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Chapter 67

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Looking at them from a distance, the line of people was beautiful, like a streaming band of light. Michelle and I had come for the Cornelius Procession, an end-of-year event.



[Come on, let’s get our lights too.]



I pull out my neon jelly.



[Michelle, what color do you want?]

[I’m thinking of going for the grape-flavored one. The one with purple color……]



As usual, she chooses the one with the most subdued color.

However, a Witch with the purple neon light looks more mysterious and shines shadier than usual.

The contrast created with Michelle’s short wavelength suited a Witch such as her.

I didn’t realize it before, but I guess this is my type huh……



[What’s the matter?]



Noticing my gaze, Michelle curiously tilted her head.



[I was just rediscovering my preferences.]





I took out a melon-flavored green jelly for myself and lit it up.



[Alright, let’s go.]



We hadn’t held hands outside much, but today is the end of the year.

Let’s not be shy and enjoy the festivities with her.

Having that in mind, I gently held Michelle’s hand.




[Do you not want to?]

[No, that’s not it.]



Michelle widely shook her head.

Her appearance is irresistibly adorable.



[It feels warmer this way, right?]


[Unnn. It makes me feel happy……]



We started walking with the flow of the procession, holding each other’s hand.



I was worried about what would happen to me after being transported into another world, but I’ve somehow managed to get my hands on my own happiness……

Frankly speaking, I may even be living a more fulfilling life here than in that world.

I was miserable just before I died after all.

I don’t want to remember those days too much……



As I was thinking about the future, I felt a strange sensation in my right hand.

Looking at it, I saw a thin, golden string that was tied around our wrists.




[What is it?]

[What is this shiny string?]

[Restraint Magic. To make sure we won’t accidentally split up, just in case……]




Michelle’s smile dimly shone before the light of neon jelly.

Is this really gonna be alright?

Well, even though there are some things I’m anxious about, I am happy.



People from all over the city were attending the festival, so we met a few people I knew.



[Yahagi-san, merry new year!]

[Ara~~ You two are on a date huh. Hmmm……]



Exchanging words with other adventurers we knew, we walked along the roadside stalls, looking for something to buy.

Our destination was a temple dedicated to St. Cordelius, where I was told that if we paid a visit, we would be blessed with good health for the coming year.



While everyone was smiling, I spotted a group of dejected people.

They were the always cheerful members of Garm team.

They were usually drinking hot wine and making a lot of noise, but today, they were sitting on the stone steps with their shoulders slumped.



[Oi, oi, what’s going on?]




I called out to Garm, who seemed to be in a bad mood.



[Ahh!? Oh, it’s Yahagi-san and Elder Sis huh……]



Though Garm seemed irritated, he reluctantly acknowledged us and acting all meek and submissive, he sat back on the stairs.



[Well, we’ve had a terrible time in the inner areas of the 3rd Underground Floor……]



Garm, who had enlarged the size of his team, set out in high spirits for the inner areas of the 3rd Underground Floor.

However, they got lost and ran into a powerful enemy, barely escaping alive.



[I really thought we were gonna die. Not only did we lose some of our luggages, with the medical bills accumulating on us, we’re at a great deficit.]



And so, even though there’s a festival around, they don’t have enough money to buy alcohol huh.



[Uuu~~ It’s so cold. I’d love a glass of warm apple wine.]



Regal shivered.

Although he has been promoted from porter to adventurer, his income was still far from stable.

Well, back in my former world, I suppose there are people with stable jobs who also end up like them.


It would be nice to treat them to some alcohol, but I sell dagashis.

Guess I’ll just help them out in my own way then.



[I’ll give you something warm to drink, so come with me.]



Moving to a less crowded area, I brought out my shoulder-pole stall.



[I’ll make you something good out of this.]

[Umaibo? If that’s the case, I’d be more grateful for some warming curry crackers……]

[Well, just wait and see.]



Product name: Umaibo (Corn Potage Flavor)

Description: A dagashi that restores one’s stamina.

Price: 10 rims



Umaibo is a very popular product in my store.

The low price and great taste keep people coming back to buy them.


Today, I’m going to use it to serve something good to everyone.



I take out a pot and milk that I had stocked in the stand-alone house provided with my store.



[Alright, everyone, I want you to crush the umaibos while they’re still in their packs.]

[Is it really good to crush them?]

[Yeah, just make sure you thoroughly crush them until it’s turned into powder.]



Garm and the others split up labor and crushed the umaibos into pieces.

The powdered umaibos were then transferred into a pot.



[Let’s pour some milk into it…… Michelle, can you use magic to heat up the pot?]




While I stirred gently, the contents of the pot gradually heated up and started thickening.



[Is that corn potage?]

[Correct. For the time being, drink this to warm you up?]



Adding around 3 umaibos to 100ml of milk makes it rich and delicious.



[Ohh, it really is potage!]




I’m glad I have tableware and pots stocked up in my stand-alone house.

With the way things are going, I feel like I’ll be able to summon up a griddle or something like that soon.

It’s not a bad idea to serve easy-to-make dishes like this in the future.



[We have refills, so you don’t have to be reserved.]


[Me too!]



The young adventurers had no reservations, and the pot was quickly emptied.



[Thanks to this, we warmed ourselves up!]

[Thank you, Yahagi-san!]





If they were happy with this kind of service, I suppose I wouldn’t mind doing something like this every now and then.



[It can’t be helped! Let’s forget about what happened and start earning money again tomorrow!]




Everyone seemed to have recovered a bit.

Garm and his team, having regained their spirits, vigorously went to pay their respects.

Somehow, watching them like that, I’m kinda starting to feel hungry and cold too.

When cold wind blew by, I shivered.



[Are you feeling cold, Yuusuke?]

[Yeah, I should have had a sip of corn potage too.]



Because Garm team had been so hungry, neither Michelle nor I drank any of it.



[Everyone had such great appetites after all.]

[You said it. Well then, shall we also have something to drink?]


[You know……]



Muttering for a bit, Michelle pulls herself closer to me.



[We have some tasty apple wine back home. It’s sweet and easy to drink. If you want……]



Apple wine huh……

Michelle seemed anxious as she invited me over, but tonight, I feel like I’m under a spell.

Even if she was leading me to eat a witch’s poisoned apple, I might not hesitate to eat it.



[Can I stay over?]




Hand in hand, we walked off again.


















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Umaibo (Corn Potage Flavor)


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