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Chapter 105: 105 Taking the Lead and Cutting Through the Brambles

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105 Taking the Lead and Cutting Through the Brambles

After receiving that bad news, everyone’s expression became even more grave.

Every member of the dispatched vanguard was a seasoned Silver level Beastmaster. They didn’t expect to be heavily injured in such a short period.

The dispatched vanguard team had no choice but to retreat from the front lines and let the Ninth Legion’s vanguard team take over.

Feng Hai, who was usually all smiles, couldn’t laugh at this moment. He asked, “Captain, what’s the situation now?”

Huo Hua immediately explained what had happened to the dispatched vanguard team.

The dispatched vanguard team didn’t encounter any powerful Beasts.

On the contrary, they were dealing with Bronze or Silver-level Beasts, which could be easily killed.

But as time passed, the dispatched vanguard team’s Beasts became emotionally unstable and abnormal.

Soon, the Beastmasters lost control of their Beasts and started attacking each other. As time went by, the entire team suddenly collapsed!

“The specific cause hasn’t been found yet.” Huo Hua took a deep breath. He said, “When we reach our destination, everyone must be on guard.”

“Yes, sir!”


As the squad continued to advance, the surrounding terrain gradually changed.

The geographical location where Howl City is located belongs to a flat area with very few mountains. Therefore, there weren’t many Beasts around.

The crisis this time was an extremely rare situation.

Soon, the military truck stopped, and everyone got off immediately.

The dark clouds filled the sky, and the nauseating smell of blood drifted with the wind. The atmosphere instantly became subtle.

“Feng Hai take the lead. Zhu Di will be the rear guard…”

Huo Hua, as squad captain, began delegating tasks to the squad. When it came Su Bai’s turn, he stopped for a moment before saying, “Su Bai, you remain in the center of the team. Fill in as soon as there is a vacancy!”

After half a month of interaction, the squad recognized Su Bai’s ability. However, he still needed to gain experience. Especially experiences with a team!

Even Huo Hua couldn’t guarantee that his squad would not suffer any casualties in this mission. Naturally, he would not let the newbies take on more responsibility.

“Understood, sir.” Su Bai nodded. He knew what the captain was worried about.

Everyone started moving forward right away, heading for Hao City.

“Use Blazing Blade!”

Feng Hai summoned his Beast, the Blaze Falcon, cleared the surrounding Beasts and led forward.

At the same time, the Beastmasters at the flanks didn’t idle around, either.

Behind them was the female Beastmaster, Zhu Di, who was summoning a Venomous Python to protect her.

Su Bai was in the middle of the team and was doing nothing.

It wasn’t because he was lazy, but because he didn’t need to do anything.

The Nineteenth Squad was sent to an unimportant area of the Mt. Six-peaks to clear out low-level Beasts, but it didn’t mean that they were much weaker than the other squads.

Most of the time, it was because they knew that the Beasts in the first region were tiring and difficult.

That was why the Nineteenth Squad was in charge.

After half a month, Su Bai had a great experience and knew that his squadmates were not weak.

Now, it was even more obvious. As the squad moved forward for more than 1,000 meters, the Beasts that attacked the squad would be killed by Feng Hai’s Beast as soon as the Beasts showed their heads, let alone get close to the squad.

“It’s still considered easy.” Huo Hua calmly observed his surroundings and analyzed them. “We’re still far from Hao City. Everyone, stay alert, and don’t let your guard down!”

The squad continued to move forward. They met other squads along the way and soon parted ways.

Their top priority was to find out the reason behind the attack on Hao City.

It was impossible for hundreds of thousands of Beasts to suddenly attack a city for no reason. There must be a source for it.

It could be a conspiracy of an evil cult, or it could be caused by the Beasts.


A ferocious Fire Lion cut through the vines in its way.

However, the Beastmaster didn’t let their guard down. He ordered the Fire Lion to continue its frenzied attacks on the vines, digging three feet into the ground and tearing the roots to pieces before stopping.

“Captain, this is the sixth time we’ve encountered this.”

“If we don’t get rid of the roots, these vines will grow wildly, and they will attack people once they get close to the city.” Feng Hai said with a frown.

“Yes.” Huo Hua nodded.

Su Bai immediately reported after his observation, “We encountered a total of 67 Beasts during our journey, and more than half of them were originally obedient.”

Huo Hua narrowed his eyes as that was a crucial piece of information.

There were huge plains in Hao City’s jurisdiction, and most of the Beasts were gentle and well-behaved. Which made the situation even stranger!

The number of bizarre vine-like Beasts rose as they moved closer to Hao City, slowing the entire team’s movement by more than ten times.

“I can’t hold on, switching out!”

Feng Hai’s physical strength gradually depleted. After obtaining the captain’s consent, he moved from the front to the back of the team to recover his physical strength.

Su Bai was taking over the shift. He immediately released his Bearen.


When Bearen faced the strange vines, it directly used brute force to pull them up by the roots!

Feng Hai was quite jealous. He’d been drooling for a long time since he first saw Bearen.

He also often said that a strong man would be paired with a strong bear, and he was prepared to get a Beast like Bearen.

“He’s so handsome.” Seeing Bearen again, Feng Hai was still very tempted.

“Continue forward!” Seeing that Su Bai was strong enough to take the lead, Huo Hua immediately ordered the squad to continue.

At this rate, it would take at least five hours to reach the Howl City gate.

Unfortunately, as the group advanced, the more hurdles they found, the more Beasts of all kinds and sizes attacked the squad. Even the most seasoned squad members would have occasional mishaps.

“Report! The Beast on the wing is slightly injured and has lost too much blood. We need help!”

“Damn, this Beast is poisonous. Did you bring the antidote?”


Huo Hua, the squad captain, had no choice but to halt the team’s approach as danger erupted.

They had only advanced less than one-fifth of the way and were forced to stop.

Su Bai was in good condition. Bearen was in much less danger thanks to its Lightning Armor.

However, he was not the only one on the team.

“Are you alright?” Su Bai looked at Feng Hai.

Feng Hai, who had been removed from the leading position, helped Su Bai share the burden after a rest. But they were attacked by the Bomber Bugs, and the left wing of his Beast Blaze Falcon was injured.

Now, it could no longer fly and had lost the ability to move.

“It’s alright.” Feng Hai forced a smile. “My Blaze Falcon can’t fight anymore. I only have one more Beast, the Rock Tortoise. Su Bai, you must take on more of the vanguard position.”

The Rock Tortoise was giant, but its movements were slow and cumbersome, so it was not suitable to be at the front.

“It’s no big deal.” Su Bai took a deep breath. He knew that he had a heavy responsibility on his shoulders.

However, looking at the Beasts that kept passing by in the distance seemed like an endless challenge.

After a short rest, the team set off again.

This time, they finally reached a small town near Hao City.

However, the scene in front of them was something none of the squad members could bear to look at.

Even Captain Huo Hua’s eyes revealed a trace of sadness.


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