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Chapter 104: 104 Emergency Mission! Saving Howl City

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104 Emergency Mission! Saving Howl City

“Wait, where are the Beast-cores of these Beasts?!” The intrepid Beastmaster discovered the anomaly and said. “Su Bai, you didn’t just take it to the main camp to dissect, did you? It’s the same if you hand it over to the captain.”

“That’s right, you can let the captain do that for you.”

“Although I’m a little sorry to the captain, that’s it!”

“Haha, that’s right!”

The crowd burst into laughter. Only Huo Hua’s face was blackened.

But Su Bai immediately removed those crystal clear and colorful Beast-cores from the Beast Space.

“I know how to dissect, so I extracted the Beast-core myself.” Su Bai said.

Everyone was speechless by Su Bai’s words. As if there was a bomb that exploded on the spot.

An Alchemist was a rare talent who could extract Beast-core, no matter in the youth training camp or anywhere else!

It was even more so in the Ninth Legion that lacked talent!

“Wow… You even know how to do that!”

“F*ck, it’s still quite intact!”


“Captain, tell me the truth. Where did you abduct this newbie from?”

“With Su Bai’s talent, which legion wouldn’t want him? Why would he come here?”

“Yeah! Tell us!”

After seeing Su Bai’s achievements and even his talent as an Alchemist, no one could believe that such a talent would appear here.

Even Huo Hua couldn’t help but gasp.

‘I had really picked up a treasure!’ Huo Hua thought.

Huo Hua was so happy that he didn’t even care about these old foxes slandering his legion.

He looked at Su Bai with satisfaction and smiled, “Do your best, and don’t listen to these guys’ nonsense. With your strength, you can enter the other areas very quickly!”

“Yes, sir!” Su Bai smiled and nodded.

Then, everyone gathered before the bonfire and enjoyed the delicious barbeque.

Everyone was more enthusiastic about Su Bai than yesterday.

Su Bai almost couldn’t handle it and ran back to the dormitory to calm down.

Very quickly, half a month had passed.

Su Bai had acted alone or with his squadmates during that period, and Huo Hua had given him high praise.

Everyone was quite envious of Bearen.

This was especially so when the Gigamax was displayed, causing the intrepid Beastmaster to drool with desire.

After half a month’s training, Bearen had also advanced to the Lower-2 Silver level. As Whitey had more kills, it had advanced to Lower-3 Silver level first.

Bearen was so angry that he was depressed for a while.

It couldn’t be avoided. The situation in the first region had drastically changed. The Beasts’ strengths were diminished, and their flaws were accentuated.

It also required Bearen’s defense and Whitey’s attack to complement each other.

Su Bai did an excellent job in this aspect, and his squadmates couldn’t find any fault with him.

At midnight, Su Bai washed up and prepared to go to bed.

However, as the alarm in the military camp sounded, everyone immediately put on their uniforms and rushed to the camp to gather.

Huo Hua looked at everyone seriously and said, “We’ve received an urgent mission from the higher-ups, and all nineteen legions have been dispatched. We’ll set off in an hour. I’ll inform you of the details later.”

Everyone didn’t dare to delay and immediately checked the mission’s contents.

Su Bai took a look and frowned.

The mission’s target was Howl City, closest to Los Monstaria. Howl City had sent out a request for help, and Los Monstaria immediately organized a rescue mission after receiving the request.

The rest of the details were still unknown.

The only thing Su Bai understood was that Howl City was facing the crisis of being destroyed!

When a city encountered danger, it could usually rely on its strength to solve it.

However, if a city was not strong enough to solve the problem, it would seek help from the nearest city.

Without a doubt, Howl City’s request for help from Los Monstaria had reached the most critical moment.

“Feng, have you ever encountered such a situation?” Su Bai asked the tough-looking Beastmaster.

In the past half a month, he had become familiar with the Beastmasters in the squad, and Feng Hai was one of them.

“No, I didn’t. Do you think this kind of thing happens often?” Feng Hai smiled bitterly. “Not to mention me, most veterans here haven’t encountered this kind of thing often.

“Once we encounter them, it’ll be a natural disaster!”

A hundred years ago, when Los Monstaria was not strong enough, the Beasts almost broke the city gate.

Fortunately, the experts in the city were fighting to the death.

Los Monstaria only managed to survive after the alliance sent reinforcements.

Without the alliance, Los Monstaria would not have existed in this land.

Because of that, Los Monstaria would not hesitate to send out their military if their alliance was in danger!

The Nineteenth Squad had changed their frivolous attitude and was ready to go to Howl City to help.

This was also Su Bai’s first time taking action with the whole squad.

After an hour, the squad was assembled. They left the military camp and rushed to the main camp.

The military greatly valued this reinforcement and gathered over a thousand Beastmasters. There were 300 Silver-level Beastmasters, a dozen Gold-level Beastmasters, and a Platinum-level Beastmaster among them.

It was Su Bai’s first time participating in such a grand event.

The soldiers were in a hurry to maintain order. Soon, Huo Hua received instructions from the higher-ups.

“Our mission is to support the main force. Even so, we’re no different from the main force. We’re going to enter the most dangerous area,” Huo Hua said seriously.

“Yes, sir!”

Everyone nodded, understanding the weight of this mission.

As the vanguard of the Ninth Legion, they were already considered elite members. It was understandable that they were assigned to the most challenging position.

Military trucks began to drive away from the camp. They headed for Howl City, and the Nineteenth Squad quickly got to work.

In the car, Huo Hua began to narrate the current information.

Howl City was currently guarding the city gate with all its might. The number of Beasts was quite large. According to the scouts’ reports, there were about a hundred thousand or more.

After all, it was only a preliminary investigation, so there was no way to be more detailed.

Most of them were Bronze-level Beasts. Although their levels were low, they could cause even more damage than high-level Beasts when their numbers reached a certain level.

“Su Bai, are you nervous?” The mature-looking Beastmaster sitting beside him chuckled. “It’s not just you. Even for the others, it’s their first time taking part in such an urgent mission.

“I’m fine.” Su Bai was very calm. Although it was his first time, he forced himself to calm down.

This mission was undoubtedly perilous, so Huo Hua looked at his phone anxiously to pay attention to any news that came in.

As the squad leader, Huo Hua had to bear far more responsibilities than his squad members.

Traveling to Howl City would still take some time, and it was just dusk.

As a result, everyone instantly closed their eyes and relaxed, bracing themselves for the upcoming battle.

Huo Hua’s phone abruptly beeped with a message. His expression became enraged after reading the message. He told the crowd, “The vanguard unit that was dispatched earlier has suffered significant losses. We, the Nineteenth Squad will take over.”


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