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Chapter 96

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Chapter 96: Arrest


Marco stands at the entrance of the shop, staring at me and Michelle with bloodshot eyes.

[Yahagi-san, please release Titti-sama from your custody.]


[Please, let Titti-sama go! Or else, I will…… I’m begging you, I don’t want to hurt Yahagi-san.]

He really cares that much about Titti huh……

[It’s you who should stand down! Do you really think I would do nothing while you’re trying to harm Yuusuke!?]

Michelle, who was furious, stepped forward, but I placed my hand on her shoulder to calm her down.

[Michelle, wait.]

Even though Marco’s skills had improved, he still couldn’t hold a candle to Michelle.

I was hoping to settle this matter through discussion, when I heard Titti’s screeching voice coming from the inner tatami room.

[Don’t you dare touch Marco! He’s got nothing to do with this. He’s just an idiot who I used to get what I wanted. Marco, if you don’t want to get arrested, quickly get out of here. You staying here won’t get you anywhere!]

That Titti was defending Marco!?


[Titti-sama, I’m not going anywhere. I will definitely get you out of here!]

[Idiot! Having someone like you around is just annoying!]

After shouting so, the tone of Titti’s voice somewhat dropped.

[They’re just going to make an example out of me and kill me anyway…… Well, that’s the consequence of my own actions, so I’ve already given up. However, you haven’t really done anything wrong. Your only crime is that you were deceived by the evilest woman there is.]

[Titti-sama is not an evil woman! I was living a life with no aspirations for the future. But since I got to know you, every day has been sparkling. I had been having fun, feeling fulfilled and filled with happiness!]

[Silly child…… Enough with your foolishness and just take the money you saved and run away to a foreign country. You can get a country girl that suits you and live happily ever after. That’s what a boring guy like you deserves.]

Her voice sounded a little tearful toward the end.

Listening to the conversation between Titti and Marco though, Michelle tilted her head in confusion.

[What does this mean? Is Titti actually serious about Marco?]

[Perhaps, that might be the case.]

[Even if she is, Titti would definitely choose the path that would save her own life. She would never do something like letting Marco escape all by himself.]

[Perhaps, it could be because she was exposed to Archangel Lunadian’s “Light Wings of Purification”.]

Thereupon, Titti spoke to us.

[Michelle, if you want to kill me, go ahead and kill me. I wouldn’t mind even if you turn me in to the King. But in exchange, let Marco go.]

Michelle only silently looked at her, so I answered in her stead.

[Marco is my friend. I’m not planning on handing him to authorities.]

[That so? Then, turn me in already. Well, at that time, I’ll just seduce the King and become Queen Consort once again. I won’t care even if you complain later!]

Her saliva flying around everywhere, Titti lashed out at us.

Hearing her words, Michelle tilted her head again.

[Hey, that “Light Wings of Purification” is a holy light that annihilates all evil thoughts, right? Then, what’s with that terrible thing she said just now?]

[You’re right…… Ahh, that’s right!]

[What’s the matter?]

[You see, Archangel Lunadian was repatriated while she was casting it. You know, Monster Cards summoned can only be active for 3 minutes after all.]

Because I had also asked her to use Instantaneous Movement, she was probably repatriated before she could completely purify Titti.

[In other words, what you’re saying is that she became a good-natured Titti that still had some faults?]

[That’s what I’m saying.]

On the flip side though, she could also still be a bad person with a good heart.

Well, isn’t that just being a normal human?

If I summon Archangel Lunadian once more, I might be able to completely erase the bad thoughts from her mind, but I might never get an SSSR card again.

Besides, I’m feeling kinda doubtful if I really wanna go that far just to turn Titti into something saintly.

Marco takes another step forward.

However, he drops the Legendary Nail Bat he was holding.

[I’m begging you, Yahagi-san. Please let Titti-sama go!]

I wish I could take Marco’s feelings into consideration.

However, it doesn’t seem like I can do that anymore.

[That’s not possible, Marco. Look……]

A group of knights appeared at the entrance of Yahagi Onsen.

Leading them is the female general who is also the King’s lover.

Given their impeccable timing, Titti might have actually just been intentionally let free……


Marco picked up the Legendary Nail Bat.

Wait, there’s no way he’s planning on fighting against the knights, right?


Michelle moved before I did, grabbing Marco by the neck and using some kind of magic.

Without a sound, Marco fell to his knees and collapsed on the spot.

[For…… Titti-sama’s…… happi…… ness……]

I knelt down near Marco and whispered softly.

[I will go directly to the King and do something about it. I won’t let Titti be killed, so just be quiet for now.]

The knights entered the shop, but they nodded in satisfaction when they saw Titti already tied up.

[Stand up, former Queen Consort Titti. You’re under arrest.]

Shackled by the soldiers before getting released from the ropes tying her, Titti was pulled along by the soldiers, but she stopped in front of Michelle.

However, it doesn’t seem like she intends to make any eye contact with her.

[Michelle…… Thank you for saving Marco.]

[It wasn’t for you.]

[Right. Also, I’m sorry.]


[I apologize for everything I’ve done before. I’m probably going to die soon anyway.]

Michelle said nothing in response.


[What is it?]

[Please take care of Marco. I know you’re not obligated to follow my requests, but to prevent him from following him, would you at least give him some of those dagashi that lifts people’s spirits?]

[Yeah, alright.]

[The snacks from your place that Marco and I had…… They were very delicious……]

Leaving those words, Titti was pulled along with her boldly puffing out her chest, looking straight ahead.

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