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Chapter 15

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Expanding the Beast Space Explosively


The young saleswoman was stunned when she heard that. Afraid she had misheard, she confirmed again, “Are you saying you want to buy two pieces of the Thundergod Braces?”

Superior-Blue grade equipment was rare, and only two were in the shop.

The young saleswoman didn’t expect the young student in front of her to ask for all of them.

“Yes.” Su Bai nodded.

If Ms. Lu found out that Su Bai had used the allowance to buy the two expensive Thundergod Bracers, she would probably be even more shocked than the young saleswoman.

A large portion of the $3 million that the academy distributed to the elites would be used to provide resources for improving their Beasts.

That did not include equipment.

A considerable amount of Beastrient was required to train a Beast.

The Beastrient, as its name suggested, allowed the Beast to grow faster when consumed.

The students of the normal classes could only afford the Low-grade Beastrients. At the same time, the elites were qualified to purchase Mid grade Beastrients.

The market price for a bottle of Mid grade Beastrient was $10,000.

An ordinary Beast would need to consume a bottle each day.

In other words, a Beastmaster would have to spend $300,000 a month!

$3 million was not enough to provide the Beast with a year’s worth of Mid grade Beastrient.

Therefore, the elites who were short on money would feed their Beasts with a mixture of Low and Mid grade Beastrients.

The equipment that Su Bai had bought for $2.2 million was simply because of the Simplification System.

Since the system allowed Bearen to absorb electrical energy to grow, Su Bai didn’t have to spend extra money on the Beastrients.

That was why Su Bai could spend all his money on the equipment!

“Please follow me,” said the young saleswoman.

The young saleswoman realized that she had hit a fortune. She immediately led Su Bai to the counter and took out the card reader.


Thank you. You have just spent $2.215 million.

The bank card was swiped on the machine, and the machine’s melodious sound was heard.

It was not far away. The other saleswoman who had looked down on a poor student like Su Bai was shocked when she heard that.

“D-Did I hear it wrong? That kid just spent more than $2 million? Did he play dumb to take advantage of us?!” said the saleswoman.

The saleswoman ran over to take a look.

Su Bai had really spent more than $2 million.

Instantly, the saleswoman felt regret and unwillingness for her behavior earlier.

Such good fortune had slipped under the saleswoman’s nose for nothing.

On the contrary, the young saleswoman who had just arrived landed the fortune!

Su Bai then put away the Thundergod Braces and the refined iron into the Beast Space.

If Su Bai were to carry these back, he would probably be exhausted.

Fortunately, Su Bai could store these special items in the Beast Space.

When Su Bai returned to the academy, he immediately took out a piece of the refined iron. He carried it on his back with a special belt.

Su Bai started to run around the field.

100 jins was really not to be trifled with.

Su Bai gritted his teeth and ran for one-third of a lap before he was covered in sweat and almost lost his balance.

Many students nearby saw Su Bai.

“Look at that guy. He’s only been running for a while, but he’s already swaying left and right like he’s run a marathon.”

“Hahaha, I think he’s too weak.”

“Lower your voice. He might hear you.”

“So what if he heard me? I can knock him down with one punch with his thin arms and legs.”

“What a handsome little guy. He’s just a little weak, but he’s still so handsome.”

While they were chatting, Su Bai finished a lap. He lay on the grass and breathed in deeply.

It was as if he had just been drenched in heavy rain.


Running has been completed. The Beast Space will increase by 1 square meter!

The system’s voice sounded in Su Bai’s mind as usual.

Su Bai didn’t expect that running one lap in the field with 100 jins of refined iron on his back would be the same as running more than ten rounds in the town!

‘That’s really awesome!’ Su Bai thought. He was overjoyed after a short rest.

A method for ordinary Beastmasters to expand their Beast Space was exercise.

Su Bai would strengthen his body to expand it.

However, the rate of Beast Space’s expansion was extremely slow. It was normal to expand by less than 3 square meters in a year and a half.

Even with expensive secret potions, it could only be increased to 10 square meters.

However, it was different for Su Bai.

After the simplification, Su Bai carried 100 jins of refined iron and ran one round around the field.

He was much more invincible than countless Beastmasters who worked hard!

The Beast Space was the root of all Beastmasters.

“Hey, are you tired?” A female student passed a water bottle to Su Bai and said, “Drink some water. Don’t overwork yourself.”

Su Bai didn’t take the water from her. He took out his water from his backpack.

Even boys had to protect themselves when they were away from home.

For a moment, the girl was stunned by Su Bai’s actions and didn’t know what to say.

When Su Bai stood up again, he was unstable, and the refined iron broke free from its restraints and fell onto the grass field.

100 jin of weight plus Su Bai’s weight caused him to directly fall on the flat grass and create a hole in it.

The female student was shocked. She happened to see that and couldn’t believe her eyes.

‘It must be cumbersome to make a hole in the grass field!’ the female student thought.

“Thank you for your kindness. I’ll continue with my training,” said Su Bai. Then, he resumed his training.

The female student stared at Su Bai’s fading back view, and her friends came over to her.

“That guy really isn’t afraid of death.”

“Yeah. He’s already in such a terrible state after running one lap. He actually still dares to run.”

“Should I inform the teacher?”

“We should. We wouldn’t want anyone to run to their death. It would be an outrageous thing to happen in the academy.”

“Then I’ll go get the teacher.”


Just as the female student’s friends were about to go get the teacher, the female student quickly stopped them and said, “It’s not what you think.”

“Huh? What are you talking about?”

Her friends all thought she had been bewitched by Su Bai.

However, after the female student explained what had happened earlier, they suddenly fell silent.

They wanted to retort, but the marks on the grass field were clearly visible.

It was a square-shaped pit of about 10 centimeters in diameter.

“That guy … Did he really run with this astonishingly heavy piece of refined iron?”

“Gosh, no wonder he’s staggering when he runs!”


They were full of respect for Su Bai when they looked at him again.

Su Bai took more than an hour to run 15 laps and expanded 15 square meters of his Beast Space.

Su Bai’s current Beast Space was 18.3 square meters. His achievement was already second to none among his batch of students.

Even the students from the previous batch were rarely on par with Su Bai.

Su Bai returned to the dormitory and took a cold shower. He was so tired that he almost fell asleep on the bed.

But there was still the principal’s class later.

So, Su Bai tidied himself up and prepared to head out. Suddenly, his phone rang, and it was a call from Li Yan.

“Not bad, Su Bai. I heard you defeated a Rajager today.

“That’s the descendant of a divine Beast!

“I heard Rajager is traumatized and doesn’t even dare to come out of its master’s Sigil.”

After hearing the news, Li Yan was still skeptical. But when he recalled Bearen’s battle with Madjackal in the town, he suddenly realized it was possible.

Therefore, Li Yan called Su Bai.

“The rumors are a little exaggerated.” Su Bai touched his nose and smiled.

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