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Chapter 71

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I take out a new item.

(Let’s lure the Leprases with this.)

(Gold coins!?)

(Look closely. It’s a snack.)

Product name: Gold Coin Chocolates

Description: A pot of chocolates in the shape of a gold coin. It looks like a real gold coin and is difficult to differentiate from the real one until they hold it. Eating it will bring you a very slight increase in money luck.

Price: 20 rims

(It’s light……)

(It’s a snack, so it’s obviously light. Don’t get teary-eyed.)

Looking disappointed, Merle opens the aluminum wrapper and eats the chocolate.

(Isn’t it good to leave behind these gold coin chocolates and jewel candies here?)

(Yes, this would be a good way to fool the Leprases. I’ll set up the magic trap right away.)

Mira drew a magic circle on the floor while chanting a spell.

This magic trap is circular with a diameter of about 50 cm.

If a monster takes even a single step into that trap, it would apparently immobilize them in an instant.

(Though I say that, it doesn’t last that long. It can only immobilize them for about 20 seconds at most.)

(20 seconds is already plenty of time.)

Patting the Murasame Replica with her hand, Merle reassured me.

When everything was ready, we hid behind the shadows of the rock.

Then, we threw a stone against a wall and made a small noise.

The Leprases immediately came trotting over to see what was going on, their warhammers at the ready.



They seemed to be excited to find the gold coins.

Leprases may be cautious, but they were apparently obsessed with treasures, as when they find one, their reason goes out the window.

With bloodshot eyes, they rushed straight for the chocolate.


The Leprases screamed as they stepped into the magic trap.

Their whole body went numb and with them running before stepping into the trap, the inertia sent the rest of their body forward and with their body bending like a bow, they stiffened.

Merle immediately jumped out and flashed her red-glowing Murasame Replica at them.


The Lepras, whose torso has been cut in two, disappeared to smoke.

The cutting power of the Murasame Replica is frighteningly powerful even in actual combat.

When the Lepras vanished, it left behind a purple, pea-sized magic crystal and two silver coins.


Merle slashed the second Lepras with a diagonal slash from its shoulder, leaving me in a state of amazement.

Her magically enhanced body is agile and simply overwhelming.

This monster, too, was struck down with a single blow.

In the third monster’s case though, that wasn’t the case.

Perhaps the effects of the magic trap were wearing off, the Lepras writhed around, trying to release itself from its restraint.

Merle’s speed had also visibly slowed down, as if her previous barrage of attacks had been a lie.

[Fatigue huh? Or perhaps, was this a backlash to using the power of Murasame Replica?]

Toy it may be, it is a Demonic Sword.

Is it possible that using it had some sort of curse?

[It’s alright. Please watch over her.]

While I was so worried, Mira called out to me.

[However, Merle is……]

At that moment, Merle made her move.

So as not to let the enemy narrow down the target of its attack, Merle moved forward in a zig-zag pattern.

The Lepras still seemed to be unable to escape the effects of the magic trap.

It lifts its warhammer and prepares itself for Merle’s attack, but its movements are sluggish.

As Merle’s sword flashes in red again, the right hand holding the warhammer falls to the ground.


Rolling in pain, the Lepras managed to slip its legs out of the magic circle.

After tumbling on the ground for a bit, the Lepras jumped up and started running away.

Seeing this, I readied the 8-round pistol in my hand.

[Please wait!]

Mira grasped my wrist and turned my targeting away.

[It’s gonna run away though?

[Merle let that Lepras escape on purpose.]

[On purpose? Even though we could have just taken it out?]

[Yes. Lepras dens often contain treasures. It does have its risks, but she must have let it go so we could explore its nest.]

[That’s right. Let’s go after it!]

Following Merle’s back as she started chasing after the Lepras, Mira and I also started running.

We were here to make a map, but before I knew it, I ended up getting involved in adventurer business.

I was admittedly overwhelmed by Merle and MIra’s momentum, but I have no complaints.

I have always been under their care.

If they see this as a chance to get rich, I would at least be willing to lend them a hand.

At the far end of the dimly lit dungeon corridor, we could see the burly back of the Lepras.

We are in the process of following that back while keeping our distance.

The Lepras’ movements are sluggish due to its wounds.

It shouldn’t be too difficult for us to follow it.

[However, don’t get too close, okay? It may not return to its den.]

[Alright. By the way, how much do you estimate a Lepras’ treasures would have.]

[I’m told it would be worth at least 300,000 rims.]

Merle told me with an excited look on her face.

[Even if we split it among the three of us, that’s 100,000 rims each. That will increase our savings.]

Mira also seemed like she was in a dream.

For her, who’s usually calm and collected, that’s rather unusual.

I suppose that’s how much of a good opportunity this is.

[However, what if there are other Leprases in that den?]

Our enemy here may not necessarily be a wounded individual.

[I guess we’ll have no choice but to rely on reinforcements at that time. Our share will be reduced though.]

[We’ll ask Garm-san to help us. Of course, we will be charging for the information fee.]

Adventurers often fight together.

This is how people who have known each other since they were rookies grow up.

The Lepras’ back, which was visible at the end of the passageway, was covered in darkness.

[Arehh? Let’s rush forward a bit.]

Merle, who was walking in the lead, ran off.

Soon, we reached a fork in the road.

[Dang it, which way did it go?]

We had been too cautious that the Lepras had gone too far.

We looked at the floor, but we couldn’t find any traces of blood.

[If we don’t hurry, we might really lose sight of it.]

It can’t be helped.

Michelle might scold me for this, but I guess I should use that power of mine huh……

Sitting for a moment at that place, I quietly closed my eyes.

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