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Chapter 42

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The further we got from the Capital, the worse the road became, and our carriage rattled and shook loudly.

Michelle and I were headed for Grantham City in the carriage that the Baron had prepared for us.

With a barrier put up around us, Michelle was relaxing with her mask off.

[Have you ever been to Grantham, Michelle?]

[No, but I heard it’s a pretty big city. They’re apparently a major producer of wool.]

[Grantham’s lord, Baron Essel, does seem to be rich.]

[They’re also famous for their lamb dishes.]

[Lamb huh. Speaking of which, I used to eat lamb skewers back then.]

Back in my favorite family restaurant, I liked lamb skewers because I loved the spices they sprinkled on them.

[Yuusuke loves lamb meat after all. I’ll make it for you next time.]

[If Michelle makes it, I’m sure it will be dangerous.]

[You jest…… I’ll procure some ebiren, a spice that grows only in the inner regions of the Sabra Desert, and sprinkle it over for Yuusuke.]

Michelle’s love sure is heavyweight.

[You don’t have to go to such lengths……]

It’s almost evening.

The time is almost dusk, and we are going to spend the night at an inn in a town on the way and arrive in Grantham tomorrow.

Because they make the horses stop along the way, our journey is a leisurely one.

My buttocks ached, but each time it hurt, Michelle healed it with her Recovery Magic.

[Hahh! Haaahh!]

The carriage came to a halt at the sound of the coachman’s voice.

From what I saw around us, we were still on the road and had not yet reached the city.

[What’s the matter?]

I stuck my head out the window and asked.

[The road seems to be blocked, and a crowd of people gathered in front.]

It was apparently still more than 10 kilometers to the city.

We didn’t really want to be stranded here.

[Let’s go take a look.]

Michelle, wearing her silver mask, got off the carriage, and I followed her.

In the middle of the road sits a large boulder.

It was about 5 meters high, blocking the road.

Where did this boulder come from?

[Vivarde Fairies must have appeared.]

[Is this the work of fairies?]

[Yeah, Vivarde Fairies love to play pranks on humans and are famous for placing boulders like this to hinder the path.]

[What troublesome fairies.]

[That’s not necessarily the case.]

Michelle said with a chuckle.

[Rocks placed by Vivarde Fairies come in all sizes. The smallest is about the size of a pebble, and the largest is about that big.]

This large boulder in front of us seemed to be one of the largest.

[No, they’re just being a nuisance, right?]

[However, the story goes that there is always a treasure hidden under the rocks placed by these fairies. For example, someone trips on a rock and scrapes their knee. In exchange, they’d find a gold or silver coin under that rock.]

I don’t know if I should say they’re annoying or kind.

[They seem to love seeing people feeling troubled. They are sometimes annoying, but that’s why they aren’t that hated.]

However, the boulder here is a problem.

It would be a hassle to walk to the city from here.

[With a boulder that big, is there some great treasure hidden in it?]

[No, the size of the rock isn’t proportional to the value of the treasure. No matter how big the rock is, it’s said that the largest piece of treasure placed would only be worth a gold coin.]

One hundred thousand rims is a lot of money, but considering the cost of the work it would be to remove a boulder of this size, one would be in the red.

The road is between a slope and a ditch, so it is still possible for people on foot to pass through on the side of the road.

However, it would be impossible for a carriage to pass through.

[Don’t worry, I will destroy it. Everyone can then move the crumbled rocks out of the way.]

[As expected of Grim Reaper Minerva.]

[Don’t call me Grim Reaper. Well, if I do this though, the treasure underneath will disappear.]

The rocks used by fairies are apparently special, as if it’s hit by a magic attack, the treasure hidden under the rock will disappear.

That’s kind of a waste, isn’t it?

Ah, wait, that’s right!

[Minerva, let me try something for a bit.]

I took out a dagashi.

Product: Jumbo Cutlet

Description: It has the appearance of cutlets, but the ingredient is minced fish. As the name suggests, it’s a big snack. By yelling “Power Boost”, one’s arm strength increases for three seconds.

Price: 30 rims

It’s quite a satisfying snack, and the sauce has a strong flavor that makes it delicious.

[Omnom…… Gulp. Alright, I’m ready.]

Guile told me that thanks to eating this, he was able to easily open a big door in the dungeon, which had been rusty and unopenable for a long time.

With the jumbo cutlet, I can probably also move this big boulder.

Putting my hand on the boulder, I loudly shouted.

[Power Boost!]

At that moment, I was clad in golden light and my whole body was filled with power.

Little by little, the rock begins to move.

Almost there.


Before three seconds had passed, I managed to move the boulder to the side of the road, opening a space that would have allowed a single carriage to pass.

[Ohhh! That’s amazing, bro!]

As the cheers of the surrounding people resounded, I reservedly waved my hand.

I’m not really good at standing out like this.

[Yuusuke, I found this.]

Michelle was holding a small wooden box.

The top of the box is carved with a face that looks like a fat cat, a finger lowering one of her lower eyelids and sticking out her tongue, seemingly playfully teasing the person seeing it.

So this is a Vivarde Fairy huh.

That look on her face is kinda annoying, but it was also a face that I couldn’t hate.

After returning to the carriage, I opened the box and found a small bracelet inside.

The medium-thin chain is made of gold with three small jewels on it.

The blue ones at both ends are sapphires, while the red one in the middle would probably be ruby, right?

These jewels might just be glass beads, but it is quite beautiful.

[Give me your arm.]

I took Michelle’s hand and put the bracelet on her wrist.

It looks much better on her arm than it would on me.

[Unnn, it looks good on you.]


[If you don’t like it, I can get you a new one———–]

[No! I like this one.]

It seems like she liked it.

[Ufufu, a present from Yuusuke…… I’ll cast a curse on it so it won’t be stolen…… For the time being, I’m gonna set it up so that if anyone other than me touches it, they’ll have nightmares, and then it’s gonna be electric shocks. Or perhaps, I can make it so their body hair will fall out.]

A mere piece of jewelry has been transformed into a cursed item!?

Well, she seems happy, so let’s just leave her alone……



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