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Chapter 165: 165 A Chance for the Sprite Foxes

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165 A Chance for the Sprite Foxes

“Who is it?” the leader of the Sprite Foxes was shocked.

The illusions were the Sprite Foxes’ area of expertise, and the shock that the Dream Wing brought to them was like a stormy sea.

The Sprite Foxes could tell that it was an illusion, but they could not control their consciousness.

In the face of the sea of flowers, they knew that it was an illusion, but they still felt happy.

In the face of the dusky dusk, their mood instantly changed. This was the terrifying part of illusions.

Even if the Sprite Foxes could sense it, they could not change the influence of the illusion on their consciousness.

At that moment, all the Sprite Foxes were on high alert and were affected by the illusion.

“That’s about it.” Su Bai smirked. He immediately ordered Dream Wing to stop attacking the Sprite Foxes.

The beautiful Dream Wing appeared in the air.

“Please forgive us for being rude, but who are you? Did we offend you in any way?” the Sprite Foxes’ leader asked in fear while it lowered its head after being freed from the illusion. It felt like a strong mental power.

“Come with me.” Dream Wing only replied with two words.

Then, it passed through the passageway to the Second Heaven and disappeared.

In the face of such a strange situation, the Sprite Foxes were caught in a dilemma.

This dilemma was about the pact they made with the humans and their lifelong pursuit of the pinnacle of illusionary skills.

Su Bai had already witnessed the Sprite Foxes’ pursuit of illusion when he challenged them.

The Sprite Foxes were willing to become Su Bai’s Beast.

That was why Su Bai thought of that method to lure the Sprite Foxes to the Second Heaven.

After all, the Sprite Foxes were Gold-level Beasts. It would be a waste of a heavenly treasure if it stayed in the First Heaven.



“I have never seen such an illusionary technique before…”

The other Sprite Foxes were already deeply infatuated with Dream Wing’s illusions. Even though their leader had not said anything, they could not help but take half a step closer to the passage.

“I know, but…” the Sprite Fox leader was struggling internally.

Su Bai was a little depressed, ‘This fellow was really following the rules too much. It seemed that I had to resort to extreme measures.’

Su Bai immediately concealed his true appearance with a transformation mask and appeared before the Sprite Foxes in a white figure. He asked calmly, “Why are you still unwilling to leave?”

“Who are you…” the Sprite Fox leader’s mind was in a mess.

Especially after seeing Dream Wing’s illusionary technique, the Sprite Foxes were almost going crazy. Now, a white figure suddenly appeared, it was already good that their brains didn’t crash.

Su Bai said solemnly, “I’m just passing by. I see that you are quite talented, so I’m giving you a chance. If I’m too nosy to you, then forgive my intrusion.”

“No! Please forgive me, sir. It’s not that we’re unwilling to accept the opportunity. It’s just that we Sprite Foxes had an agreement with the humans. We’re not allowed to step out of the Spiral Realm! ” the Sprite Fox leader said hurriedly.

“Hehe, then how can you be so sure that the other side of the passage is not the Spiral Realm?”

“Sir, you mean…” the leader of the Sprite Foxes reacted quickly and immediately understood what Su Bai meant.

“If you want to go, then go. If you want to stay, then stay. As for the agreement with the human race, I will not make things difficult for you.”

Then, Su Bai turned into a wisp of white mist and disappeared.

‘I have said what I can. The rest is up to the Sprite Foxes.’ Su Bai thought.

The Sprite Fox leader had always been crazy about illusions. Now that Su Bai, a human, had shown up and made things clear, the Sprite Fox leader was completely convinced.

“We, the Sprite Foxes kneel to thank you, sir!” the Sprite Fox leader led the others and knelt on the ground with its forelimbs, kowtowing to the sky.

Then, they stepped into the passage to the Second Heaven together.

They passed through the tunnel and saw the endless mountains with greens and the flowing clear waters.

The Sprite Foxes felt as if they had entered a whole new world as they savored the rich energy without restraint.

“We’re still in the Spiral Realm!”

“That’s right!”

“Where is that butterfly?”

“I can’t find it…”

At that moment, all the Sprite Foxes were extremely excited.

An abundance of energy meant that it could allow one’s cultivation to take a step forward. In addition, a more complete Beast ecosystem was beneficial to the development and growth of the Sprite Foxes.

Even though they did not know where the person who had given them the opportunity was, the leader of the Sprite Foxes led its kind to kneel and thank the person once again.

“It’s finally done.” Su Bai heaved a sigh of relief.

If the Sprite Foxes could really be blessed in the Second Heaven, it would be of great use in the future.

As for the other Beast groups, Su Bai really wanted to do the same for them but couldn’t.

There were too many of the Beasts and too many varieties.

Even with Dream Wing’s help, Su Bai’s consciousness and mental energy couldn’t cover the entire Spiral Realm.

He would never do a thankless and unprofitable business.

The Third Heaven was under the watch of the Dawn Bugs. Whether or not the Second Heaven could be controlled would depend on the Sprite Foxes’ own opportunity.

Then, Su Bai’s consciousness left the Spiral Realm.

Huo Hua had been driving for two hours, and they were still some time away from Los Monstaria.

The consumption of mental strength made Su Bai yawn unconsciously and fall asleep.

“Still sleeping? There’s no one for me to talk to.” Huo Hua, who was talking to himself out of boredom while driving, felt his eyelids twitch. He said helplessly, “Forget it, you’re the hero. Sleep if you want.”

A few hours later, Huo Hua finally drove back to the military.

Su Bai couldn’t help but stretch when he got out of the car.

Zhu Di, Feng Hai, and the others rushed over as soon as they heard the news, showing their concern for Su Bai.

“You’re back so early. Tell me how the trial went!”

“Yes, tell us!”

“Could it be… that you’ve been eliminated, right?” Feng Hai asked casually.

Feng Hai asked casually.

“Cut the crap. Let Su Bai rest first. Don’t ask so much!”

Zhu Di’s eyes widened, and everyone was stunned.

In the past, the Spiral Realm’s trial would last at least ten days or half a month. It had only been four or five days now, and the most likely outcome for everyone was that Su Bai would be eliminated.

Su Bai looked at everyone and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He could not interrupt at all.

Huo Hua happened to be going through some procedures and would be back a little later.

“It’s okay, Su Bai. You’re still young, a little failure is nothing.”

“That’s right. Tomorrow, I’ll bring you to Mt. Six-peaks and vanquish all the Beasts!”

“Come on, Su Bai is so outstanding. Do you think he needs you to guide him?”

“Shut up!”

Zhu Di couldn’t take it anymore and immediately gave the chattering Feng Hai a headshot.

Feng Hai was in so much pain that he begged for mercy.

When the others saw this, they swallowed their saliva and immediately shut their mouths.

“Hurry up and rest, ignore them.” Zhu Di looked at Su Bai and smiled. “Let’s not think about the trial and just take a good rest.”

At the end of each trial, the military would be able to get the information first.

Since there was no news for now, the Spiral Realm trial was obviously not over to everyone.

Su Bai had returned at this moment, and everything was self-evident.

“Thank you, Zhu Di.” Su Bai nodded. He didn’t reject Zhu Di’s kindness and left.

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