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Chapter 102: 102 A Silver-Grade Weapon, Ice Dagger!

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102 A Silver-Grade Weapon, Ice Dagger!

There were eight people in the Nineteenth Squad, including the captain. Three of them were women, and the rest were all macho men.

But their eyes were all shining when they looked at Su Bai.

“Kiddo, follow me tomorrow. The monthly quota will be easy.” A buzzcut Beastmaster in the group spoke up first. “Don’t be like that group of people. None of them are good!”

“F*ck! Do you have dignity? You’re snatching a newcomer!”

“What do you mean? If you have it in you, come and fight me then!”

“Sure, let’s fight!”

Su Bai was dumbfounded. He saw the two men roll up their sleeves, run to an open space on the side, summon their Beasts, and start the fight.

This was what the military was like. If there were any objections, they could have direct competition.

If they were still not convinced, they would beat them up until they were convinced.

“Kid, you can ask me if you don’t understand anything.” A mature lady-like Beastmaster took the opportunity to run to Su Bai and said with a charming smile. “You came at the right time. I’m going to the first region tomorrow. Do you want me to bring you along?”

“I don’t need it at the moment.”

That lady’s fragrance assailed Su Bai’s nose, and he trembled excitedly. He smiled embarrassedly, “I prefer to act alone.”

“How manly. I’ll be waiting for you then.”

“Don’t make things difficult for the newbies.”

“Don’t be so polite, Su Bai, ” said the tough-looking Beastmaster. “In this place, we’re friends who have gone through life and death together. Even if we’re not, we will be in the future.”

“Hey, watch what you’re saying!”

“That’s right, speak less if you don’t know how to talk!”

“I-I mean…” The intrepid Beastmaster’s face fell. “Fine, I’d better talk less.”

Everyone was frolicking around Su Bai the whole night.

Although they were all very frivolous, Su Bai could still feel everyone’s love for him.

Their questions were endless. It was more detailed than the teachers at school, and even a lot of new knowledge made him feel refreshed.

In the morning, Su Bai didn’t rush into Mt. Six-peaks after he got up.

He first made a trip to the main camp and went to the weapons room.

“A C-rank soldier. You can choose any Silver-grade weapon and come over to register.”

The soldier on duty checked the ID card and let Su Bai in.

Su Bai never had high requirements for weapons.

‘It was fine as long as it was sharp!’ Su Bai thought.

Its primary purpose was to dissect Beasts and extract their Beast-cores.

Soon, he had his eyes on a Silver-grade Beast-core weapon!

Ice Dagger (Silver Grade)

It was as clear as ice crystals, and the blade could cut through iron like mud.

Among the Silver-grade, it was considered a high-grade Beast-core weapon!

“This one!”

After Su Bai decided, he immediately went to the soldier on duty to register.

“You have good taste.” The soldier laughed. “This weapon is coveted by many, but not many people can use it. Do you think you can master it?”

Su Bai was stunned. When he returned to his senses, he realized that the hand holding the Ice Dagger had signs of frostbite.

A random Beast-core weapon he chose actually had the effect of backfiring.

It was beyond Su Bai’s expectations.

“I’ll try.”

Su Bai covered his palm with lightning in shock and picked up the Ice Dagger. It worked well; the cold air from the Ice Dagger could no longer touch his palm, so there was no damage.

“Hmm, not bad.” The soldier on duty nodded and said, “But how long can you maintain this state?”

“About six hours.”

“Amazing!” The soldier on duty was slightly surprised and smiled. “If you’re not bragging, you’re suitable for this weapon. It just so happens that you’re of the thunder element, which is not weaker than the ice element.

“Many thanks, sir.”

Su Bai then left with the Ice Dagger after registering his identity.

Su Bai’s time limit was at most six hours. He had attempted to cover his entire body with lightning for up to an hour.

This was far more physically exhausting than covering his palm.

Su Bai immediately set off for the first region of Mt. Six-peaks after finishing his preparations.

He even ran into his teammates along the way, who extended invitations to form a team.

But Su Bai refused them all with the excuse of familiarizing the area.

It wasn’t that forming a team was a bad thing. Su Bai wanted to test his current strength and see what challenge it would be for Bearen and Whitey.

The first region was huge, almost covering the first mountain of Mt. Six-peaks.

There were countless Beasts in it.

Every few steps, they would encounter a dozen small Beasts, most of which were Bronze and Iron-level.

Su Bai didn’t like it, so he didn’t let them be.

Following the map, Su Bai returned to where he met the Fire Civets yesterday.

After patiently making sure there were no other dangers, Su Bai slowly approached the gathering place of the Fire Civets.

A Fire Civet’s adult form was basically at the Upper-Bronze level. Its body was like an ordinary big dog but very agile. Its claws were sharp and had a certain amount of close combat ability.

Of course, their Fireball was the most important thing to be wary of.

They would wrap themselves in gunpowder and roll like a bowling ball, hitting their target.

“Bearen, get ready!” Su Bai summoned Bearen and was ready to move.

The Fire Civets were still enjoying the peace and quiet, but with two of them in charge of the surroundings, Su Bai decided not to sneak attack but to attack directly.


Bearen rushed out of the forest and headed straight for the center of the Fire Civet.


When the Fire Civets detected Bearen, they immediately let out a cry.

Hearing the commotion, the Fire Civets all entered the battle mode. Flames instantly ignited on their bodies and rolled towards Bearen.

The scene was quite spectacular. There were ten Fireballs that went straight for Bearen.

“Use Lightning Armor!”

Bearen was not afraid at all and immediately activated its equipment.


The first Fire Civet spun at high speed and rolled, landing on Bearen’s chest.

It was a collision of fire and lightning.

It emitted a dazzling light that made people unable to look at it directly.


Bearen roared and slapped the Fire Civet away. However, the Lightning Armor was damaged by the Fire Civet’s attack.

‘Amazing! The Fireball was of the fire element, a counter to the thunder element. Therefore, the restoration of the broken hole was very slow.’ Su Bai observed calmly.

There were still nine more Fire Civets coming from behind. If Bearen was attacked by a group of them, then the Lightning Armor would no longer be invincible.

“Whitey, go! Use Soul Link!”

Su Bai no longer hesitated. He released Whitey to join the battle.

The hesitating Fire Civet’s entire body was covered in flames. Whitey could not attack directly, so it had to cooperate with Bearen.


The Fire Civet attacked. This time, Bearen used its arms to grab the Fire Civet, suddenly sending it flying.

At that moment, the flames on the Fire Civet’s body had been extinguished, and it could not move in the air. This was the best time for Whitey to attack!

“Whitey, do it!”


The white figure jumped and landed beside the Fire Civet with great precision. Its sharp, pointed feet were aimed at the Fire Civet.

Since the Fire Civet could not move in the air, it was a living target.

They could only scream in pain.

When it landed, it was no longer breathing.


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