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Chapter 100

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Chapter 100: Arc 2 Final Chapter: To a New World


The people crowded in front of the castle gate to catch a glimpse of the convoy of prisoners being escorted out.

Today, the first group of pioneers is leaving for Luganda Forest.

The main members are me, the new territory’s lord, Michelle, Team Harukaze, Guile and several other adventurers, and the aide Nakaram-san.

And then, there’s also Titti and Marco, who were to be exiled, are being transported in a convoy.

A wooden cage is attached to the back of our carriage, and Titti and Marco had been tossed into it.

They are handcuffed together.

[Shameless b*tch!]

[Get out of the Royal Capital!]

[You d*mned prostitute!]

The people who had crowded around to get a glimpse of Titti were yelling at her.

Some even threw rotten eggs at her, turning her into a mess from head to toe.

Archangel Lunadian’s “Light Wings of Purification” had removed 60-70% of her wicked thoughts, but the fact that she caused unnecessary fiscal spending can’t be erased.

She has no choice but to endure this as some sort of purification ceremony.

Me and Team Harukaze were worried about them. Only Michelle had different thoughts.

For some reason, she was sighing, looking at the two of them enviously.

[How nice......]


[I mean, they’re both alone in that cage and chained together. I kinda wanna be handcuffed to Yuusuke too......]

[Oi, oi.]

[Even if we make enemies of the whole world, the two of us are still holding hands together. Even in such a situation, I couldn’t be happier...... Don’t you think so, Yuusuke?]

The enraptured Michelle was scary, but I understand what she was trying to say.

[I know how you feel, but I still prefer when things are more peaceful. Just a plain one is good enough, I just want to have a peaceful love.]

[Unnn...... You’re right. Just as Yuusuke says, I prefer it that way too!]

Michelle giggled happily.

Watching us talking like that, Regal looked at me in awe.

[Yuusuke-san sure is amazing. Isn’t Yuusuke-san the only one in the world who can receive Michelle-san’s love?]

Hearing his words, Michelle looks even happier.

[You sure understand well, Regal. Yes, Yuusuke is the only one for me. Since you’re such a good and honest child, I will teach you Intermediate-level Fire Magic later.]

You’re being too easy, Michelle.

Also, I don’t think Regal meant that as a compliment.

He was just being dumbfounded at you.

Well, I’ve already accepted super heavyweight love, and since Michelle is comfortable with that, let’s just call it good.

In the meantime, the aide Nakaram-san came running our way.

[Yahagi-sama, we are ready to depart. Please give the order.]

The day had finally come for us to leave for a new land.

It has been more than a year since I was transported from another world, and I have grown attached to the Royal Capital.

It would be a lie to say that I don’t feel lonely, but the people coming with me are all friends that I get along with.

[Everyone, it’s time to go! Leave our snacks during our trip to me. I’ll be serving up stamina-boosting snacks today!]

Product name: Kabayaki Sansuke

Description: Minced fish cooked in kabayaki style. Its exquisite crispiness is delicious. Eating it increases stamina. Allows the consumer to withstand a 16-hour march.

Price: 20 rims

The carriage started moving with a rattling sound.

Michelle sits next to me, her body snuggling up with mine, just enjoying herself in our excursion.

I’m nervous about the heavy responsibility of being a lord, but my true calling really is that of a dagashi shopowner.

Always have, always will.

Now, Dagashi Yahagi opens its doors for business in Luganda Forest.

(Arc 2 End)



<Translator’s Notes>

Kabayaki Sansuke – Based on Kabayaki Santaro. Kabayaki is a Japanese cooking technique where a fillet of fish, typically eel, is split open, boned, and dipped in a sweet soy sauce-based marinade before being cooked on a grill or griddle.

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