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Chapter 100: 100 Joining the Nineteenth Squad!

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100 Joining the Nineteenth Squad!

Dong Peng led Su Bai all the way into the camp. After half an hour, they still had yet to reach the camp of the Ninth Legion’s vanguard team.

As expected, the scale of the military base was endless.

Most of the Beasts were blocked outside.

Because of that, there were countless expert Beastmasters on the frontlines, protecting Los Monstaria’s safety.

“You should have some understanding of the vanguard team. Don’t worry about the Ninth Legion’s reputation for now,” Dong Peng said proudly. “I can guarantee that the overall strength of the vanguard team will not be weaker than the other legions.”

“Currently, our team is in charge of Mt. Six-peaks. The Beasts that live there are quite cunning, so our main task is to eliminate them all. Based on the current progress, we have only cleared at least 30% of them.”

“Thirty percent…”

“That’s right. This is the progress we’ve made after nearly two years.”

“That long?”

Su Bai didn’t expect it would take so much time to expand the territory.

If Dong Peng hadn’t boasted that the vanguard team wasn’t weaker than the other team, it would have taken them close to ten years to completely take down Mt. Six-peaks!

This didn’t even include accidents and other factors.

“Are you very disappointed?” Dong Peng smiled bitterly. “In Los Monstaria, the name of a soldier may sound awesome. But how many would know the difficulties that we face in reality?

“There are countless Beasts in the Daxing Mountains. The more powerful Beasts appear and disappear unpredictably. Every time they appear, they will cause a lot of damage to the military.

“I heard you encountered a Beast tide created by a cult in the Wilderness?”

“Yes.” Su Bai answered.

Dong Peng shrugged. “Then you’ll probably meet them here often in the future. Those cultists are all lunatics. Letting them rest for ten days to half a month will be worse than killing them.”

“There’s actually a Salvation Sect here.” Su Bai’s expression turned solemn.

Back in the Wilderness, the Salvation Sect was quite capable and could teleport Lei Xing and the rest away so that they could carry out the plan.

If it wasn’t for Bing Mengqi and Leng Lang, Su Bai wouldn’t have been able to destroy the array the other time.

“Don’t be too stressed.” Dong Peng patted Su Bai’s shoulder and said. “It’s your first time here. You should get used to it first. When the people in the military heard that you were coming, they were all very excited.”

“Uh…” Su Bai had a bad feeling.

Soon, the two of them arrived at the northernmost part of the camp. There were not as many soldiers here as before. Looking at the symbol on their chests, most were soldiers of the Ninth Legion.

“Which squad will I join?” Su Bai asked.

“You will be with the Silver-level Beastmasters. They’re already at the threshold of Mt. Six-peaks.

“But there’s no rush. You should familiarize yourself with the environment first. If you’re suitable, I’ll arrange for you to enter Mt. Six-peaks .” Dong Peng said with a nod.

“Yes, sir.” Su Bai nodded.

The vanguard team wasn’t small. There were at least twenty-three squads, each of them made up of Beastmasters.

The strongest squad was undoubtedly the first squad led by Dong Peng.

Each member of Dong Peng’s squad had reached the Platinum-level.

The first squad’s missions were far more dangerous than the others. They often entered lands that they had never set foot on before.

The dangers they would face were also unknown.

After they had arrived, Dong Peng assigned Su Bai a room and started registering him.

In the process, he asked a lot of questions about Su Bai.

In terms of resources, Su Bai needed weapons made of Beast-cores.

Dong Peng readily agreed to this and told him to go to the weapon room to pick a Silver-grade weapon.

As for joining which squad…

“According to your past experience, you rarely fight in a team.”

“Yes, sir.” Su Bai nodded and replied, “My Bearen is enough to deal with the difficulty of the previous task, but I’m not familiar with Mt. Six-peaks.”

“Not bad.” A look of admiration flashed in Dong Peng’s eyes as he praised. “It’s important to have a clear understanding of yourself here. Remember not to act rashly.”

“Based on your information, I recommend you to Nineteenth Squad. They’re still lacking combat members.”

“Yes, sir.”

Then, Dong Peng took Su Bai to the camp of the Nineteenth Squad.

After that, Dong Peng called for the captain of the Nineteenth Squad, Huo Hua.

Huo Hua was a Gold-level Beastmaster, but his Beast was a scouting-type and support-type, and its talent was even more so. Still, his strength couldn’t be underestimated.

After all, the position of captain was usually taken up by soldiers with similar combat abilities. Huo Hua was an exception.

“Sir, Su Bai reporting for duty!” Su Bai immediately saluted Huo Hua.

“I’ll leave the new recruit to you guys. It’s not easy to get a new recruit.” Dong Peng instructed. “You have to take it easy. If something goes wrong, don’t blame me for being ruthless.”

“Don’t worry, Dong Pang!”

Huo Hua’s eyes lit up when he saw Su Bai.

After Dong Peng left, he immediately ran to Su Bai, grabbed his shoulder, and cried joyfully. He said, “There’s finally a new member. If you didn’t come sooner, my team would have reached its end!”


Su Bai didn’t know what to do with the sudden enthusiasm. He whispered, “These words… Why does it sound so familiar?”

The situation that the Ninth Legion was facing seemed to be the same for the Nineteenth Squad.

“Ahem.” Huo Hua coughed a few times when he realized he had lost his composure. Then, he said sternly, “Do you know our current situation?”

“I have a general understanding of the current situation of the Mt. Six-peaks. As for the more specific … I don’t know for now.”

“Well, then come with me, and you’ll understand.”

“Captain, where are the others?”

“Don’t worry about the others. There’s nothing special about our squad.” Huo Hua forced a smile. He said, “Your daily task is to clear up the Beasts in the Mt. Six-peaks. Once you reach the monthly target, you can do whatever you want. No one will care about you.

“At this time, they’re all fighting for the target. By the end of the month, they’ll be running wild.”

Su Bai couldn’t help but break out in a cold sweat.

‘This Nineteenth Squad seemed to be a little too free.’

Don’t worry. The Beasts in the area we are in charge of are of a lower level.

Huo Hua brought Su Bai to a small jeep and kept talking along the way, “To be honest, you are much more promising than I was back then with your current achievements.

“I can’t believe Dong Peng sent you to our squad. Looks like the gift we gave him during the new year wasn’t in vain.”

“What are the common Beasts of Mt. Six-peaks?” Su Bai asked.

“Yo, you’re quite serious! I like young people like you, not like those old foxes. They’re all asking for a beating!” Huo Hua immediately said.

Huo Hua was furious at the mention of his other teammates.

Seeing him like that, Su Bai had a basic impression of the members of the Nineteenth Squad.

‘No wonder the Ninth Legion had a bad reputation. Even the vanguard team members were all misbehaving!’ Su Bai thought.


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