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Chapter 2056: 2056 I believe in them

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2056 I believe in them

“Let’s assume that Wang Changfu first found out Wang Dashun’s house, and he often came to his house at night. On the day of the crime, he came in to kill the big yellow Dog first, then the livestock. If his helper appears again, won’t the neighbors not know?”

“However, this is just a guess. Let he gang and he Qiang keep an eye on Wang Changfu for the next two days. If they don’t find anything, we’ll tell Mr. Qin about the purse and let him order people to search it. Then, we’ll find out the relationship between Wang Changfu and Wang Zhang. In terms of seniority, Wang Changfu is Wang Zhangshi’s uncle. He doesn’t have the right to carry the Wang Zhangshi’s things.”

Zheng Qiu nodded after hearing her words.

Time passed quickly when they were doing things. It was already five o ‘clock when their carriage entered the city. Lu Zheng was leaning against the city wall in boredom. When he saw the person driving the carriage, he immediately perked up.


This carriage belonged to the Gu family, and the coachman naturally recognized Lu Zheng. When he saw Lu Zheng coming over, he stopped the carriage.
“Xinxin.” Without waiting for Gu Xin to ask what was going on, Lu Zheng pulled open the curtains and smiled.

He thought that only Gu Xin and Dong Xue were there. He did not expect Zheng Qiu to be there as well. The smile on his face could not be wiped away.

“Crown Prince Lu.” Zheng Qiu nodded at Lu Zheng.

“Young master Zheng, you’re here too!” Lu Zheng’s expression had returned to normal.

“Brother Yuanyuan, what are you doing here? Didn’t we agree that I would wait for you at the Yamen?” Gu Xin did not expect Lu Zheng to be waiting for her at the city gate.

“I just went to do some things and didn’t return to the Yamen. I wanted to take you out for a good meal tonight, so I came over.” Lu Zheng explained.

When Gu Xin heard that there was good food to eat, she was naturally happy and even invited Zheng Qiu to go with her.

Zheng Qiu recalled the way the two of them were eating the previous night and shook his head without hesitation.”Third young master and Crown Prince Lu can go. I haven’t sorted out the report from this morning, I’ll give it to Mr. Qin later.”

Gu Xin expressed her regret and promised to treat her to a meal after this case was over.

Then, she told the coachman to send Zheng Qiu back and asked Dong Xue to tell her that she had gone to have dinner with Lu Zheng. She would go home after that.

The carriage left, and the two of them began to shop hand in hand.

“Yuanyuan, let me tell you, I discovered a few things today that Mr. Qin didn’t even notice!” Gu Xin excitedly told Lu Zheng everything that had happened today.

“My preliminary deduction is that the murderer is Wang Changfu and Wang Liushi’s two nephews. However, there was no evidence at the moment. Even the weapon had not been found. But soon, I’ve already sent people to keep an eye on Wang Changfu.” Gu Xin said.

“Didn’t you say that the two men Mr. Qin gave you couldn’t even get up the roof, and they had to climb the ladder? Aren’t you afraid that they’ll be discovered?” Lu Zheng asked with a smile.

“No, although their fighting strength is too low, they are both very smart. I believe in them. Xiao Qiu also said that they’re good at this.” Gu Xin waved her hand and said.

When the female manager of the restaurant saw Lu Zheng, she greeted him warmly, ” “The Prince is here. Come this way, I’ve reserved a seat by the window for you.”

“Thank you, aunt Yu,” Lu Zheng nodded.

After he finished speaking, he pulled Gu Xin to the window seat that the female manager pointed at.

After they sat down, Lu Zheng introduced them to the female manager, ” “Aunt Yu, this is Xinxin, my fiancée.”

The female manager’s eyes lit up and she quickly bowed to Gu Xin, ” “This humble woman greets Princess Xinxin!”

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