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Chapter 200: 200 The Golden Dragon Hatchling

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200 The Golden Dragon Hatchling

The pillar of light was translucent, and the markings on its surface seemed to be some kind of spell.

And what truly shocked everyone present was a Beast wrapped inside. It was a dragon hatchling!

The hatchling had a slender body covered in dim golden scales, and the tender horns on its head were still very short. No matter how one looked at it, it was a characteristic of a dragon!

“Fortune smiles upon us!”

“I can’t believe there’s a dragon hatchling here. Who was the original owner of this place?”

“This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!”

“From the looks of it, the bloodline of this dragon Beast is extremely pure!”

Everyone surrounded the pillar of light in excitement.

Su Bai was shocked. He didn’t expect the narrow passage he and his group passed through was not the entrance to the labyrinth ruins’ second level. Instead, they came to a dragon hatchling’s nest.

Su Bai carefully inspected the surroundings and found that there was nothing. However, he noticed that the walls were made of hard metal.

Su Bai was familiar with that metal. It was extremely rare, and its value could be measured in grams!

If the news of the pure-blood dragon was made public, it would shock the entire human race!

Su Bai took two steps back with Bing Qingqing and stared at the dozen Beastmasters in front of him.

“What should we do?” Bing Qingqing asked as her eyes lit up.

A dragon hatchling was an irresistible temptation to any Beastmaster. It was enough to break the harmony of the team at that moment.

“Let’s wait and see,” said Su Bai.

“Understood!” said Bing Qingqing.

The Su Bai and Bing Qingqing kept their distance. At the same time, the Beastmasters in front of them started arguing, as expected.

“Everyone discovered the hatchling together. Why should you be the one who makes the pact first?”

“Then what do you think we should do?”

“I suggest that since we discovered it together, why don’t we do this?” A Beastmaster stood up and said, “No matter who tries to make the pact, there will certainly be people who won’t be convinced. In that case, we might as well decide by bidding!”

“Good idea!”

“I disagree!”

The people who were originally friendly on the surface have now erupted into a fierce debate.

Su Bai was not surprised at all. After all, this was about a dragon hatchling. It was beyond Su Bai’s expectation that they were still holding back from fighting.

The dozen or so Beastmasters were fighting over the hatchling until their faces turned red. There were even people who suggested comparing their strengths. A fight to decide, whoever won to keep the dragon hatchling.

“Everyone, calm down. Don’t act rashly!” said one of the Beastmasters.

Fortunately, there were still calm Beastmasters who stopped them in time. Otherwise, the place would probably become lively.

Sensing the intense atmosphere, the Beastmasters’ respective Beasts were affected. They bared their sharp fangs and prepared to fight at any time.

Suddenly, someone’s expression changed, and said, “Guys, look at the hatchling!”

“Don’t change the topic. I want to… f*ck!”

“What a pity. This hatchling has no way of leaving this pillar of light alive.”

After everyone checked the condition of the dragon hatchling, they shook their heads and sighed.

Su Bai took this opportunity to check the dragon hatchling’s condition with the system.

Name: Golden Dragon

Stage: Juvenile

Level: Lower-1 Iron

Potential: Lower-1 Iron

Talent: Dragon Aura (Normal)

Element: Metal

Nature: Stubborn

Skills: Golden Physique (F-Level), Dragon Slither (F-Level)

After a glance, Su Bai’s face turned solemn. He found it difficult to believe that the Golden Dragon’s potential was only at the Lower-1 Iron level. It didn’t sound logical.

The lowest potential of a normal Beast was at least Mid-Iron level. A Beast with such a low level did not exist in this world.

There was only one reason for that. The Golden Dragon was born too weak and was destined to die young. It was still alive because it was inseparable from the pillar of light.

As long as the dragon hatchling left the light pillar, it would die in no time!

“What a pity…”

The crowd, who had been arguing until their faces were red, could only shake their heads and sigh at Golden Dragon’s tragedy.

The Golden Dragon’s skills, talent, and potential were a ridiculously poor existence.

There was no reason for the crowd to continue arguing.

“Its existence itself is a form of torture. Why would the owner of the ruins forcefully spare its life?”

“Who knows? Anyway, making the pact is hopeless now.”

“Yeah, it’s already so pitiful. We should forget about it and let it be.”

No matter how one looked at it, the Golden Dragon was useless.

The weakest talent and potential meant that the dragon bloodline contained in its body was already so thin that it was inferior to the Beasts of the other dragon species.

Even using it as an alchemy material was despised by others. Such a young hatchling did not even have a Beast-core in its body.

The only thing worth using was perhaps to make a specimen and use it as a rare ornament. However, the Beastmasters present felt that they were still people with a bottom line and wouldn’t do such a despicable thing.

The dragons were a sacred and inviolable existence no matter what. If one turns its hatchling into a specimen, retribution would befall on that person.

“Since this isn’t the entrance to the second floor, we won’t stay here any longer. Goodbye.”

“There’s no need to stay here. Let’s go.”

“What a pity. I thought there would be a great opportunity. How boring.”

Many Beastmasters had already left in large strides, giving up on the Golden Dragon.

When the last three Beastmasters were about to leave, they found that Su Bai and Bing Qingqing had no intention of leaving. The Beastmasters immediately stopped them, “Don’t think too much. This Golden Dragon doesn’t even have the strength to stand anymore.”

“Don’t worry. This is only the first time we’ve seen a dragon, so we want to have a look at it more.”


The three Beastmasters immediately left with their hearts at ease. Only Su Bai and Bing Qingqing were left at the scene.

“What a pity,” said Bing Qingqing.

Bing Qingqing stepped forward and looked at the weak Golden Dragon. She said, “I didn’t expect a dragon to be in such a situation.”


Just then, Su Bai walked up and knocked on the surface of the light pillar. As he suspected, the light pillar was unusually hard. It was constructed and materialized from spiritual power.

Su Bai couldn’t imagine the strength of the owner of the light pillar.

It was obvious why that group of people did not make a move because it was difficult to shatter the light pillar from the outside.

However, the Golden Dragon could open the light pillar on its own from the inside.

If one wished to obtain the Golden Dragon, one had to make a pact with it and order it to open the light pillar itself.

“Should we go? Or keep it and let it wait for the person who can save its life to appear?” Bing Qingqing asked reluctantly.

After all, this was a dragon. If it had the chance to become Su Bai’s Beast, it would not leave easily unless it reached this point.

“There’s no rush. I’ll try to communicate with it,” said Su Bai.

“Huh?” Bing Qingqing was shocked by Su Bai’s words.

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