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Chapter 36

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I told him he could stay here, but Yuusuke wouldn’t listen and insisted on going back home.

Perhaps, he’s embarrassed now that he knows I am a woman.

Or perhaps, he doesn’t find me attractive as a woman.

Does he find a plain and gloomy woman like me uninteresting?

However, I don’t feel like that’s what this is about.

Yuusuke is just sincere and cares about me.

He is not like a certain lecherous King. When I came to that realization, the feeling of loneliness in my heart immediately disappeared.

[Well then, I’ll see you later in front of the dungeon.]

Our meeting time and place are the same as before, but something feels different from our usual rendezvous.

After all, we are now dating.

[I’ll make lunch again today, so you don’t have to buy lunch.]

[Sorry for troubling you as always. However……]

After a pause, Yuusuke smiles.

[I will have to ask you that. Michelle’s meals taste the best after all.]

Those words alone make me want to jump into Yuusuke’s chest.

I really don’t want him to go anywhere, but I pushed those feelings away and sent him on his way.

[I went to the trouble of buying this, but it seems like I didn’t need it……]

I threw the manacles I had bought to restrain Yuusuke into the trash.

I didn’t really intend to confine him.

I just wanted to use these to fasten Yuusuke to me.

I felt like it was the only thing that would make me feel relieved.

However, I don’t need this anymore.

After all, we’ve really started dating!

I met Michelle in front of the dungeon and she was wearing a silver mask as usual.

The fact that I have discovered her true identity doesn’t change the fact that she’s a wanted criminal.

For a while (not sure how long it will be), she’ll have to keep disguising herself like that.

[Good morning.]

Her voice is the same low hoarse voice as usual.

Once again, I realized how amazing the Recognition Inhibition Magic is.

With that magic, I don’t think anyone will realize that this person is actually a girl.

[Let’s get going then.]

We walked down the stairs to the dungeon side by side.

There was nothing unusual about Michelle’s appearance.

It’s just, I think we are standing a little closer to each other.

Our shoulders touched each other as we descended the stairs.

Once we arrived at the location in front of the onsen, I opened the store by thinking “Open” in my mind.

[Oh, the gachapon had been restocked.]

Because the Gnomes had bought everything, the gachapon had been out of stock for a long time, but today, the contents were suddenly replaced by new items.

Product name: Capsule Toy: Waterproof Notebook and Mini Pencil (6 types in total)

Description: A set of mini waterproof notebooks and pencils that can be used even in heavy downpours. It’s also fireproof.

Price: 200 rims

The capsule itself is bigger than before, but the price is 100 rims cheaper.

When I bought one to try it out, I found a notepad slightly smaller than the palm of my hand and a thin pencil about 4 cm long inside.

The cover of the notepad is red with a cool design of a flame crest.

It seems that six different designs can be acquired from the gachapon: earth, water, fire, wind, light and dark.

In this world, quills and ink are the most common writing tools, and I have never seen anything that looks like a pencil.

Paper does exist, but the paper I have seen in this world is rough and of poor quality.

In comparison, this notebook looks very sturdy.

I scribbled my signature on it and the writing was surprisingly smooth.

I have read that in my previous life, special forces personnel carried waterproof notebooks.

They’re apparently called Tactical Notebooks.

There may be a demand for this type of notebook among adventurers in this world.

[What’s that?]

Merle, who had come to visit the shop, immediately noticed the new item.

She has always been on the lookout for new things.

[This is a writing tool set. It’s an item whose writing won’t smudge even if it gets wet in the rain, and it apparently also has a certain level of fire resistance as well.]


Mira also looked interested.

[It’s true. That’s what was written in the introduction. If you think I’m lying, you can try it out.]

I handed her my notebook.

[I’ll take you for your word then. Ei!]

Mira suddenly wraps the notebook in her Aqua Ball magic.

[Oi, oi, no matter how waterproof it is…… Oya?]

[Amazing! It really doesn’t tear apart.]

The pages started sticking to each other, but it didn’t seem to tear apart or smudge.

Even my poorly-doodled signature was clearly legible.

Mira immediately played with the gachapon and got a notebook with a water design.

Mira isn’t the only one who wanted a waterproof notebook, as Guile and the others also spun the gacha.

[We’re a bunch of forgetful idiots, but if we wrote the route here, it would help us explore the inner regions.]

The notebook certainly would be great for mapping out the dungeon.

That morning alone, the new gacha had been pulled about nine times.

Michelle had also pulled once and won a dark notebook.

I don’t think this is something I should be saying, but the dark design really does fit her……

Michelle didn’t bring it along in an exploration for the dungeon though, just sitting next to me and writing something down in her little notebook.

[Hey, aren’t you gonna go exploring?]

[If I write this……]

[Are you writing a research report or something?]

[No…… A love poem……]

[I- I see…..]

[Do you want to read it?]

It feels strange, as I want to see it and at the same time, I don’t.

What could be written in such a dark-designed notebook?

Magical words of love?

Michelle’s wishes?

I won’t be cursed by reading that, right……?

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