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Chapter 150: 150 An Ominous Land

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150 An Ominous Land

“You mean to say, we can’t get out now?” Zhu Hong asked as his thought processed swiftly. “Without you, we can’t leave the Second Heaven!”

The surrounding people fell into silence.

The current situation could actually change so suddenly, making the originally still atmosphere cold.

“What’s the reason?” Xuanyuan Hong asked.

The Beastmasters present had tried to comprehend the Spiral Realm’s stone stele, but all returned without success. However, the old man said that his consciousness had been separated from the stele.

There was no logic to it.

“I don’t know.” The old man’s face had aged a lot. He smiled bitterly and said, “Perhaps I was abandoned.”

After being in the Spiral Realm for decades, there were too many things that the old man could not explain.

Everyone was at their wits’ end and didn’t notice Su Bai’s serious expression.

Through his consciousness, Su Bai had a basic understanding of the Second Heaven. It was almost the same as what the old man had told him, and there was not much threat.

The sea of consciousness in the Spiral Realm was so huge that Su Bai couldn’t visit it all in a short time. A few minutes was already Su Bai’s limit.

But fortunately, with the help of Dream Wing, Su Bai’s mental energy was constantly recovering.

Su Bai could vaguely see a few wolf-shaped Beasts tearing at their prey. The prey kept letting out sorrowful cries as if they were crying for their own death.

The eagles in the sky were circling and guarding their nests.

In the trees below, a blood-red spider was lurking near the nest, its sharp feet touching the hatchling in the nest.

The eagle didn’t notice it. When it rushed back, it was already blood red.

At that moment, the eagle cried out in anger, looking for the murderer as if it had gone crazy.

Su Bai could clearly see the changes in the forest and all of it was real.

However, he couldn’t interfere because his mental energy was too weak. Even with the help of Dream Wing, he could only be a bystander.

All of a sudden, Su Bai caught a strange scene.

A strange Beast suddenly appeared at the edge of the Second Heaven. It had the body of a bear, the sharp beak of a Wolf, and the feathers of a bird. It was very strange.

More importantly, there were several bloody holes in its body, and strange tentacles slowly extended out of the holes.

“What is that?” Su Bai was stunned.

He had never seen such a strange Beast before. More importantly, this strange Beast appeared out of thin air and did not exist in the Second Heaven.

Su Bai took a deep breath and tried to find the answer.

It didn’t take long for Su Bai to find a hole in the place where the strange Beast appeared. This hole was not the same as the other hole. The hole was formed by a stream of energy, which could connect to the domain outside the Second Heaven.

Su Bai carefully separated a part of his consciousness and slowly entered the cave.

Very quickly, the scene before his eyes instantly shocked him.

In the dark world, the sound of thunder was heard and the land was filled with ill omens!

Each of the Beasts was like a walking corpse, roaring madly and fighting and killing each other.

“This is the Third Heaven, but…”

Su Bai realized that there was another face of the Spiral Realm.

Compared to the First and Second Heavens, the Third Heaven was like hell.

The Third Heaven’s current situation was extremely unstable.

The border was very fragile. The hole Su Bai had observed earlier was a crack from the collapse of the Third Heaven, which allowed the Beasts to enter the Second Heaven.


Suddenly, there was an angry roar. The strange Beast could not resist the group’s attack and fell into a pool of blood.

Su Bai had only seen it by accident.

All of a sudden, he was horrified to discover that a black figure had jumped out of the fallen Beast and quickly left the scene.

It was about ten centimeters long and had a slender tail. The front end had slender limbs and a soft body. It was an insect-type Beast that had never been seen before.

“A parasite?” Su Bai frowned.

After that, he continued to observe the various places in the Third Heaven and found that among the dead strange Beasts, there were insect-type Beasts.

His consciousness followed closely behind the insect-type Beast.

Su Bai wanted to see how that parasitic Beast could enter the body of another Beast.

However, he didn’t expect that the insect-type Beasts would gradually reach the edge of the Third Heaven. When they touched the barrier, they would instantly dance with excitement.

After a short while, groups of strange Beasts rushed over and started to attack the border barrier through communication that Su Bai could not understand.

Su Bai followed the clues and realized through the stone stele that the border wall was connected to the First Heaven!

If the barrier was destroyed, this group of strange Beasts would invade the First Heaven in one fell swoop.

With an attack of such a scale, the group of younger Beastmasters definitely wouldn’t be able to protect themselves and more and more Beasts were coming.

When the barrier collapsed, it would cause an irredeemable tragedy.

Su Bai withdrew his consciousness with a serious face. He heard people quarreling around him.

“Forget it. Even if you kill him, we won’t be able to go back.” Xuanyuan Hong said coldly.

On the other side, Zhu Hong angrily put down his fist and glared at the old man, “Old man, I’ll definitely kill you when we get out!”

“Hehehe, you’re not the only one who’s after my life.” the old man laughed out loud, and his eyes were a little dazed.

After Su Bai figured out what was going on, he asked, “Do you know the whereabouts of that Beastmaster assigned in the town?”


“You know who I’m asking.”

“Oh, him. He’s long dead.” The old man’s eyes turned ferocious. “That guy is quite capable. He noticed that I took Lu Ci away and followed me secretly. If I didn’t keep an eye out, I might have been caught long ago.”

“Cut the crap, where is he?”

“Of course, he’s in the stomach of a Beast. How could I be so stupid as to let him live?”

Su Bai gave up arguing with the old man. His top priority was to contact the major cities in the real world as soon as possible and have the First Heaven’s Beastmasters evacuate.

Then, send troops to suppress the invading Beasts of the Third Heaven.

However, the only channel of communication with the outside world was gone.

In other words, they had to face the invading Beasts alone.

“Su Bai, what happened?” Xuanyuan Hong stepped forward and asked.

The atmosphere at the scene was getting weirder and weirder. Most of the people were in a panic, trying to find a way to return to First Heaven.

Only Su Bai knew that the First Heaven would fall soon.

“Everyone, listen up.” Su Bai said seriously. “At this moment, what I’m revealing is critical. I’ve learned a little from the stone stele. We can leave the Second Heaven without any problem.”


Everyone was shocked after hearing what Su Bai had said.

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