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Chapter 13

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After the gym tour, Fuma Yukika, who led her tired body back to her own room, with a monthly rent of 30,000 yen1, had some kind of certainty.

“There must be a big difference about what I heard about Kim Yoo-sung’s body.”

After taking off her school uniform and hanging it on the hanger, she changed into a comfortable green tracksuit and carefully took out an old book, the Humane Lawbook that she had hidden under the tatami mat of her room.

The Humane Lawbook was a book that the leader of the Fuma clan had kept for generations and was a treasure that recorded in detail how to destroy the human body most efficiently, various art, martial arts, and pharmacology.

And there was also an explanation of what was believed to be Kim Yoo-sung’s constitution.

‘Extreme yang body’

According to the book, it refers to a person who is born with the energy of 100 ordinary people.

Yang Gi means masculinity, and the characters who were born with extreme yang body always stood out because they had strong power.

It was written that Hercules, the leading Greek hero, Nobunaga Oda, one of the three great heroes of the country, and Ryoma Sakamoto, the dragon of the Restoration, were also like that.

Of course, it could all be her illusion.

However, when she faced his sword herself, it was not the kind of power that ordinary people could gain by simply exercising hard.

It was the reason why she, who had even made incontinence in front of the members due to instinctive fear, secretly observed Kim Yoo-sung while following him around in the past few days.

“…I’ll have to let my grandmother know about this first.”

Perhaps his constitution will help the Fuma clan to revive.

Taking a ballpoint pen out of her pencil case, she began to write down a letter to her grandmother in a stylish cursive style on an empty sheet of paper.

Besides asking her to send some leftover rice.


The following day.

When I went to school, I saw the face of Tōjō Karen in the classroom.

I thought I had entered the wrong class, so I leaned out of the hallway again and checked, but it was clearly 2-B classroom.

I glanced sideways at her sitting by the window, and then sat down at my desk.

Maybe Kishimoto wasn’t at school yet because the seat next to me was empty.

Instead, I asked Satoru sitting in front of me.

“Why is Tōjō in our class?”

“Oh~ that one? She seems to be asking Sakamoto to meet her over the weekend. She wants to treat him to a meal as an apology.”

“It’s a date.”

“That’s what I’m saying.”

Satoru shrugged his shoulders saying so, he covered his mouth with one hand and whispered.

“But did you hear the rumor? She’s the daughter of a really big shot.”

“A big shot?”

Then Satoru nodded and said with a grim look.

“You won’t be surprised?”

“I won’t be surprised, so tell me.”

” Tōjō Karen is the daughter of the famous Dongsung society boss!”

“…Dongsung yakuza2?” 

“Yes, it’s a huge organization that’s gripping the Kanto region.”

“Wow, that’s amazing.”

I didn’t know where this information came from, but there were many rumors circulating among students.

The story of my 50:1 fight with a runaway was a lie.

I was exercising at dawn, and it was so noisy that I grabbed the guy who looked like the chief and told him a few words.

I don’t know if a passerby saw it, or if there was a malicious rumor from one of the gangsters for the rumor to begin.

“You don’t look surprised at all.”

“Well, even if she’s actually the daughter of a Yakuza boss, she hasn’t done anything to us.”

“…that’s right.”

“Then there’s no problem.”

Upon hearing my answer, Satoru suddenly shut up, looked at me and said seriously.

“Now I seriously want to call you hyung3.”

“What do you mean hyung, we’re in the same grade, don’t do that it’s disgusting.”

“I thought so.”

Satoru giggled as he said so, then turned back.

After our conversation, I was lost in thought alone with my chin on my arm on the desk.

‘Come to think of it, this is a love comedy.’

I thought it was just a rumor, but maybe Tōjō was really the daughter of a Yakuza boss.

Well, it didn’t matter because I wasn’t the main character.


After that, she visited Ryuji Sakamoto every break and talked to him.

She was definitely blinded by love.

As he was the main character of the love comedy, he was like a wooden stone, so he didn’t seem to understand why Tōjō was doing that for a few days, but from my perspective, it was nothing short of a tantrum.

