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Chapter 17

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A $10 Million Reward

The entire Elite Class Two has returned to its original silence. Even the sound of a needle dropping on the ground could be heard.

Until Lu Xiaolin gulped and said softly, “Could it be that the equipment is faulty?”

It was not that she did not trust Su Bai.

However, if a student could expand the Beast Space to 18.3 square meters at this stage, she could even smile in her sleep.

The other teachers also looked at each other in disbelief.

“That’s too outrageous. His Beast Space had expanded to 18 square meters when the academic year started!”

“I’ve been teaching for more than ten years, and this is the first time I’ve seen such an outrageous student. It seems that Ms. Lu has found a star pupil.”

“That may not be it. There might be a problem with the equipment.”

“Yeah, it’s normal for the equipment to be faulty.”

No one could believe that a student who had just awakened could have such achievements.

18 square meters of Beast Space was an outstanding result, even among the previous batch of students.

It was normal for the teachers to be suspicious.

“Mr. Kong, I’ll get someone to bring new equipment over.” Lu Xiaolin said calmly.

Upon hearing that, Kong Jie said, “The equipment was just purchased a few days ago, and they’ve already been tested.

“Normally, there shouldn’t be any problems.

“However, this student’s Beast Space is indeed a little unusual. You can go.”

Lu Xiaolin immediately asked someone to bring in new equipment.

“Ms. Lu, I’ll go,” said Su Bai. He was sleepy and wanted to make a trip to freshen himself up.

After Su Bai got permission, he immediately started running.

During that period, Chu Yiyun was more anxious than anyone else, and his eyes went bloodshot.

Chu Yiyun had been able to get first place safely, but Su Bai suddenly appeared.

No one would be able to accept that.

All Chu Yiyun hoped was that the equipment was really faulty, and then he would be able to beat Su Bai!

Soon, the new equipment arrived.

The teacher checked it and made sure it was functional. Su Bai put his hand into the equipment again.


“Scanning complete. Your Beast Space is 18.4 square meters.”

A mechanical voice sounded.

Everyone’s eyes widened.

They all wonder how it was 0.1 square meters more than before.

“That’s wonderful. Indeed, the new is constantly replacing the old,” said Kong Jie.

Kong Jie was the first to applaud and added, “To be able to expand the Beast Space to such an extent, he’s a role model for the new batch of students. Everyone should learn from him.

“By the way, what’s your name?”

“Su Bai.” Su Bai replied.

“Alright, Su Bai. I will announce you the winner of the competition.”

As Kong Jie spoke, he took out the reward from his Beast Space and handed it to Su Bai.

“This is a Heroic Incense…!”

After recognizing it, some of the teachers were even more surprised.

They didn’t expect Kong Jie would be so generous as to give the Heroic Incense to the students as a reward.

“The original reward wasn’t something so valuable. It’s just that the principal has always been known for his love for the talented, and he only changed after seeing that student’s potential.”

“That’s right, not many people are willing to take out such a precious item like the Heroic Incense.”

“Ms. Lu, looks like you’ve got yourself a star pupil!”

The other teachers looked at Lu Xiaolin with envy.

Since Lu Xiaolin learned that it was not a fault in the equipment, her smile bloomed like a flower.

“Su Bai!!!’ Chu Yiyun’s expression was threatening beneath the stage. He was planning to skin Su Bai alive.

First, Su Bai forced Rajager to kneel and beg for mercy. Now, Su Bai stole Chu Yiyun’s opportunity.

But they were still in class, so Chu Yiyun couldn’t act up.

Chu Yiyun could only stand there and watch Su Bai receive the principal’s award, the teachers’ praise, and the students’ admiration and envy.

When Li Ba and the others saw this, they were so scared that they didn’t dare to speak.

They had never seen Chu Yiyun’s face like that before.

“Heroic Incense? What’s that for?” Su Bai asked.

Su Bai had no idea that Chu Yiyun was about to explode from anger. He was still curious about the effect of the reward.

It appeared ordinary, but there was a faint, distinct fragrance. It could calm one’s mind.

“It may look ordinary, but the Heroic Incense is very useful.” Kong Jie chuckled. He added, “Put it in the Beast Space and light it up. It will make your Beast feel very good. It will speed up the recovery of its spirit, especially after a battle.”

The Heroic Incense’s effects included spirit recovery, which was one of the reasons why it was so precious.

On the battlefield, it was very common for Beasts to die due to their poor mental state.

As for those Beastmasters with Healer talent, they were extremely rare.

If there were one, they would be recruited by the major forces and then keep them in secret.

“That expensive?” Su Bai checked the price of the Heroic Incense on his phone and was shocked.

There were only two of them on sale in Los Monstaria’s market. They were of Great-Green grade and cost $25 million.

The annual scholarship for the elites was only $3 million.

As expected, items related to the spiritual category were so expensive that they made people flinch.

“Hurry up and thank the principal! This item usually only appears as a reward during joint academy activities.” Lu Xiaolin urged from the side.

The principal giving away a Heroic Incense meant that he thought highly of Su Bai.

If it were another student, he or she would have laughed happily.

But Su Bai was too sleepy; his eyelids sometimes closed, so he didn’t seem very active.

At that moment, the other students also came over to watch the commotion.

“So this is the Heroic Incense. It doesn’t look any different from ordinary incense.”

“If you don’t have a good eye, don’t come and join in the fun.”

“That’s right. This item is very precious. The raw materials can only be obtained in the dangerous depths outside the city.”

“The heck, the original price was $25 million!”

“Why are you shouting so loudly? Do you want the other classes to see us as a joke?”

“Be good…”

After everyone knew how precious the Heroic Incense was, they looked at Su Bai with even more affection.

Especially the female students in the class, they looked like they were in love.

As the saying goes, first come, first serve. The girls in the class began to see each other as enemies.

Su Bai suddenly quivered. He realized that his classmates around him looked at him strangely, especially the girls. They were looking at him like hungry wolves preying on sheep.

The bell rang, signaling the end of class.

Kong Jie didn’t leave immediately but called Su Bai to follow him.

Kong Jie’s action shocked the other teachers and students.

Not only did Kong Jie give away the precious Heroic Incense, but he also directly took Su Bai away. Everyone was very clear about what that meant.

“Ms. Lu, you’re really blessed.”

“It’s been a long time since I’ve seen the principal so interested in a student.”

“Yeah, Su Bai is going to level the playing field.

The teachers’ words made Lu Xiaolin feel very comfortable.

Su Bai’s classmates were looking at his back passionately, secretly determined to build a good relationship with him.

As for Chu Yiyun, he had left the classroom in anger. He left Li Ba and the other lackeys at a loss.

“Li Ba, do you think we should still take revenge on that kid?” One of the lackeys asked.

But what that lackey got in return was a punch to his head.

“Idiot!” Li Ba was furious. He scolded, “You still think Su Bai is a commoner? He is now appreciated by the principal.”

“But our boss…”

“We’ll deal with that later. Let’s not mess with Su Bai anymore. We should build a good relationship with him when necessary.”


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