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Chapter 472: 472 Chapter 357: What the F*ck, That NPC Actually Brought Qingqiu Back?! Awesome! [1/3]

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472 Chapter 357: What the F*ck, That NPC Actually Brought Qingqiu Back?! Awesome! [1/3]

The long line of carriages stopped in front of a majestic manor.

Richard got out of the car. He looked at the ten-meter-tall statues of angels on both sides of the gate. The manor walls were as high as the city walls, and his expression was sparingly strange.

He turned to look at Rebecca, whose expression had not changed much.

“This is the ordinary manor you mentioned?

“The manor was even bigger than Twilight City…”

Rich dog.

Common sense could not judge the heritage of the Grand Duke’s family.

Rebecca was in a good mood as well.

She had finally returned after leaving for a month.

To travel in the extremely harsh desert environment was not something ordinary people could bear. It was too torturous.

Richard turned to look at the bold figure beside him with this mind, who wore a black and red crown. The corners of his mouth curled up.

They didn’t waste the trip this time.

He gestured to the front.

“Welcome, Lord Richard.”

He blinked his eyes as he said that.

“This manor is yours from now on. Welcome home, lord of the violet manor.

“In a big city like Solan, even an ordinary house was not something ordinary people could afford. One could consider this manor close to the center of the city expensive.

Countless nobles were around her, but none were worthy of her gift.

She felt like she’d profited by giving it to Richard.

She intuitively knew the city’s potential when she saw the territory with her on their trip to Twilight City.

Onyx of the Phoenix-Tail Flower Chamber of Commerce did not lie to her. No, she even felt that he was being conservative.

A manor could not compare the value of Twilight City.

She could even offer a price that would move anyone if the other party was willing to rely on her.

But unfortunately, she could no longer have the chance to materialize this idea…

She hadn’t known Richard for a long time, but she could sense that the man always had a faint smile. He looked peaceful, but he had unequaled pride and confidence.

No one could make him lower his head and submit to them, no matter who it was.

Some people were born to be kings that led their tribes. They were born to be superior.

As his thoughts wandered, the tightly shut gate of the manor slowly opened with the sound of slightly hurried footsteps.

Dozens of servants in uniform rushed in and stood at the door to welcome him.

An old snow-white-haired man dressed in a gentleman’s suit walked forward with a straight waist.

He placed his right hand on his abdomen and bowed. He gestured a standard noble etiquette.

“Welcome back, Miss Rebecca.”

“No need to be so polite, Butler Kent.”

Rebecca elegantly nodded her head. She drew her tone out when she replied, and her pronunciation had a fixed rhythm, which was very different from a normal conversation.

He gestured to Richard.

“Please, welcome my guest into the manor, Butler Kent.”

“As you wish, Miss Rebecca.”

The old Butler walked up to Richard, bowed, and gestured.

“Distinguished guest, violet manor welcomes you!”

Richard found it admirable. He could tell that the etiquette wasn’t just for show. The man had melded it into his bones.

‘Was this the culture of the nobles in this world?’

He still maintained his manners even though he wasn’t interested in the thing.

He nodded slightly.

“It’s my honor.”

Rebecca led Richard through the angel statues on both sides of the gate and into the enormous manor.

Enormous patches of violet flowers bloomed on both sides of the main road when they entered.

The gorgeous colors gave people a strong visual impact.

They were used to the deathly silence in the desert. This scene made people feel like the hosts gave them life again.

It lifted Richard’s mood.

Following the direction in front of him, he walked towards the main hall …


Behind the violet manor, two players wore a mix of equipment and stood in a corner. They tiptoed as they observed what was happening in front of them through the dense vegetation.

“Boss, did you see clearly? What kind of big shot caused such a massive commotion?”

“I didn’t see clearly, but Butler Kent went to receive him. He can’t be an ordinary person …There’s a high chance that the high-level Rebecca has returned?”

“F*ck! That eldest daughter of the Grand Duke? Can we finally take on a mission from the other party?”

“I saw her face. It’s Rebecca, hahaha!”

“Third brother, we have to seize the opportunity this time. With the other party’s identity, even if they let something slip from their hands, we could eat a lot… No, Rebecca has actually accompanied someone? What level could walk alongside her? Tsk, so many people, they blocked…”

“Boss, how are we going to get in touch with them? Butler Kent did not even allow us to the front hall…”

“Stupid! We’ve already done so many missions here. And our favorability is not low. We’ll find an opportunity to enter even if we’re serving tea…

“When the time comes, you’d better be careful, especially that one beside Rebecca. He seemed to have a very high status… The eldest daughter of the Grand Duke only accompanied, so he must be extremely high.

“It takes a lot of work to encounter such a high level. If we can trigger a mission from him, we’ll be rich.

“Alright, I’ll go to the kitchen later and see if you can let us go up when it’s time to refill the tea. I just invited the footmen to Jasmine Street yesterday. Hehehe… We should be able to do this…

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