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Chapter 170: 170 A Large Wager on an Unidentified Beast Egg

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170 A Large Wager on an Unidentified Beast Egg

In the auction’s luxurious private room, Xuanyuan Haoyu sat beside a person, his eyes full of admiration.

The only person of the same generation that he respected was his own brother, Xuanyuan Hong.

“Hong, how’s the Spiral Realm trial this time?”

“I can’t reveal it for now,” Xuanyuan Hong replied with a calm smile.

“Alright, what do you think of the Beast egg?”

“It’s hard to say.”

Xuanyuan Haoyu had attended this auction because he had taken a fancy to the final item, the unidentified Beast egg.

Normally, Xuanyuan Haoyu would not even bother to participate in such an auction. However, he had been unable to control his Beast for some unknown reason.

That was why Xuanyuan Haoyu wanted to train a new pet.

As a descendant of the eight great families, he had countless Beasts to choose from.

However, what Xuanyuan Haoyu was after was the real top quality.

The biggest organizer of the auction was the Beastmaster Guild.

For them to be so mysterious, they’d definitely had numerous rare items.

As the sounds of bidding ended one after another.

“He bought another Beast egg. Did that bidder no. 188 gentleman come to stock up?” Xuanyuan Haoyu retorted.

Xuanyuan Hong had never been interested in such trivial matters. His purpose was to keep an eye on Xuanyuan Haoyu.

Xuanyuan Hong simply leaned back on the sofa and closed his eyes to rest.

“F*ck, it can’t be. He’s even buying such ordinary goods. Where did this idiot bidder no. 188 come from? He must be both silly and rich.”

In just a dozen minutes, bidder no. 188 had spent $20 million to buy seven Beast eggs.

Xuanyuan Haoyu’s initial disdainful attitude had gradually turned into that of a spectator.

It was the same for the other people in the auction.

“Who would be so generous?” Li Yan scratched his head and was speechless. “Can someone raise so many Beast eggs? Don’t tell me he’s going to eat them?”

“It might be possible.” Zhu Lili, who was at the side, laughed and echoed.

Their seats were closer to the front, so they could only see bidder no. 188’s face when they stood up.

However, doing so in a formal setting was clearly prohibited.

“So happy…I’m happy!”

Watching the Beast eggs being taken down one by one, Whitey was so happy that it almost fainted.

Su Bai was quite doting on his Beast. All $20 million were spent on Beast eggs without even blinking.

Every single one of them was a delicious delicacy to Whitey.

Fortunately, Bearen was currently running wild in the Second Heaven, having a lot of fun.

Otherwise, Bearen would be jealous of Whitey.

Time passed as the items were auctioned off one by one.

“Thank you, bidder no. 26 for your support. Now, we’ll have the most anticipated finale!”

As an exquisite little box was pushed onto the stage, the host introduced, “I believe many of you have heard of the Golden Monkey. I don’t think I need to elaborate on the Golden Soul Thread that they have!”

“Let’s cut to the chase. The starting bid is $150 million!”

When the finale appeared, the scene instantly burst into an uproar.

“My God, that tuft of hair is $150 million?!”

“It’s useless to us, but it’s different in the eyes of alchemists.”


“If only I had $150 million. Then, that Beast egg wouldn’t have been taken by others!”

“Haha, who asked you to be so stingy? You can’t compete with bidder no. 188.”

“That’s his tactic to markup the price maliciously!”

In just a short minute, the people who had come specifically for this matter had already begun to take action.

The price immediately shot up to $300 million!

Su Bai couldn’t stop sighing. Alchemist was a profitable and spendthrift auxiliary profession of a Beastmaster.

The Alchemists spend money like flowing water.

For a handful of Golden Soul Threads would cost an Alchemist’s fortune.

Of course, all of this had nothing to do with Su Bai. He just had to be a quiet spectator.

The most noteworthy thing was that Zhou Tianwen had yet to start bidding.

Soon, endless cries could be heard.

The price of the Golden Soul Thread had risen to $1.1 billion!

At this point, most of the people had gradually withdrawn from the competition.

“The highest bidder is $1.1 billion! Is there a higher bid?” the host shouted excitedly. “Hundreds of Golden Soul Threads! This is a rare alchemy material!”

“Three billion!”

At that moment, Zhou Tianwen finally began to take action. When he made a move, he shocked everyone.

“F*ck, he doubled the price?!”

Everyone was dumbfounded, especially the middle-aged man who had bid $1.1 billion.

“Sure enough, it’s not that easy to take them down!”

The middle-aged man’s identity was also extraordinary. He had long noticed Zhou Tianwen, but he did not expect him to try to end the competition with such a thunderous method.

“Then what should we do?” a teenager beside him asked.

“Zhou Tianwen is from an alchemy family. His wealth is comparable to a country’s, so there’s no other way.

“I should have known this would be the result,” the middle-aged man laughed bitterly. He added, “I just wanted to try my luck a bit.”

“Going once… Going twice… sold!” The host excitedly announced, “Congratulations to bidder no. 8 for successfully bidding for the Golden Soul Thread at the sky-high price of three billion!”

A price of three billion was a wealth that many of the Beastmasters at the auction couldn’t hope to obtain.

Even Su Bai, who had made many contributions to the military, had only accumulated $70 million.

Alchemist was indeed a subsidiary profession that could make one rich overnight.

Unfortunately, the threshold was too high. Most Beastmasters couldn’t even touch the threshold.

At most, one would be able to master the most basic skill of extracting a Beast-core.

“It could help in earning a lot of money, but it’s a pity that it takes time.”

Su Bai had thought of using the system to develop his profession as an Alchemist.

Unfortunately, nothing was as simple as he thought.

Apart from the problem of personal strength, the biggest difficulty for Alchemists was gathering all kinds of materials.

For example, a Grand Alchemist Beastmaster like Zhou Tianwen. He was constantly running around in various major cities and even in the wilderness to gather the required alchemy materials.

The only reason Zhou Tianwen appeared here was because of the rarity of the Golden Soul Thread.

The commotion caused by Zhou Tianwen quickly died down.

Next up was an ordinary Beast egg that even had some potholes on its surface.

“Ahem. Everyone, don’t be fooled by its appearance.” The host explained, “This Beast egg was obtained by a mercenary in the ruins. He sacrificed more than half the team’s Beastmasters to bring it back.

“The story was difficult to tell, and it also has a great sense of mystery.

“This Beast egg can’t be appraised by normal means. If we forcefully appraise it, we might kill the Beast inside. Therefore, this will be a huge gamble!”

Everyone’s eyes once again focused on the transparent glass on the stage.

“What the heck is that?”

Someone stared until his eyes were dry and finally complained, “Based on its trickery patterns, it’s just a bird’s egg!


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