Yaguchi, who thought she liked him alone, felt a sense of crisis, and was on the defensive.

Naturally, the jealousy of the men in Class 2-B watching the scene was bound to rise to heaven.

“Tsk! Why this guy Sakamoto? I hope that a pretty sports girl who has a fierce look will like me!”

“Why did heaven give birth to me and give birth to Sakamoto Ryuji too?”

“No, objectively, it’s not about his appearance.”

“Hurry up, go to the bathroom and look in the mirror.”

“That’s not what you’re supposed to say!”

Haha, those guys. This conversation was so stupid.

I listened on the silly trio’s chatter with my arms folded, then turned my head to a sudden wave of arms.

“Ryu-chan, do you have time during Golden Week?”

It was Kishimoto next to me.

“I do, but why?”

“Papa is resting during Golden Week. I told you last time I’d let you meet him.”


I unwrapped my arms at the unexpectedly good news and listened to her.

“When can we meet?”

“Hmm… Since you said you’re going to travel abroad with your family, you should meet on the first or second day?”

I was going to say it was okay at any time, but on the 29th, the first day of Golden Week, I recalled that I had an appointment with the president and asked carefully.

“Will it be okay on the 30th?” 

“Yeah! I think it’ll be okay. I’ll tell Papa in advance.”

Listening to Kishimoto, I clenched my fists.

I was going to bring a manga and get an autograph.

There was still about 10 days left before Golden Week begins, but my heart was already starting to flutter.

Is this how the fox waited for the little prince?


Lunch time.

Today, we decided to eat at the cafeteria instead of bringing a lunch box.

It was a simple system that allows you to select the menu you wanted from the food ticket vending machine, pick the released food ticket, and hand it to the restaurant lady.

Cafeteria basically had menus in various price ranges ranging from at least 200 yen to up to 500 yen.

After receiving a set meal of 300-yen pork cutlet curry, I sat down in an empty seat.

Soon after, Kishimoto, who had received Kitsune udon4 and a set of triangular rice balls, sat opposite to me.

I sneaked a question at the sight.

“Rika, you eat a lot for someone this skinny.”

Then, Kishimoto, who took a big bite of the rice ball with salted pollack roe, tilted her head with some rice on her cheek.

“Don’t you usually eat this much? And if I don’t eat a big lunch, I tend to snack.”

“Well, that’s right, too.”

Come to think of it, I never saw her snacking in the last few weeks.

Carbonated drinks such as cola and cider were also very occasional, so she probably had much healthier eating habits than ordinary high school girls.

She finished her rice ball in an instant, then taking off the rice from her cheek and putting it in her mouth, she said,

“And I don’t gain weight even if I eat a lot. It all goes in my chest.”

When I heard it, I looked down unconsciously and realized it was a trap she had dug.

Kishimoto immediately hugged her body with her arms and pretended to be shocked.

“Kya, pervert☆”

…this fellow was a rather annoying type to get acquainted with.

After a small sigh, I began to move my spoon again.

It was just then.

“Hey, can I sit here?”

We were sitting at a corner table on purpose and an uninvited guest came to us.

The uninvited guest shook her familiar red hair and put down the mackerel set in her hand next to Kishimoto.

Kishimoto, who recognized her face, raised her voice.

“Oh, in the next class… Ugh!”

“Shut up and listen.”

Tōjō Karen, who closed Kishimoto’s mouth tightly with her palm while looking around, after secretly joined us at the table where we sat.

Then she asked her in a low voice.

“I heard you’re so good at dating counseling, is that true?”


“If I’m right, blink twice or answer with a flicker.”

Blink – Blink –

Only then did she remove the palm covering Kishimoto’s mouth, she gulped down her saliva, and speaking in a trembling voice.

“I’ve had a crush on someone for some time now, so I’d like to get some counseling from you.”

Tōjō Karen’s cheeks, who said that, had a pale flush.

It was obviously the face of a girl in love.

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