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Chapter 214: 214 Harvesting the Soldier Demon Ants Frenziedly

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214 Harvesting the Soldier Demon Ants Frenziedly

It was very clear how abnormal spiritual-type Beasts were, but at the same time, the burden they brought was also extremely great.

The burden of a normal spiritual-type Beast would at most allow the Beastmaster to last for half an hour. One would be exhausted in an hour under high intensity.

Moreover, because of the different strengths of the Beasts, the coverage range of the spiritual energy was different. Within a meter to twenty meters was not an exaggeration.

But Su Bai had killed four to five hundred Beasts in an hour! It was equivalent to the number of kills of at least ten ordinary Beastmaster teams!

Outrageous was the word in Ma Tianlun’s mind! He rolled his eyes and said, “Damn, now I felt embarrassed because you had outdone me.”

“Tianlun, you mean…”

“Su Bai, how many Beasts do you think are left here?”

“Not much, and it will get less and less.”

“That’s right. If you continue to stay here for two hours, won’t you kill all the Beasts in this place?”


Su Bai chuckled.

The rule was that Spiritualist Beastmasters could stay for three hours, so there were still two hours left.

Ma Tianlun could not change the rules for Su Bai.

But if Ma Tianlun left Su Bai alone, the other Beastmasters sensed that they would soon have objections.

Instantly, Ma Tianlun felt a headache. He couldn’t help but sigh at how troublesome it was to be the keeper of order.

If not for the fact that Su Bai was one of the first Beastmasters to discover the core of the second level, Ma Tianlun wouldn’t have bothered with it.

Su Bai could sense it with his spiritual power. His existence seemed to be causing Ma Tianlun a lot of trouble.

Just as Su Bai was about to suggest a perfect solution, he suddenly sensed a commotion coming from underground.

‘A hundred… No, there were at least 600 Beasts rushing towards the ground.’ Su Bai thought.

“Tianlun, I have an idea!” Su Bai’s eyes flashed and he said.

“Oh? Tell me. ”

“I’m sorry to have taken up so many resources. Why don’t we reduce the original three hours to two hours?”

“This isn’t fair to you. I, Ma Tianlun, will not be reduced to bullying an underclassman,” Ma Tianlun said solemnly.

“It’s fine. I’ve already gained a lot this time. I’m already satisfied.”


“Don’t worry, Tianlun. I have no complaints.”

“Alright then.” Ma Tianlun sighed. He said, “Xu Qingshan really has good taste. Since you are so generous, I will not be stingy. You can keep these.”

Ma Tianlun took out three Thunder Beast-cores from his Beast Space. He wanted to compensate Su Bai. After all, Su Bai’s Bearen was a thunder-type Beast.

But Su Bai immediately took a step back and said, “Tianlun, I appreciate your kindness. Please forgive me if I offend you in the future.”

“Hahaha, of course I will!”

“Then, I’ll take my leave now.”

Then, Su Bai immediately went straight to the exact location of the hundreds of Beasts.

There were close to a thousand of the Beasts, and they would be the focus of the entire arena.

Now, as long as Dream Wing used its full strength, it could cover a range of 500 meters with its spiritual energy, sensing every move of the Beasts and Beastmasters within.

The scale of the second level core was huge. There were definitely no less than 10,000 Beasts here.

Since Su Bai couldn’t stay for too long, it wouldn’t be too late to leave after he finished the large number of Beasts.

Su Bai found Bing Qingqing and asked her to go with him. The two of them immediately arrived at a desolate land. The Beasts here had long been hunted down, and there was no target at all.

“Where are the Beasts you mentioned?” Bing Qingqing asked as she blinked and looked around.

“Don’t worry,” said Su Bai. He carefully sensed the movement under the floor.

At the same time, Su Bai had already looked up the information about the Beasts.

Name: Soldier Demon Ant

Level: Upper-7 Silver

Potential: Lower-Gold

Talent: Death Charge (Normal)

Element: Earth

Nature: Neutral

Skills: Bite (B-Level), Sever (C-Level), Raging Heart (C-Level)

“Close to 1,300 Soldier Demon Ants.”

The information that Su Bai’s spiritual energy was getting was beyond Su Bai’s expectation.

Most of these Soldier Demon Ants were at the Mid-Silver level, and some were at the Upper-Silver level.

Su Bai predicted that the current location was the place where the Soldier Demon Ants broke through the soil, and then he would take action.

“Dream Wing, activate the Mirror of Illusion!”

“Yes, master!”

Dream Wing floated in the air and instantly erected an illusion domain, enveloping the area. The place could be considered as a marked territory.

Bing Qingqing, who was in the illusion domain, didn’t notice it yet. She looked around with confusion.

“Here they come!”




Bing Qingqing was shocked. She saw the soil in front of her suddenly burst open, and dense Soldier Demon Ants rushed out.

The Soldier Demon Ant was about the size of an ordinary mouse.

Not to mention Bing Qingqing, even Su Bai felt terrified.

“Bearen, use Thunderfury!”



The AoE skill crashed into the ground. The Soldier Demon Ants could not withstand it at all, and they died in groups.


Bearen has killed a Mid-Silver level Soldier Demon Ant and gained 680 experience points!


Bearen has killed a Mid-Silver level Soldier Demon Ant and gained 680 experience points!


Bearen has killed an Upper-Silver level Soldier Demon Ant and gained 1,320 experience points!

Suddenly, Su Bai heard a series of notifications in his head!

The experience points Bearen gained were many. The Thunderfury skill has eliminated thirty to forty Soldier Demon Ants, but it was far from enough. More Soldier Demon Ants flooded out like a disaster.

“That is too much!” Bing Qingqing almost couldn’t breathe when she saw the dense Soldier Demon Ants.

However, Bearen had already activated its Lightning Armor. It rushed towards the Soldier Demon Ants and began to harvest crazily.

At the same time, Whitey followed suit.

“What are you waiting for? If you miss this, there might not be a next time.” Su Bai chuckled.

“Glacy, Firebird, attack!”

After forcing herself to calm down, Bing Qingqing immediately commanded her Beasts to bombard the Soldier Demon Ants.

The dense Soldier Demon Ants dyed the ground black.

Su Bai had a headache listening to the sound of the notifications. It was too noisy.

“Hey System, please mute it.”


Silent mode is on.

Su Bai finally felt comfortable. He looked at the battlefield ahead and felt an indescribable joy.

These 1,000 Soldier Demon Ants would at least yield close to 100 Elemental Beast-cores.

‘Time to get to work.’ Su Bai thought. He took out his Ice Dagger and began to frantically extract the Beast-cores.

As for Bing Qingqing, she was too embarrassed to just stand there and do nothing, so she started to move the dead Soldier Demon Ants over to save Su Bai the time of running back and forth.

The two worked together cooperatively and the work seemed tireless.

Su Bai extracted the Beast-cores one by one. Although they were smaller than the ordinary Beast-cores, their value was the same.

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