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Chapter 21

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A Luxurious Hot Pot Meal

“Damn… This guy is heaven-defying!”

“One, two, three, four… There should be at least 60 to 70 Ratasaws in this pile!”

“How did he do it alone?!”

“Impossible! That’s impossible!”

“When I was a freshman, I only killed one Beast on the third day. This guy can fight like dozens of me on his first day!”

The students’ eyes were shaking, and they couldn’t believe what they saw.

Even more shocking was the completeness of the extracted Beast core, which had given the sophomores a good beating.

It was done professionally.

Until now, many sophomores still brought back corpses and let the teachers who specialized in dealing with corpses dissect them.

The handling fee was also quite expensive.

It was simply outrageous!

Even Li Heng, who had seen many things, was dumbfounded as he looked at the glittering Beast cores.

“Start counting immediately,” Li Heng said after a long while.

Several students and Li Heng started to get busy, focusing on Su Bai’s spoils.

The scene even alarmed the Beastmasters in the base.

“It’s the first time I’ve seen someone this capable on their first day.”

A certain Beastmaster with a Braveagle on his shoulder asked, “Gu, what’s the background of that guy?”

Gu, whom the other Beastmaster was asking about, was the Beastmaster in charge of keeping an eye on Su Bai’s safety.

However, Gu himself was in a state of confusion.

His Beast, Darkboa, could appear anywhere without a sound and even control low-level snakes.

So Gu asked Darkboa to keep an eye on Su Bai.

If Su Bai didn’t go too deep into the Wilderness or run into danger, Darkboa wouldn’t alert the Beastmasters to take action.

Gu was lazily reading a beauty magazine not far away.

“You’re not slacking off again, right?” The Beastmaster smiled, and his eyes narrowed, “If the boss finds out, you’ll be in trouble.”

Gu immediately coughed a few times and muttered in a low voice, “Ahem, there’s no need to alarm the boss. Besides, don’t you trust my Darkboa? ”

On the other hand, counting the items took a while before it was finally done.

“Counting complete. 78 Ratasaw corpses for 117 points!”

“I’m done here too. 61 Beast cores for 305 points!”

Adding them together, Su Bai had a total of 422 points!

It shocked all the teachers and students present.

They couldn’t believe that was the number of points a freshman could get on his first day. It was ridiculous!

“This is your card with the points inside.” Li Heng passed the card to Su Bai and said, “No wonder you were recommended by the principal to come here for training. It seems that I have underestimated you.”

“Many thanks, Mr. Li,” said Su Bai. He took the card and couldn’t wait to buy food at the supermarket.

After a day of fighting and running around, Su Bai was already famished.

The students choosing their dinner in the supermarket didn’t know about this. They were all dumbfounded when Su Bai entered the supermarket and bought a luxurious hotpot set meal worth 200 points.

“What’s the freshman doing? Does he even have points to eat so luxuriously?”

“He definitely didn’t look at the price.”

“Brother, do you have that many points?”

Someone kindly went up to remind Su Bai.


“Thank you. You have spent 200 points, and you have 222 points left!”

However, after Su Bai successfully swiped the card, the sound of the machine made that person dumbfounded.

The other students present were all shocked.

‘He really had that many points!’ the students thought.

“The luxurious hotpot set will be delivered to your room later. If there’s anything else, you can call for me,” said the waiter respectfully.

As expected of a luxurious hotpot set meal, even the service provided was better than other students.

Su Bai went back to his dormitory and took a shower.

The waiter had already brought the hotpot to Su Bai’s room for a while.

There were also plates of fresh mutton, beef tripes, hand-beaten beef, and various other ingredients.

The alluring aroma of the hotpot wafted out from the window.

It made the sophomores drool all over the floor.

It was only the first day, and the most points the sophomores had were enough to exchange for instant noodles. The slightly better ones were lunch boxes.

In the end, the sophomores looked at the freshman next door and saw that he was already eating hot pot!

Everyone was filled with envy and jealousy.

Su Bai was eating the meat in big mouthfuls in the room while Bearen was absorbing electrical energy by the socket.


“I’m so full,” said Su Bai.

After a full meal, Su Bai walked out of the room for fresh air.

As Su Bai walked out, he found several sophomores sitting outside his room. They were using the aroma of the hot pot to eat their food.

When the sophomores saw Su Bai come out, they scratched their heads in embarrassment and could only smile awkwardly.

“Brother, the air here is good. You don’t mind, right?”

“Cough, cough … The weather is pretty good tonight.”

“What excuse are you looking for? I’m just here to borrow the fragrance of the hot pot to eat my meal!”

Just then, a slick figure came to Su Bai.

“Nice work, freshman,” said Liu Yiyi.

Liu Yiyi squinted her eyes and chuckled, “It’s only the first day, and you’ve already surprised everyone.”

Su Bai had a good impression of Liu Yiyi.

After all, not every sophomore would have the courage to accept a freshman into the team except for Liu Yiyi.

“Are you interested in eating hot pot?” Su Bai asked with a smile.

The luxurious hotpot set meal was meant for eight people.

Su Bai couldn’t finish it all by himself, and there was still a lot of meat and vegetables left.

“Hotpot… It is indeed very fragrant.” Liu Yiyi pursed her lips and was a little shy.

Liu Yiyi’s team was also scouting around for today, and they didn’t gain many points.

She could only eat vegetarian lunch boxes to fill her stomach.

But who wouldn’t want to eat meat if they could?

After some internal struggle, Liu Yiyi could not resist the temptation of meat and entered the room to gobble up the meat.

As Liu Yiyi ate, she said, “I’m not here to freeload off you. Freshman, you don’t have a team yet, right? Why don’t you join my team? I’ll definitely look after you.”

Su Bai had also thought about that.

Today, they were mainly fighting around the encampment. The Ratasaws were of a low level, and their intelligence was not high.

If it was a slightly more agile Beast, it would have hidden when it felt the pressure of Bearen.

Therefore, the process was straightforward.

But if Su Bai wanted to go deep into the Wilderness, it would be very dangerous for him to fight alone.

Therefore, a qualified team was essential.

“I’m also looking for a team. If you don’t mind, I’m willing to join.” Su Bai nodded.

Seeing Su Bai agree, Liu Yiyi was naturally overjoyed.

“Then gather here at 6 am tomorrow!”

After that, Liu Yiyi swept away all the remaining food.

Su Bai was dumbfounded.

Liu Yiyi, with a slender figure, was actually a big eater.

In the end, Liu Yiyi left the room with a full stomach. She had a great time eating.

Su Bai turned off the lights and slept after he sent her off.

The next day, at dawn.

Su Bai woke up and found that Bearen had broken through to the Upper-7 Iron level.

After yesterday’s training, Bearen was already short of dozens of experience points. After a night of absorbing electrical energy, it had just leveled up.

The number of experience points required for the Upper level was three times that of the previous one. It now needed 600 experience points.

Bearen’s strength had also been greatly improved.

Such a terrifying speed of leveling up was truly too frightening!

At the same time, the power feedback to Su Bai was also stronger.

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