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Chapter 113: 113 Will a Bicephalic Serpent Live With One Head?

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113 Will a Bicephalic Serpent Live With One Head?

“Block it!” Zhu Di shouted.

The Fire Lion waved its sharp claws and instantly blocked the bullet.

Zhu Di would be in charge of the front.

Although the bullet was fast, the Fire Lion’s reaction wasn’t bad. It was able to deal with it in a head-on situation.

On the other side, Feng Hai’s gaze swept across the forest in an attempt to find the person who had launched the sneak attack.

His sharp eyes quickly caught a trace.

“One o ‘clock east!” Feng Hai said, “Su Bai, you stay back. I’ll do it!”

Immediately, Feng Hai released his Firebird.

The injured Firebird had been treated in the military camp and had recovered 90% of its combat power.

Feng Hai and Zhu Di charged into the forest together, and very quickly, a loud boom could be heard. They were probably already fighting.

Su Bai stood where he was, observing other ambushers and giving Bearen enough time to fully restore its Lightning Armor.

As for the front, he only had faith in Feng Hai and Zhu Di.

The two of them were veterans and had always taken good care of him.

In terms of strength, they were one of the best on the team.


After a while, Bearen let out an excited cry. Its Lightning Armor had finished restoring.

Seeing that, Su Bai immediately rushed to the forest. What he saw was beyond his expectation.

Feng Hai and Zhu Di stood in front and behind each other, with their Beasts guarding the two sides.

And their opponent was only one person!

“Some small fry dared to destroy the Salvation Sect’s magic formation.” The masked man in black sneered. “I’ll be able to live a carefree life for a while if I take your heads.”

Zhu Di’s usual calmness disappeared as she sneered, “Knowing that you’re too embarrassed to face others is also a tactful way of hiding it. After all, even you know that the Salvation Sect is an organization many hate.

“You might as well be a more tactful and obedient sneak attack, so you don’t ask for trouble.”

“You don’t know what’s good for you.”

“Why don’t you look at your sorry state?” the Salvation Sect Beastmaster said. “You’re not strong, but you’re quite stubborn.”

Zhu Di and Feng Hai were in a defensive position.

It was just as the Salvation Sect Beastmaster said.

In the two-on-one situation, Feng Hai and his partner were utterly disadvantaged.

It wasn’t because Feng Hai and Zhu Di were too weak. It was just that they didn’t expect this Salvation Sect Beastmaster to have such rare Beasts, the Golden and Silver Serpents.

A body with two heads, there was only a one in ten thousand chance of hatching a mutant Beast.

The Golden Serpent’s head had an innate fire skill, while the Silver Serpent had an innate water skill.

The combination of the two made up for each other’s shortcomings, and their attack was extremely powerful.

Moreover, the bicephalic serpent’s level was no lower than Feng Hai and Zhu Di’s Beasts. They were both Upper-8 Silver level!

“Have you thought of a way? This bicephalic serpent is really troublesome.” Feng Hai frowned.

Feng Hai’s Firebird tried to attack from the air but was forced back by the flames spat out by the Golden Serpent. Its feathers were almost set on fire.

On Zhu Di’s side, the situation was even worse. Her Fire Lion had been injured by a water element bullet.

She didn’t expect the bullet to have toxic paralysis.

The Fire Lion was exhausted just by standing, and it would probably lose its ability to move completely soon.

In the face of such a predicament, the two of them were already very cautious, and only by cooperating with each other could they barely resist until now.

“I’m afraid the two of them won’t be able to hold on for too long.”

Su Bai was hiding in the woods and saw everything.

However, he did not appear immediately.

Suddenly, the Salvation Sect Beastmaster’s gaze swept past a bush where Su Bai was and said, “I know you have one more member. Don’t try to ambush me.”

Upon hearing these words, Feng Hai and Zhu Di felt even more anxious.

“We have to contain him!”


They knew that Bearen had just gone through a great battle and needed to rest for a while.

The two of them immediately looked at each other and communicated with their eyes.

They immediately prepared to launch another attack, not to kill the other party, but to stall.

But Su Bai, hiding in the dark, suddenly came out.

“I didn’t expect you to be so vigilant. I won’t be hiding anymore,” said Su Bai.

“F*ck! What are you doing out here!” Feng Hai anxiously cursed.

Feng Hai and Zhu Di’s original plan had been completely ruined. It was extremely difficult for them to kill the other party with their strength. If the other party wanted to escape, they could not stop him.

The best solution was to use Su Bai as a surprise attack and they had lost it.

“There’s no other way. I was exposed.” Su Bai shrugged his shoulders helplessly at Feng Hai and Zhu Di.

Su Bai added, “Bearen is almost done resting, so we still have the advantage in a direct battle.”

“What a joke. So what if you’re here?” The Salvation Sect Beastmaster said disdainfully. “Come at me together. I’ll make you pay the price for destroying the magic formation!”

“Alright, since we’ve already come to this, let’s just go all out!” said Feng Hai.

Since his plan had failed, Feng Hai had given up and did not care too much.

But Su Bai stepped forward to stop him.

“Don’t worry. I have a question to ask before we fight.”

“Ask away.”

“Is the bicephalic serpent one body? No, that can’t be right. Is it one Beast or two Beasts?” Su Bai touched the back of his head and asked. “If we count it as one, will it still be alive if one head is gone?”

This question made Feng Hai anxious.

“Why do you talk so much nonsense on the battlefield? Just smash its head, and you’ll know!”

“This is very important.” Su Bai pretended to be deep in thought.

Su Bai pretended to be deep in thought.

“You talk too much nonsense!”

The impatient Salvation Sect Beastmaster didn’t wait any longer and shouted, “Golden Serpent, burn them with your Ground Fire!”

“Be careful! Ground Fire is a large-scale skill.” Feng Hai immediately reminded me. “The bicephalic serpent will release a huge fan-shaped flame from its mouth!”

This was a tricky skill. Not only could it be used on the ground, but it could also be used in the air.

It was also because of that skill, Firebird was unable to attack.

“Don’t be afraid. It can’t spit it out.”

Su Bai’s smile stunned Feng Hai and Zhu Di, who then turned to look at the bicephalic serpent.

At this moment, the Golden Serpent’s head had leaned back slightly and was about to release the skill, Ground Fire.

A sharp white foot streaked across in the blink of an eye, and then the Golden Serpent’s head and body were separated.

“What’s going on?!”

Whether it was Feng Hai or Zhu Di, even the Salvation Sect Beastmasters turned pale with fright.

Inexplicably, the Golden Serpent’s head was cut off.

“I see. It seems like one head is gone. The other head is fine.” Su Bai sighed.

Before Su Bai appeared, he had already made all the necessary preparations.

Su Bai had the Dream Larva cast Invisibility and slowly approached the bicephalic serpent. At the same time, Whitey rode on the Dream Larva’s body and launched an attack immediately.

Unsurprisingly, the bicephalic serpent had overbearing water and fire elements. Still, in terms of defense, it couldn’t withstand a single hit from Whitey.

Su Bai was not worried about whether the plan would work.

Instead, he was worried that the gluttonous Whitey would eat the Dream Larva.

Fortunately, Whitey was unable to resist the words of the Beastmaster.

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