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Chapter 114: 114 Feng Hai’s Empty Promise

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114 Feng Hai’s Empty Promise

Otherwise, there would be no coming back for Whitey and the Dream Larva.

The bicephalic serpent had lost its Golden Serpent, so no matter how powerful the remaining Silver Serpent was, it couldn’t fight three simultaneously.

“How dare you?!”

The sudden turn of events caused the Salvation Sect Beastmaster’s gaze to turn unfocused. He couldn’t believe the Golden Serpent had died so mysteriously.

He didn’t even know how the other party did it.

The bicephalic serpent was his initial Beast and had been carefully trained for over ten years.

When he saw the Golden Serpent die, he immediately suffered the backlash of the pact. In addition, he was so angry that he spat out a mouthful of blood.

“What’s going on?” Feng Hai and Zhu Di both had blank looks on their faces.

However, as a veteran, they knew that this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. They immediately commanded their Beasts to start attacking the Silver Serpent.

“I don’t need to do anything else.” Su Bai stood aside with a smile.

Feng Hai’s Firebird finally displayed its true strength without the Golden Serpent. It continuously released its skills in the air, bombarding the Silver Serpent on the ground.

Zhu Di’s Fire Lion was directly suppressing the Silver Serpent.

The Salvation Sect Beastmaster was restless and impatient but utterly helpless.

He only had one Beast, the bicephalic serpent he had always relied on.

“Fire Lion, kill it!”

After a few rounds, Zhu Di managed to catch a small gap.

Zhu Di commanded the Fire Lion to use its thick claws to tear the Silver Serpent’s head into pieces!


The consecutive backlashes caused the Salvation Sect Beastmaster’s bloodshot eyes to widen. He roared madly, “The Salvation Sect won’t let you off. One day, you’ll be my companion in hell!”

“That’s bad. Quickly sustain him!” Feng Hai shouted and was about to step forward.

However, they were still a step too late. Just as they arrived in front of the Salvation Sect Beastmaster, he had fallen to the ground, no longer breathing.

“He kept poison in his mouth…He can’t be saved.” Zhu Di stepped forward and said, after checking.

The scene was silent. Su Bai stood aside and had already put the Dream Larva back into the Beast Space.

Su Bai didn’t care about the deaths of the Salvation Sect Beastmasters at all.

“The Salvation Sect is a bunch of lunatics. They’re all like this,” said Feng Hai.

Feng Hai was worried about Su Bai’s burden, so he comforted him, “When I first met these lunatics, it was the same. They killed themselves after losing. They just couldn’t afford to lose!”

Su Bai chuckled. “Feng Hai, don’t worry. I’m not that weak.”

In the Wilderness, Su Bai had already come into contact with the Salvation Sect.

This time, he naturally didn’t feel any fluctuations in his heart.

Of course, neither Feng Hai nor Zhu Di did not know about this.

“It’s good that you’re fine. Let’s hurry back. We can’t delay this any longer.” Feng Hai said with a silly smile.

The three immediately returned, and no one mentioned how the Golden Serpent died.

This was the unspoken understanding between soldiers. They should not test their teammates so easily as long as the mission is completed.

Soon after returning to the camp, the three of them reported the incident.

The higher-ups immediately reacted when they received the report and the stone slab fragment with the runes of the magic formation.

They had long assumed that behind the crisis of Howl City was the shadow of the Salvation Sect’s activities.

Since there was no evidence, they couldn’t target the organization.

But now, with the evidence that Su Bai had brought back, everything was clear.

Feng Hai rushed back into the dormitory and said excitedly, “Su Bai, you’ve done a great job this time!”

“According to the officer’s expression, you’ll at least get a first-class merit this time!”

The honor of first-class merit would reward Su Bai handsomely, and he could get better treatment.

There were only a few soldiers in the Ninth Legion who had it.

The Nineteenth Squad did not even have a single member who earned it. Only their Captain, Huo Hua, had a second-class medal.

Su Bai had just joined the military less than a month ago. Still, he had already surpassed his upperclassmen and was the first to receive a medal of honor.

“Don’t make empty promises to Su Bai. You make it sound like it was your decision.”

Zhu Di rolled her eyes and said to Su Bai, “No matter what, now that we know who our opponent is, the military will no longer have to be restrained.”

“Yes. What should the military do next?” Su Bai nodded and asked.

Undoubtedly, the Salvation Sect was behind the crisis in Howl City, but the real problem was how to solve it.

The magic formation under a single vine tree could only affect it on a small scale.

It simply couldn’t cover the entire territory of Howl City.

“I don’t know, but Gu Lin has already led a team to the vine tree. It’s a good thing that our deputy commander is here. Otherwise, it would be a bit difficult to get enough manpower.” said Feng Hai.

Gu Lin was the Platinum-level Beastmaster sent for the reinforcement operation this time.

For the Beastmaster in charge to personally lead a team out of the military camp meant that there would be an earth-shattering change to the entire situation.

The three of them only needed to wait for the latest report.

During the break, Su Bai was lying on the bed, and Whitey was in a depressed mood in his pocket.

It seemed like he was still reluctant to part with the delicious Dream Larva.

“You little…” Su Bai smiled helplessly.

Whitey was definitely a hero who helped Su Bai to get a top-notch Beast of the illusion-type.

It wouldn’t be fair if Su Bai didn’t give Whitey some compensation.

Su Bai asked Feng Hai about the predator’s favorite food and made a trip to the military arms to buy some special Beast food.

As expected, Whitey immediately recovered when it smelled the scent.

It finished half a can of Beast food in big bites.

“It’s a little disgusting…” Su Bai looked at the food for a while and found it was made of stinky worms.

‘No wonder I felt nauseated after smelling it.’ Su Bai thought.

After having a full meal, Whitey stopped acting up and went to sleep.

A few hours later, Feng Hai again found out the news and returned to share it.

The team led by Gu Lin went to the vine tree that Su Bai had destroyed. After the appraisal, they were sure it was a stone slab, just a minor magic formation.

A major magic formation still affected the territory of Howl City.

As long as they could find and destroy it, they could resolve the crisis in Howl City.

Su Bai was not surprised. He had already witnessed the power of the Salvation Sect’s magic formation in the Wilderness.

Su Bai just didn’t expect the Salvation Sect to have developed the magic formation to such an extent in such a short time.

As expected of a group of Beastmaster lunatics who struck fear into people’s hearts.

“Good fellow, how did this group of lunatics use the Scarlet Mist to actually affect the entire Howl City? If they were to use this against us, I’m afraid they’d be in grave danger,” Feng Hai said with lingering fear.

“I don’t know how often I’ve told you not to try to scare Su Bai.” Zhu Di reached out and grabbed Feng Hai’s ear.

Zhu Di went on to say, “It’s more than likely. How could he have let that group of lunatics set up the minor magical formation when he first discovered it if Howl City’s strength wasn’t so weak?”

“Ouch, ouch. It hurts! Be gentle, will ya?!” said Feng Hai.

“Be more sensible if you know how to feel pain. Su Bai is such a good child. If you lead him astray, I will not forgive you!” Zhu Di warned.

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