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Chapter 24

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Lightning Armor, an A-level Skill

The team’s cohesion was again displayed with Liu Yiyi’s order.

They kept breaking through the Wilderfangs and pushing towards the center, led by Su Bai.


Bearen moved freely while controlling its electric power.

The Wilderfangs that rushed forward did not have any room to resist at all. They were sent flying and fell heavily to the ground.

Bearen’s current state was invincible.

At the same time, the rest of the team was also shocked.

“Why do I feel like … We are moving even smoother than before.”

“It’s not just that. It’s also much faster.”

“What is Su Bai’s background? His Beast is even scarier. It could kill a Wilderfang with one slap.

“Bearen is at least Mid-6 Iron level!”

When the team’s vanguard was overpowered, the pressure on the entire team was suddenly reduced.

Liu Yiyi got even more interested in Su Bai.

At first, they just wanted to accept a freshman into the team because he was alone and helpless among the sophomores.

However, the next day, everyone was dumbfounded.

Now, that same freshman had even displayed the same level of strength as them, or even stronger.

Bearen, who had gone all out, led the entire team and charged forward.

They did not take long to charge into the encirclement and arrive in front of the mutated Wilderfang.

Su Bai immediately opened the mutated Wilderfang’s information panel.

Name: Wilderfang (mutated)

Potential: Upper Bronze

Level: High-10 Iron

Nature: Bloodthirsty, Calm

Talent: Starter Electric-type (mutated)

Skills: Quick Attack (C-level), Fury (B-level), Lightning Armor (F-level)

The mutated Wilderfang’s level had reached the peak of the Iron level, and it was mighty.

But the strange thing was the mutated Wilderfang had the lowest F-level skill.

Normally, the higher a Beast’s potential, the higher the initial skill level.

An Upper Bronze level Beast in the entire Wilderness was already considered to have high potential.

“So that’s how it is.” Su Bai squinted his eyes. He was clear about the situation.

The mutated Wilderfang was not injured because it was fighting with other Beasts.

It was because it had failed to break through to the Bronze level and mutated in the process.

As for the newly acquired skill, it was probably the backlash from failing to break through and causing it to be seriously injured.

Even the level of its newly acquired talents and skills had plummeted.

“Bearen, put on the Thundergod Bracers.”

Su Bai put on Bearen with the equipment he had bought from his Beast Space.

The mutated Wilderfang was heavily injured, but its strength was still not to be underestimated.


Bearen had equipped with the Thundergod Bracers and roared at the sky.

It felt the enhancement in its strength, and it couldn’t wait to fight the mutated Wilderfang.

“Yiyi, you’re in charge of clearing the surrounding Wilderfangs. Try to keep them away from me so that I can battle one on one with the mutated Wilderfang,” Su Bai said to his team members.

After saying that, Su Bai led Bearen and charged toward the mutated Wilderfang.

‘When did you become the captain?’ Everyone was puzzled.

Everyone had no time to be distracted because they were in the middle of the pressure.

Since Liu Yiyi didn’t object, she started to deal with the Wilderfangs as Su Bai had instructed.

The mutated Wilderfang was two times larger than Bearen.

It was just that its exhausted and disheveled expression made it feel sick.


Bearen brandished the Thundergod Bracers and rushed in front of it.

As the electric claws approached, the mutated Wilderfang dodged the attack with a jump and pounced forward with its claws.

Even though the mutated Wilderfang was heavily injured, the ruthlessness in its eyes was still clear.

“What a terrifying pressure,” said Su Bai while he observed the situation calmly.

And this was when the mutated Wilderfang was heavily injured. Bearen would not be a match for it if it was at its peak.


The combative Bearen was not to be outdone, and it charged with its sharp claws.

At the same time, Bearen used Lightning Strike.

A thunderous shrill resounded throughout the entire area and landed precisely on the mutated Wilderfang’s body.

Bearen seemed well-behaved, but it attacked the mutated Wilderfang’s injury unexpectedly.

Unable to Dodge in time, the mutated Wilderfang could only take the blow head-on.

At the same time, the mutated Wilderfang was confident because its level was three times higher than that of Bearen!


Unfortunately, the mutated Wilderfang underestimated Bearen and its Superior-Blue grade Thundergod Bracers.

The stored electrical energy poured out at that moment.

The glittering electrical energy wrapped around the mutated Wilderfang, making its body stiff and unable to break free. It immediately became the brightest cub in the entire scene.

“What the hell is this?!”

Not far away, Liu Yiyi’s eyes widened in disbelief at what she saw.

“How could Su Bai’s Bearen be so terrifying?!”

“So this is our freshman this year… Why do I feel like he’s stronger than all of us?”

“I agree.”

“I’ve already identified it. This mutated Wilderfang is at a High-10 Iron level!” one of the students said.

For the others, it was more challenging than Su Bai to know the level of a Beast.

They had to use a unique Beastmaster Talisman and wait for the test to get the results.

The higher the level of the Beast, the longer the waiting time.

And the information was usually incomplete.

“Damn, are you certain about it?!”

Everyone was so shocked that they could not show their faces.

That was a High-10 Iron level mutated Beast!

Even though the mutated Wilderfang was seriously injured, beating them up was like child’s play.

But now, Su Bai could easily control the mutated Wilderfang with electrical energy and couldn’t move at all. It was at their mercy.

At that moment, Bearen used one of its palms equipped with a Thundergod Bracer to release electrical energy to control the mutated Wilderfang. While the other palm hit the mutated Wilderfang on the head.

The mutated Wilderfang completely lost its ability to resist the powerful force.


Bearen has killed a High Iron level mutated Wilderfang. It gained 130 experience points!


Bearen has learned a new skill, Lightning Armor (A-level)!

Su Bai was a little surprised when he heard the system’s notification.

It was normal to kill the mutated Wilderfang. After all, it was heavily injured, and Bearen was not weak.

Not to mention, there was also the Thundergod Bracers, which was a piece of equipment that was worth a million.

Su Bai had the right time and the right chance.

The pleasant surprise was that Bearen had learned a new skill, which was an A-level skill!

Lightning Armor (A-level): Form armor with electrical energy covering the entire body, significantly increasing defense and damage reflection effect.

“What the f*ck?!”

The new skill was so crazy that even Su Bai couldn’t help but swear.

Not only did the skill increase Bearen’s defense, but it also had a damage reflection effect. This would be the same as standing still and waiting for the other party to attack got killed in return.

‘Awesome!’ Su Bai thought.


At the same time, the surrounding Wilderfangs began to retreat immediately after the death of the mutated Wilderfang.

That was the most terrifying aspect of the Wilderfangs.

Although they weren’t strong, they had a certain level of intelligence and knew how to give and take.

The team members were suddenly relieved. They looked at Su Bai with surprise almost at the same time and asked, “You’re here to trick us, aren’t you?”

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