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Chapter 85

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The weather is starting to feel like spring.

The snow covering the road has begun to melt, creating several narrow streamlets.

I hope it will just stay warm like this, but it seems that even in this world, there are still those days during early spring, when the temperature fluctuates between warm and cold.

[I’m fine if it stays cold though, I can just cling on Yuusuke and sleep.]

The shy Michelle is cute this morning as well.

She would be a great girlfriend if she wasn’t so constricting, but well, let’s not mind it anymore.

As soon as I opened shop, Regal came in.

In the past six months, he had grown up to be a full-fledged mage.

It seems that he’s becoming reasonably well-known as a Fire Magic-user.

[Yahagi-san, I’d like some Acorn Candies.]

[Yeah, what flavor do you want?]

[Two cola and two grapes.]

Acorn Candies turned out to be a popular product these days.

Because of their special characteristic, they are especially popular among magic users.

Product name: Acorn Candies

Description: Gum that replenishes mana, wrapped in a candy that increases speed. Also comes with a lottery ticket, giving out thrice the fun!

Price: 10 rims per piece

This candy utilizes one’s agility to evade enemy attacks while they deliver magic attacks, and furthermore, it also replenishes mana.

This makes them popular not only among magic users, but also among warriors like Merle who specialize in Body Strengthening Magic.

[Umu umu, II see you’re restocking items! You sure are working hard, Regal-kun!]

Just as I was wondering where that annoying voice is coming from, I found Merle, acting all arrogant.

[The heck are you acting like a big shot for?]

[I’m not acting like a big shot, Yuusuke-kun. I am a big shot.]

[Has the warmth rotted your brain?]

[Am not! I am now a Team Leader. The Leader of Team Harukaze.]


I was having a hard time understanding what was going on, when Regal explained to me.

[I’ve just been recruited from Garm-san’s group to join Merle-san’s team.]

Garm’s group had grown so large that it had become unmanageable.

Their hunts certainly were safe, but the wages paid to each person were low, which apparently troubled Regal.

It was at this time that she was approached by Merle.

[We’re a small elite team after all, different from a group of loafers.]

Merle had been teaming up with Mira, but it seems that she had headhunted Regal in order to move to the lower levels.

[Then, you’ll be a three-person team from now on?]

At my question, Merle impertinently wagged her finger.

[Tch, tch, tch. We have another powerful helper, Yuusuke-kun.]

I’m starting to get a little annoyed, but well, I’ll just let this pass.

[That helper, are you talking about……]

At that moment, a head popped up behind a shelf.

[Yes, it’s me.]


It was mid-afternoon on a weekday morning.

If it were the usual Marco, he would have been working at the mansion at a time like this.

[Could it be……]

[Yes, I have resigned from the mansion.]

Hearing his words, I whispered to him a question.

[What about that madam though?]

[The madam encouraged me to become a professional adventurer.]

Marco has become quite accustomed to hunting, and once he dived into the dungeon, he earned quite a bit of money.

He could save up more money working here than if he worked as a menial laborer in a mansion.

[However, won’t that mean you won’t be able to meet that madam anymore?]

[I’m worried about that myself, but I heard that in a month, she will escape from the mansion. When she does, she would apparently stay at my place and……]


[L- L- Live together with me……]

Even when he’s blushing red, Marco looked happy.

[I see, things between you two progressed that far huh. However, is it really alright, escaping that mansion?]

[I will be hiding her. And when we have saved up enough money, we plan to elope out of the country.]

Marco said decisively.

He’s usually acting like a gentle pushover, but he’s willing to do anything for the sake of the woman he loves.

[Ummm, with that in mind, could I buy an assembly glider?]

It seems like Marco and that madam would be exchanging messages via glider.

He had already bought one for that madam and left a substantial amount at that mansion.

[By the way, what’s that madam’s name?]

[She’s…… Cecilia.]

Hou, Cecilia-san huh……

[That’s a nice name.]

[It’s not just her name, she herself is a really nice person. She’s kind, lovely, and beautiful……]

He sure praises her a lot.

[Well then, keep up the good work, okay?]

[Yes. I must be ready to welcome Ti…… Cecilia-sama at any time.]

I’m worried that he’ll overdo it and do something dangerous, but if he’s working with Merle and Mira, he should be fine.

[That’s right. In that case, I’ll give you this as a celebratory gift for your change in occupation.]


[Dorachocos! Even the madam said they were delicious.]

[Is that so? Two pieces might be too heavy for it, but you can put one on the glider before letting it fly. Marco can eat one while sending out the other to Cecilia-san.]

Michelle had already experimented with the glider’s load capacity.

She had managed to send out a glider with a 10-rim gum on it.

[Thank you. I’ll send it to her tonight as soon as I can.]

I’m glad Marco was pleased with them.

This should bring him and that madam even closer together.

[Alright, Team Harukaze, let’s go!]

Merle cheerfully leads everyone along.

Even so, Harukaze huh……

It’s a laid-back name, but I felt it was perfect for that 4-person group of theirs.

Titti looked up when she heard a steady tapping on the window.

She’s sure it must have been a message from Marco.

Marco had been sending out gliders every day since he had left the mansion.

With Titti’s personality, she would normally feel annoyed, but to her surprise, she found herself looking forward to the glider’s arrival.

Marco writes to her about the events in the dungeon, the apartment he rented for the two of them, and their daily meals.

The messages from the outside seemed to add a little excitement to her monotonous life in imprisonment.

[Ara? What’s this?]

Today’s glider came with a small package.

When she opened it up, she found a small snack that she remembered having eaten before.

[It’s this cheap-looking snack again……]

Even when she said that, Titti popped the dorachoco into her mouth.

In her current livelihood, sweets are precious.

If she wrote back to say how delicious it was, Marco would surely send her more sweets.

Titti took out a pen and began to write a message on the wing of a glider.

As she thought about her message, Titti unconsciously touched her lips with her fingers.

Thereupon, she suddenly remembered Marco.

To keep her grip on the man’s heart, they had their first kiss the day before Marco quit the tower.

She remembered the feeling she had at that time.

[What the heck is this!?]

As if to spat out such thoughts out of her mind, Titti mumbled.

Was she actually…… missing Marco?

That can’t be true, thought Titti.

After all, she was just using him.

After calming down a little, Titti picked up the pen again.

It was fun to play the role of the ladylike, gentle, yet passionate woman.

The thought that she would eventually abandon a man who coveted her like a dog brings about a sadistic thrill within her, making her heart tremble.

However, at such a moment…… She couldn’t help but ponder.

Why is it that tonight, Titti was also feeling a little sadness?

Just for a tiny bit, a thought so small that she herself might not even notice it……

Just for a tiny bit, she felt like a warm spring breeze stinging her wound-riddled heart.

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