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Chapter 196: 196 Whitey, the Ruthless

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196 Whitey, the Ruthless

“It’s a Snowwolf King!” Xu Qingshan exclaimed. He was in the audience and looked anxious when he saw Jiang An’s Beast.

“Captain, is there anything wrong with the Snowwolf King?” asked Xu Qingshan’s teammate.

“The Snowwolf King is a Beast that lives in a harsh environment all year round. Its strength is not very strong.”

“Then what are you afraid of?”

“What I’m afraid of is that its combat style is very sinister.”

Xu Qingshan shook his head. “Su Bai did the right thing by not letting Bearen fight. But his little spider… I wonder how strong it is.”

“I’m not interested in staying on the 19th floor. You can stay if you want.” Su Bai shook his head.

However, it was these words that caused Jiang An’s expression to change and become even more ruthless.

“Let the match begin!” the referee announced.

The battle was about to start. The first to start was Jiang An’s Snowwolf King, which instantly unleashed Snow Mist.

A large patch of snow mist occupied a corner of the arena. The Snowwolf King was hidden among the snow mist and had disappeared.

Because it lived in the harsh environment of the snowy mountains all year round, the Snowwolf King had long evolved its perception ability to find its opponent in the snow mist.

“What a despicable skill!” The Beastmasters in the audience clicked their tongues and said. “Isn’t this the same as taking away the other party’s sight?”

The range of the snow mist was not limited to that. Under Jiang An’s command, the Snowwolf King moved to the other side and once again unleashed the skill Snow Mist.

The snow mist had already covered half of the arena, and the surrounding crowd could not help but feel fearful.

If the audience’s Beasts were in the snow mist, they would probably not be a match for the Snowwolf King at all.

The battle was nothing more than the right time, the right place, and the right target.

Now that the Snowwolf King had the right time and place, the remaining target would not be a problem.

Su Bai observed the snow mist and sensed the Snowwolf King.

However, this was also the first time Su Bai had encountered a Beast that used its skills to create favorable terrain, so he was in no hurry to attack.

“Such arrogance!” Jiang An shouted.

Jiang An read Su Bai’s mind. He waved his hand and shouted, “Snowwolf King, continue to use Snow Mist!”

The Snowwolf King had excellent endurance, and its energy was enough to support it to release three skills in a row.

At the same time, Whitey leaned back slightly to accumulate strength.

As long as the Snowwolf King got close, it would attack instantly.

“How despicable!”

“I can’t see anything!”

“F*ck, not just Su Bai, we can’t even see anything.”

At that moment, the audience was venting their dissatisfaction with Jiang An.

However, it was useless. They could not interfere with the battle that was going on in the arena.


At that moment, the Snowwolf King was already approaching with the snow mist. Whitey sensed it and immediately jumped into the snow mist, but it missed.

The Snowwolf King was very experienced in favorable terrain. It could instantly sense Whitey’s every move in the snow mist and take measures in advance.

“Looks like your Beast is in a very dangerous situation.” Jiang An narrowed his eyes and smirked. “If you don’t resist, you won’t be able to see anything in the arena later.”

At present, the Snowwolf King was still recovering its stamina and waiting to use Snow Mist the fourth time.

Once the Snowwolf King succeeded, there would be nowhere safe in the arena.

At that time, Whitey would completely fall into the enemy’s trap.

“Indeed. Then I shall not let you unleash the fourth Snow Mist.” Su Bai nodded.

“Oh? Do you think you can do that?!” Jiang An laughed out loud and asked.

Su Bai looked at the arena and kept himself calm.

Whitey had an Epic talent, Extrasensory, so it did not have to worry about being attacked by the Snowwolf King in the snow mist.

Jiang An’s goal was about to be accomplished, and Su Bai had deliberately let things reach this stage, and then turned the tables!

“Whitey, use Copycat!” Su Bai said indifferently.

After receiving the order, Whitey immediately use Lock Skill stored in the Copycat’s slot.

At the same time, the Snowwolf King had already rested. Following Jiang An’s instructions, it came to a corner of the snow mist and prepared to unleash Snow Mist the fourth time.

“What’s wrong, Snowwolf King?” Seeing that the Snowwolf King did not unleash Snow Mist for a long time, Jiang An asked. “Hurry up and use Snow Mist. Don’t waste time!”

The Snowwolf King howled in grievance. It was not that it was disobeying orders, but the energy in its body had been sealed. It could no longer use its skills!

“How is that possible?!” Jiang An was shocked, and his expression changed drastically.

Jiang An wasn’t a newbie Beastmaster. He could tell at a glance that this was a counter-skill similar to a sealing effect.

“What’s wrong? I thought you were going to cover the whole arena with snow mist? Why did you stop?” Su Bai asked with a smile.

“You’re good. I’ll give you that.” Jiang An’s face darkened. He said coldly, “Even without the snow mist, I can still take down that little spider of yours. Snowwolf King, attack!”

As soon as Jiang An finished speaking, the Snowwolf King pounced on Whitey.

Without the buffs of its skills, the Snowwolf King could not use attacks such as the Ice Claw.

However, relying on its powerful physique, the Snowwolf King could also cause considerable damage to a small Beast like Whitey.

After all, it was clear from the start that Whitey lacked Bearen’s defensive abilities.

“Just in time. Whitey, let’s finish the battle.” Su Bai smiled.

With Whitey’s strength, it was effortless to deal with the Snowwolf King.

The pupils of the audience constricted suddenly, unable to believe what was happening in front of them.

The Snowwolf King suddenly appeared from the snow mist and bit Whitey in its mouth! Blood flowed out from between its sharp teeth.

However, it was not Whitey’s blood, but the Snowwolf King’s!

Whitey used its sharp legs to cut off a few of the Snowwolf King’s teeth. After it rushed out, it kicked the Snowwolf King again.

The Snowwolf King found it difficult to defend against the powerful attack. It had lost the support of its skills.

The Snowwolf King was unable to fight back and was covered in injuries.

“Interesting!” Jiang An exclaimed.

When Jiang An saw this scene, not only was he not angry, but he even laughed crazily and said, “As expected of a genius who could come to the 19th floor without a hitch. This is very interesting!”

Su Bai raised his eyebrows.

“It doesn’t matter. I don’t care about a Beast who failed me.”

Jiang An, cold and merciless, had accepted defeat. He was now more interested in Su Bai. He stated, “I’ve underestimated you this time, but I’ll be waiting for you on the 21st floor the next time. Don’t even consider fleeing.”

After saying that, Jiang An turned around and left. He left behind the Snowwolf King, who was on the verge of death.

The Beastmasters present all cursed Jiang An for being heartless! He actually ignored his Beast.

Xu Qingshan was relieved to see Su Bai win.

The referee announced, “The match is over, and the winner is the arena master, Su Bai!”

The dying Snowwolf King was carried away by the staff and would be returned to Jiang An.

However, that was not enough to appease everyone’s anger.

Everyone was a Beastmaster and there was nothing much to say how much they felt for their Beasts. They were naturally filled with righteous indignation after witnessing Jiang An’s indifference.

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