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Chapter 241: 241 The Assigned Mission

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241 The Assigned Mission

When the other Beastmasters saw that, their grief and indignation instantly changed. They only wanted to send this big shot away as soon as possible.

If Su Bai continued to stay, all the Savage Crocs in the middle of the Clear River were about to be wiped out!

However, a Great Roc appeared in the sky and landed in everyone’s astonishment at that moment.

“Su Bai!”

The approaching Beastmaster was of Ma Tianlun’s team, Mu Shuai.

“I’ve been looking for you for a long time, but I didn’t see you. I didn’t expect you to be here.”

“Mu Shuai, is there something you need me for?”

“Hurry up and pack your things. You’ve been assigned to a mission and it isn’t simple. The rewards after completing it are quite a lot.” Mu Shuai laughed.

“What mission?” Su Bai asked.

Su Bai had only heard that those designated missions would only be assigned to A-level teams and B-level teams would not have a chance.

“We’ll talk after you get up,” said Mu Shuai.

“Alright!” Su Bai said.

Su Bai sat on the Great Roc’s back. Golden Dragon was reluctant to part with Clear River for quite a while before returning to Su Bai’s side.

“Hey, your little Bearen is not bad. So you’re here to level up this little guy,” Mu Shuai laughed.

“You could say that.” Su Bai shrugged and recalled the Golden Dragon back to the Second Heaven.

Following that, the Great Roc spread its wings and soared up, leaving behind a group of Beastmasters who were crying with joy.

According to Mu Shuai, the designated mission this time was still unknown, but it could be guaranteed to be an A-level mission!

“Why me?” Su Bai asked.

“How would I know? To be honest, I’m quite curious too, but you’ll have to ask Captain Ma for the details,” said Mu Shuai with a wry smile.

The Great Roc flew very quickly and soon arrived at the lower reaches of the Clear River. It brought Bing Qingqing and An Mengyun along.

Those two were feeling the same way as the Golden Dragon. They were not eager to part with the Savage Crocs that they had yet to kill.

The Great Roc was flying at an extremely fast speed, but what greeted it was a slight breeze.

Su Bai yearned to have a flying-type Beast. Now, the Golden Dragon had the potential to do so.

After this period of continuous growth, the Golden Dragon’s body was already much larger than before. It was 1.7 meters long and was different from before.

Its previous appearance was not much bigger than the little Green Snake.

Soon, the Great Roc landed at the city gate of the Great Wilderness City. Due to the rules, flying-type Beasts were not allowed to enter directly.

When Su Bai and the others got off the Great Roc, two luxury cars had been waiting for a long time.

“Was it that urgent?” Su Bai raised his eyebrows.

“That’s right. Hurry up.” Mu Shuai opened the door and sat in the driver’s seat.

After Su Bai, Bing Qingqing and An Mengyun got in the car, they arrived at the governor’s mansion after a ten-minute journey.

“Back to your house?” Su Bai looked at An Mengyun and joked. “I’m afraid the mission will be a bit tricky. You should stay at home for the time being.”

An Mengyun instantly deflated like a balloon. But she knew that the battle Su Bai and Bing Qingqing participated in was not something she could get involved in, so she had no objections.

Soon, the group arrived at the meeting room. Xu Qingshan, Ma Tianlun, and the others were already prepared. Other than that, there was also a gorgeous beauty with glasses.

“This is Li Wan’er, the executive officer who specializes in managing various affairs in Great Wilderness City.”

“Greetings, Madam!”

“There’s no need for the formalities. Let’s get to the point.”

Li Wan ‘er’s slender fingers pushed up her glasses. Her expressionless face looked very serious. It was obvious that she was a strong woman.

Su Bai sat down and looked at the screen. There were more than ten names on it, including a familiar organization. The Salvation Sect!

The Salvation Sect was originally a group of pests that were active in various places. They were like cockroaches that could not be killed.

After destroying a batch, the Salvation Sectists would slowly develop in other places and then appear again. Obviously, they were also in the Great Wilderness City.

There were three teams this time, Xu Qingshan, Ma Tianlun and Su Bai. Besides them, there were five other teams that were also Gold-level Beastmasters.

“Su Bai, your team is weak, so you only need to be responsible for the logistics.”

“The remnants of the Salvation Sect are all gathered in Black City. Since you don’t have enough information, you should be more careful,” Li Wan’er said.

“Understood.” Su Bai nodded.

The Black City was a poor city tens of kilometers away from the Great Wilderness City. Hundreds of thousands of ordinary civilians lived there all year round, and the surrounding environment was relatively harsh.

For that reason, Black City’s decision was to recruit numerous foreign Beastmasters to protect Black City’s safety. However, such an action was undoubtedly asking for trouble.

Most of the Beastmasters who swarmed into Black City were mercenaries. Therefore, it was very normal for them to fight each other in the Black City.

Naturally, in the eyes of most Beastmasters, the Black City was an unrated place. Very few people were willing to go there.

A copy of the more thorough information was given to each member. Their goal was to apprehend the traitors!

Those traitors had all been brainwashed by the Salvation Sect and had been focused on stealing the border’s secret intel. Their nature was especially vile!

That was why it was designated as an A-class mission and required several Gold-level teams to participate.

“Is there anything else you need to add?” Li Wan ‘er’s gaze swept across the room. She added, “Capture each one of them, dead or alive. Dismissed!”

Then, Li Wan’er quickly packed up the documents in front of her and left the meeting room in a swift and decisive manner.

“She’s still as strong as ever.” Xu Qingshan smiled bitterly and turned his head, “Su Bai, how do you feel? Are you under too much pressure?”

“It’s alright.”

It wasn’t Su Bai’s first time coming into contact with the Salvation Sect, so he didn’t feel any pressure.

However, Su Bai was still a little puzzled after reading all the information.

“Xu Qingshan, what exactly did these traitors steal?”

Most of the names on the list were Beastmasters at Bronze-level. There were a few Silver-level Beastmasters, but none of them were Gold-level or above.

With such strength, it was simply impossible to cause such a huge commotion.

“You don’t have to think too much about this for now. You brat, you really want to participate in the mission?” Xu Qingshan said with a smile.

“What else?”

“Hahaha, you brat, just stay here obediently.” At this moment, Ma Tianlun walked over and suddenly lowered his voice. “This is the governor’s compensation for you.”


Su Bai’s mouth twitched.

‘No wonder I was assigned an A-class mission for a B-level team. It turned out that I had connections!’ Su Bai thought.

“Not really. Su Bai’s strength isn’t bad. Especially these few days. Many people have seen your performance,” Xu Qingshan said playfully.

Xu Qingshan continued, “If they really came to get the reward, even if it was the governor’s intention, with the Executive’s upright character, she would definitely not agree.”

“Understood!” Su Bai nodded. From his active performance these past few days, it was obvious that the governor’s suggestion was not entirely due to An Mengyun.

The consideration was more about his performance these days.

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