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Chapter 2

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The Top-Grade Beast Egg

A youngster walked before a Beast egg and touched it with his finger.

“Ouch… Something poked me?!” The youngster said in surprise.

“This is a sign of low affinity.” the director walked to the youngster’s side. He explained to everyone with a smile, “Affinity is a very simple and mysterious thing. Some Beasts can sense your talent and obey you.

“Others recognized your strength through the Beast egg.

“Some are completely unpredictable. So, it all depends on your fate!”

None of the youngsters were official Beastmasters yet, and they needed to be stronger.

Therefore, the youngsters could only rely on their talent or fate.

The Beasts’ levels were categorized into Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and so on.

Each level was further sub-categorized into Lower 1-3, Mid 4-6, Upper 7-9, and High-10.

It was the same for the Beastmaster’s level.

Since everyone was new to being a Beastmaster, their first Beast had to be treated cautiously.

This was because the Beasts had a limit to their potential growth value.

The higher the Beasts’ potential, the easier it would be to raise.

If the Beast’s potential was low, it was challenging to raise and required several or even dozens of times more resources for its potential.

It was an utterly thankless effort.

That was why no one dared to choose the eggs that had yet to be appraised. Instead, they decided on the Beast eggs in the appraised area.

The Beast eggs in the warehouse were dazzling.

Su Bai wandered around and found that the system could help him see the information panel of the appraised Beast egg.

Name: Aquaguar Egg

Lineage: None

Stage: Mid Bronze

Talent: Starter Aqua-type (Normal)

Element: Water, Mammal

Nature: Timid

Affinity: 100

Without the help of the system interface, all Su Bai could see were question marks, and only the name was displayed.

At the same time, compared to the Beast egg that had been appraised, the interface given by the system also showed its personality and talent.

Ordinary appraisers could only see the stages and elements.

It had to be said the system had brought Su Bai so much convenience.

‘But… Isn’t this affinity a little off? Why is it at 100?’ Su Bai wondered.

Su Bai narrowed his eyes and looked at another Beast egg.

On the interface, it shows… 100 affinity!

“What the heck?!” said Su Bai as his eyes widened.

‘Incredible! The system can tell the affinity of the eggs.’ Su Bai thought.

There were more than 2,000 Beast eggs in the warehouse that had been appraised. They were all arranged in one area, and all the students except Su Bai were picking from them.

More than 10,000 eggs had yet to be appraised in the other areas.

They were the last batch of students to complete their awakening, so they were also the last batch to enter the warehouse.

Therefore, the Beast eggs appraised in the warehouse were all at the Iron level.

Only one Bronze level could be found.

After all, they had all been taken by the people before them.

But Su Bai didn’t worry at all. He was at an advantage as he could see each Beast egg’s information.

Thus, Su Bai headed straight to the unappraised area and began to check the Beast eggs one after another.

“Look, there’s an idiot over there.”

A youngster saw this and immediately laughed with the people around him.

“There are idiots like that every year, and in the end, they worked for nothing.”

“That’s right. Does Su Bai really think he’s the chosen one? I hope he doesn’t run home crying if he gets a Weederpillar later.”

“Hahaha, that might happen.”

Everyone immediately broke out in laughter.

The Weederpillars they talked about were the weakest and the most numerous Beasts.

The Weederpillars highest potential value was only Lower-3 Iron.

When the appraisers found the Weederpillars, they would be directly cast aside.

“Huh?” the director also noticed Su Bai’s figure and frowned.

The director had already explained the situation clearly.

There were still students who dared to choose an unappraised Beast egg.

However, the director was only a guide. He had no reason or responsibility to interfere with the student’s choice.

the director had received news a few days ago that the academy had obtained an Upper Platinum Beast egg this year, which was placed in the warehouse.

The academy did not disclose this matter, and the director would not tell the students either.

After all, an Upper Platinum Beast egg could make countless people go crazy and make stupid choices.

Time passed by.

After the students found the Beast eggs they wanted, they left the warehouse and waited at the entrance.

The night had covered the sky.

Everyone was finally impatient. The students held the Beast egg in their hands with tense faces.

Everyone was waiting there except for one person.

It was Su Bai, who was still wandering around the warehouse.

“How much longer does he have to choose? Is that kid dumb or what?” A teenager finally couldn’t help but complain, “It’s already been almost two hours. Does he still have to look through every single Beast egg? ”

“I’m guessing he might be… lack of affinity?” Someone guessed.

That youngster said that because he had been rejected more than 30 times in the appraised eggs area before he finally picked a Beast egg.

For that reason, he was even given the title of a hateful kid.

“Who cares what his reason is? If he makes us wait any longer, I’ll go and drag him out!” An irascible teenager said in a bad mood.

“Sir, please go and talk to that guy. Is he going to let us wait until tomorrow?”

“Let’s not waste any more time. We still have to form the pact.”

“That’s right,”

The continuous complaints caused everyone to become restless.

“I’ll go take a look. Wait here, all of you,” the director said sullenly.

In the warehouse, Su Bai was holding a Beast egg with white and blue colors and was carefully examining it.

Su Bai spent two hours checking all the unappraised Beast eggs in the warehouse.

Finally, Su Bai found a Beast egg with the highest potential.

Name: Bearen egg

Lineage: Bear

Potential: Upper Platinum

Talent: Thunderstorm (Outstanding)

Element: Electric

Nature: Combative

Affinity: 100

The Beast has an Upper Platinum potential value, plus a combative nature!

It comes with an outstanding Thunderstorm talent.

Talents were divided into six levels: Normal, Great, Outstanding, Epic, Legendary, and Mythical.

Not only was the Bearen egg the one with the highest potential value in the warehouse, but even its innate talent was also one of the best.

After checking more than 10,000 Beast eggs, Su Bai didn’t even see a few with outstanding talent.

That proved Beasts with outstanding talents were rare.

At that moment, the director strode over and asked with an affronted tone, “Su Bai, have you made up your mind yet?”

“I’ve made my choice, sir. This one.”

Su Bai replied with satisfaction while holding the Bearen egg.

Hearing that, the director finally heaved a sigh of relief. If this dragged on, he would not be able to explain it to the students outside.

The two of them left the warehouse.

But when Su Bai came out, he found that everyone was looking at him with unfriendly eyes.

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