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Chapter 18

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An Opportunity to Gain Experience

Su Bai and Kong Jie were walking along the corridor. Many teachers and students greeted the principal.

At the same time, they noticed Su Bai was behind the principal.

Most of them were looking at him with curiosity because they didn’t know Su Bai.

It was normal for everyone to be curious about someone who could follow Kong Jie around.

Su Bai’s eyelids were as heavy as lead.

Finally, they arrived at a corner of the field.

“Su Bai, if you don’t mind, can I look at your Beast?” Kong Jie said with a smile.

Hearing that, Su Bai had some doubts.

However, he still acted pretentiously and released his Beast from his Sigil.


As soon as Bearen appeared, it woke up from its deep sleep.

It was Su Bai’s sleeping time and the time when Bearen could start eating electrical energy.

However, the surrounding scene was not inside the dormitory.

No electrical energy made it drool, so it immediately let out a questioning cry.

“So this is your Beast!” Kong Jie was a little surprised. He looked at Bearen and sized it up.

Kong Jie brought the Bearen egg back from an abandoned nest when he was outstation.

At that time, Kong Jie realized that the Bearen egg was extraordinary.

But because he was in a hurry, he didn’t have time to appraise it and left it in the warehouse.

The Bearen had many branches of descendants. For example, the Earth-Bearen that did not have the bloodline of the bears would naturally lack the skill, Bare Physique.

Kong Jie’s guess was that Bearen’s potential was between the High Gold and Upper Platinum levels.

‘Su Bai… He does have great potential.’ Kong Jie thought.

All Beasts with high innate potential had keen intuition.

If the Beastmaster lacked talent and strength, the pact couldn’t be formed smoothly.

Which meant that Su Bai had not made a wrong judgment.

“This is a fine Beast. I was planning to find you a new Beast. After all, the eggs in the warehouse this year could have been better clutches. But now it seems that there is no need for that.”

Hearing that, Su Bai immediately became alert.

Su Bai praised Kong Jie in his heart for being the most influential person in Los Monstaria. He could actually see the potential of Bearen with one look.

It was rumored that Kong Jie’s talent was A-level, Observer.

It belonged to the rare spiritual type and had a keen insight.

However, there had never been any reliable evidence. After all, the information about such a talent was highly confidential.


Bearen seemed to have understood Kong Jie’s words and was immediately unhappy.

However, it could sense the terrifying strength of the other party.

So it hid behind Su Bai, showed half of its head, and roared at Kong Jie softly.

“This little fellow is quite interesting,” said Kong Jie.

Kong Jie couldn’t help but laugh. He then returned to the main topic and said, “Su Bai, what do you think of your current strength? ”

This question was very serious, and the answer had to be rigorous.

If Lu Xiaolin was present, she would probably go crazy on the spot.

Su Bai lowered his head and frowned.

After thinking briefly, Su Bai replied, “I’ve almost mastered theoretical knowledge. However, I still lack combat experience and have no place to display my talent.

Kong Jie was stunned when he heard that. Then, he raised his head and laughed out loud.

Su Bai’s answer gave him a huge surprise.

Kong Jie had checked Su Bai’s personal information long ago and knew Su Bai was just a commoner from an orphanage in a small town.

Kong Jie had thought that the answer he would receive was that Su Bai needed more resources.

That was because many talented students often needed more resources.

Kong Jie, who had always loved talented people, also intended to help Su Bai.

Most of the scholarships from the elite class had to be spent on Beasts, so the funding that the students received was little.

The funding that the elites received was slightly better than the normal students.

However, Kong Jie didn’t expect Su Bai to be more eager for experience.

He immediately had a whole new level of respect for Su Bai.

“I’m sorry, I may have been a little ignorant,” said Su Bai.

Seeing the principal laughing, Su Bai thought he was being a little arrogant.

After all, he had just entered the academy.

It was ridiculous to only think about actual combat experience.

It was common for a Beastmaster and his Beast to die together on the battlefield.

But if Su Bai knew what Kong Jie was thinking, he would probably laugh out loud.

The one thing that was least lacking with the Simplification System was resources for Beast growth.

Electrical energy was a resource that could be bought with a few cents.

Moreover, the students could use it for free in the academy.

“Very well then. It just so happens that there’s an opportunity for you to gain experience.” Kong Jie waved his hand and said, “I can’t say your idea is ignorant. As long as you have the strength, it’s okay.

“The sophomores will organize a training session outside the city in the next two days. You can follow them.

“But remember safety first. It’s your first experience, so you should do less and observe more.”

“Thank you, Mr. Kong!” Su Bai immediately thanked Kong Jie.

Looking at the young man in front of him, Kong Jie felt like he was looking at his younger self back then, filled with anticipation for the battles between Beastmasters.

Immediately, Kong Jie made a phone call and told Su Bai to gather at the academy gate in the morning.

As for Lu Xiaolin, Kong Jie would talk to her himself.

Then, Kong Jie asked Su Bai to go back and get ready.

Su Bai looked at Bearen beside him on the way and felt a little excited.

Bearen’s eyes flickered. He was also filled with a desire for battle.

But when Su Bai returned to the dormitory, he suddenly received a phone call.

It was from Lu Xiaolin.

“Su Bai, are you crazy!!!”

As soon as he picked up, the high-decibel roar almost pierced Su Bai’s eardrum.

“What is it, Ms. Lu?” Su Bai asked after a while.

“You still dare to ask me what’s wrong? Do you know what the Wilderness is? That’s not a place you can go to at your current level! Do you understand?”

“Uh … I’m not too sure.” Su Bai answered.

Su Bai turned on his computer and started to look up information.

The Wilderness was over a dozen kilometers away from Los Monstaria. It was usually used as a training ground for new Beastmasters. Still, only those led by an official Beastmaster could go there.

That was because many places were dangerous, and high-level Beasts often appeared.

In the past years, the total number of students who had died in various academies in Los Monstaria was no less than a hundred.

The death rate was extremely high.

“I understand now. But Ms. Lu, I still want to try it,” Su Bai said to Ms. Lu.

Seeing how stubborn her student was, Lu Xiaolin felt helpless.

She felt angry in her heart because her student was insensible, and the principal also blindly followed suit.

But there was nothing she could do to change that, so she could only advise Su Bai to be safe.

This time, the team would not venture too deep into the Wilderness.

Therefore, it was relatively safer than other experiential learning, but Su Bai still had to be careful.

Lu Xiaolin explained the things to Su Bai for him to take note of for over half an hour.

During the process, Su Bai’s eyelids kept struggling to stay open.

Su Bai could tell that his teacher valued him, so Su Bai forced himself to listen until the end.

“Alright, I’ve said what I needed to say. You should rest early,” said Lu Xiaolin. She finally finished.

Su Bai couldn’t wait any longer to hang up the phone. He fell asleep as soon as he touched the pillow.

On the side, Bearen was still enjoying eating the electrical energy.

At the same time, an incredibly faint white light enveloped its body.

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