under Shao Jingmo!s instructions, Jingcheng had been following Qiao Qiao. In the past, Qiao Qiao hated such inseparable sidekicks, but not now. She wouldn’t find Jingcheng annoying wherever she went.

After going down two flights of stairs, Dou Ying took Qiao Qiao to a company employee’s changing room.

Then, she took out a set of clothes and handed it to Qiao Qiao. “Change into this set.’

Qiao Qiao took it and nodded without looking at it carefully. “Okay.”

Dou Ying looked at her meaningfully before turning to leave.

This time, there was only Qiao Qiao in the changing room. She hugged the clothes Dou Ying had given her and sat dovvn in frustration. Suddenly, she felt a little like a deserter. It was too uncomfortable here. She spoke and did things with her hands tied, afraid that she would make that secretary Dou unhappy.

She frowned and continued to sigh. From Shao Jingmo’s office above to the changing room below, she had sighed all her life today. Suddenly realizing that she was in front of a mirror, she forced a smile at the mirror. Tsk tsk, it was uglier than crying!

Afraid that Secretary Dou would come in and rush her, she did not dare to delay any longer and got up to change. She did not notice what style the clothes Dou Ying had given her were.

Now that she lifted it, she realized that it was actually an OL black and white professional suit. Unlike Dou Yings professional suit, hers was a skirt, and Dou Yings professional suit was a shirt and pants.

Besides, this set of hers came with a black stockings.

Qiao Qiao:

When she went out, she still remembered that Shao Jingmo had said that she was not dressed appropriately. Could it be that she had to wear business attire with black stockings?

See? Dou Ying had really prepared a professional suit and black stockings for her! She wasn’t going to be Shao Jingmo’s secretary. Was it really okay for her to dress like this in the company?

Knock knock—

There was a knock on the door, followed by Dou Yings voice. “Are you done changing?”

Qiao Qiao craned her neck and replied, “I’ll be right there!”

After agreeing, she couldn’t care less and quickly changed into this set of clothes. In less than two minutes, this OL professional suit was worn by Qiao Qiao. The professional suit was commonly seen with black and white colors, and the inside was a white shirt.

Qiao Qiao’s breasts were neither big nor small. This white shirt was barely suitable for her, but it was a little… astringent!

And the bottom skirt. It was a little too short. She pulled it down. It still felt short. Logically speaking, if she worked at the bottom, there should be no problem with the top of the professional suit. She should be wearing pants below, just like Dou Yings business attire.

But her shirt was so tight, and she was wearing a hip-hugging dress. Most importantly, it was so tight that it showed off the curves of her figure. It just…

it didn’t feel like she was here to work. Instead, it felt like she was here to seduce her boss.

Not! Appropriate!

Besides, it was fine if the suit was indecent, but there were even more indecent black stockings.

Qiao Qiao held her forehead. She might as well put these black stockings on her head. However, if she really walked out with it on her head, she wouldn’t have to wait for tomorrow. She would be famous in the company today.

After struggling for a few seconds, Qiao Qiao nimbly put on the black stockings. Her legs were well-proportioned and slender. After putting on the stockings, her legs were sexy and attractive.

Looking up, it was business attire, so it became indecent and sexy. Did Secretary Dou take the wrong clothes? Qiao Qiao sweated. A few minutes later, she came out of the changing room coyly. She covered herself with her original jacket, trying to look serious.

Seeing Qiao Qiao come out, Dou Ying circled Qiao Qiao and sized up her. Qiao Qiao said, “Secretary Dou, I don’t think this attire suits me very well.”

“Who said it’s not suitable?” Dou Ying was very satisfied. She took the jacket off Qiao Qiao’s shoulder and placed it on the crook of her arm. “l think it suits you. No, it suits you very well.”

Qiao Qiao: ‘

She turned to ask Jingcheng. In the end, she realized that Jingcheng had turned around and looked away when she came out of the changing room.

Who would dare to look at this! It was clearly to the extent that only Third Master could see it.

In the end, Qiao Qiao followed Dou Ying to an office with a sullen expression. This office naturally could not be compared to Shao Jingmo’s huge office that occupied an entire floor. However, it was still very open, clean, and tidy.

Qiao Qiao pulled down the hem of her skirt as she slowly walked around the office.

Dou Ying, who was walking over from behind, reached out and pressed her lower back. “Lift your head and chest. Don’t hunch over. And don’t keep tugging at your skirt.”

Qiao Qiao immediately stood up straight at Dou Yings reminder, but she still said, “I’m not used to wearing this.”

Dou Ying said, “Take your time getting used to it.” Qiao Qiao pursed her lips.

Dou Ying reminded Qiao Qiao, “This is where you’ll work from now on. Familiarize yourself with the environment first. I have something to deal with. I’ll come over later.’

Qiao Qiao answered sullenly, ‘Okay.”

After Dou Ying left, Qiao Qiao didn’t want to pretend for a moment. She quickly unbuttoned a few buttons on her chest and heaved a sigh of relief. At first, this shirt felt barely suitable, only a little tight.

After all this time, she felt so tight that she felt a little breathless. As soon as the button was undone, the gully appeared. It was white and dazzling.

At the same time, outside the door.

Shao Jingmo had just come down when he met Dou Ying and asked, “Is she inside?”

Dou Ying nodded. ‘Yes.”

Shao Jingmo did not know that Dou Ying had asked Qiao Qiao to change her clothes. Just as he was about to go over, Dou Ying suddenly said, “President Qiao, I’ve already settled everything this afternoon. I have something on at home, so I’ll go back first.”

Shao Jingmo nodded. “Okay.”

Dou Ying immediately said, “Thank you, President Qiao.”

After thanking him, she immediately left. With one hand in his pocket, Shao Jingmo walked towards the office. When he opened the door and entered, he saw a scene that made his blood boil..

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