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Chapter 115: 115 It’s a Trap

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115 It’s a Trap

Watching Feng Hai and Zhu Di playing around, Su Bai was more curious about the military’s next move.

“Don’t worry. The higher-ups will assign us a mission soon. We should take a rest. Cuz we’re going to work soon.” said Feng Hai.

Feng Hai laid back on his bed and sighed. “I heard the captain and the others are coming back soon. They met the vine tree too, but not as recklessly as you, Su Bai. That’s why they noticed the minor magic formation under the tree.”

Su Bai smiled embarrassedly.

If it wasn’t for Whitey, Su Bai wouldn’t have been so reckless in that dangerous situation.

“Oh right, when Gu Lin comes back, he’ll probably ask you to go meet him.”

“And the reason?”

“How would I know? It’s not like they are giving you the award so soon.”

Feng Hai wouldn’t be serious whenever he was not on a mission. Su Bai was already used to it.

After a short rest, there was a sudden movement outside the camp.

It seemed that Gu Lin had returned with his team.

“Su Bai, come to the meeting tent.”

As expected, a soldier came and called for Su Bai.

“Kid, don’t be too nervous. Gu Lin is the deputy commander of the Seventh Legion.” Feng Hai instructed. “Don’t be afraid to speak less. I just worry that you will say the wrong thing.”

“Understood.” Su Bai nodded and left the tent.

On the way to the tent, Su Bai met Huo Hua and the others, who had just returned. He greeted them.

“You’re going for a meeting?”

Huo Hua was at a loss. He thought Su Bai was in trouble and immediately ordered, “Don’t worry. Don’t say too much or agree to anything when you see Gu Lin. Wait for me. I’ll go fetch the deputy commander!”

Everyone on the team was the same. They didn’t allow Su Bai to speak much. After all, the more he spoke, the more mistakes he would make.

Su Bai didn’t have time to explain when Huo Hua ran away in a hurry, probably to find deputy commander Bing He.

Su Bai was speechless. He could only hope that Feng Hai had time to explain.

Su Bai arrived at the meeting tent shortly. As soon as he entered, he saw a serious-looking officer discussing something on the sand plate of Howl City. Su Bai was standing aside and waiting.

A pale-faced man stood at the center of the sand tray. His eyes were fixed on the tray as if he was thinking about the military’s next move.

The man said to the soldier beside him not long after, “Give the order immediately, have the main force get ready to set off!”

“Yes, sir!”

The soldiers received the order and immediately began to move.

That man was the Beastmaster overseeing the operation to reinforce Howl City, Gu Lin.

Gu Lin’s eyes suddenly fell on Su Bai. He was a little surprised. He immediately went up and smiled, “You must be Su Bai.”

“Yes, sir.”

“At ease, soldier. You’ve found the weakness of the Salvation Sect. I should be the one thanking you.”

Then, Gu Lin took Su Bai to the lounge, sat on the chair, and poured tea. He said, “I’ve also seen your resume and realized that you’re not as simple as I thought.”

Su Bai’s history was not surprising to Gu Lin, a deputy commander.

The only surprising thing was Su Bai had only become a Beastmaster for less than a year.

It didn’t matter whether Su Bai had been able to participate in the training after studying at school for less than a month or that he had made a great contribution along with other soldiers during the training.

Or won first place in the military selection in the youth training camp.

It would be an outstanding achievement if it were any other young Beastmaster.

“Pity… Why did you choose the Ninth Legion?” Gu Lin asked.

The commotion they had caused earlier alarmed the governor of Howl City.

Gu Ling had only heard that the Ninth Legion was suspected of malicious competition, but he didn’t care.

Plus, the main character was right in front of Gu Lin.

“Uh…” Su Bai didn’t know what to say then, so he decided not to say anything.

It was just as Feng Hai and Captain Huo Hua had instructed.

Don’t speak so that you don’t say the wrong thing.

“Everyone knows about the Ninth Legion’s situation. I don’t think I need to say more. A young Beastmaster like you has a bright future ahead of you.” Gu Lin smiled and said.

Gu Lin added, “Although this is the first time we’ve met, I can tell that you’re only after strength. You don’t care about other things.”

Su Bai’s heart immediately praised Gu Lin. ‘It appeared that Gu Lin had carefully read my resume. A person who could hold the position of deputy commander was not a simple person. He could tell a lot about my personality just by looking at my resume.’

“Don’t worry. Many people in the military are as ambitious as you are.” Gu Lin smiled. “All Beastmasters have the same mentality. I’ve been there, too.”

‘Here it comes!’ Su Bai thought. He had a general idea of Gu Lin’s next move.

It was nothing more than to get close to the other party and make them feel the same way before carrying out the real purpose. It was impossible to guard against.

“If you don’t mind, I can transfer you to the Seventh Legion. The treatment here is not much worse than that of the First Legion. There are extra opportunities to train Beasts every month…”

As Su Bai expected, Gu Lin kept talking about how good the Seventh Legion was. If someone from the First Legion heard it, they would call him shameless!

If it was Su Bai’s first day in the military, he might not have believed Gu Lin’s words on the treatment.

However, as soon as Su Bai heard the beginning, he knew it was a special treat for him.

The training of the Beasts in the military was similar to the youth training camp. The Beasts and the Beastmaster were allowed to absorb the stone stele simultaneously.

However, the steles in the military were of a completely different quality.

According to the rules, no matter which side the military was on, there was a limit to the number of times a Beastmaster or a soldier could join the military every month.

Aside from that, any additional training would be based on the priorities of the various legions.

Unsurprisingly, the Ninth Legion had the lowest priority, with an extra ten monthly entries.

These ten entries would be given to the person with the highest contribution to the month’s mission.

Su Bai was unsure about the other legions, but Gu Lin had offered a great deal to recruit him.

Su Bai would be directly given an additional training session every month.

Regarding that, Gu Lin’s sincerity was genuine.

“So, Su Bai, are you interested in joining our Seventh Legion?” Gu Lin’s eyes were filled with anticipation.

Su Bai didn’t know how to respond to that.

Fortunately, there was a sudden movement outside the door this time. Su Bai turned and looked around.

The deputy commander of the Ninth Legion, Bing He, rushed over and shouted at Gu Lin, “Lin, you old fox who doesn’t care about virtue. How dare you try to steal my people!”

“Ahem, don’t be so mean. Su Bai and I are just having a conversation.”

“Bah! If I didn’t grow up with you, I would have believed your nonsense!” Bing He squinted his eyes and shouted.

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