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Chapter 244: 244 Terrifying Spiritual Attack

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244 Terrifying Spiritual Attack

The young girl turned around, and tears as big as beans streaked across her cheeks. She said emotionally, “What exactly do you want with us?! We are just ordinary people. Why do you all make our lives so difficult!”

“Other than us, who else?” Su Bai asked as he squinted his eyes.

At that moment, Su Bai had already spread out a five-square-meter illusion domain around him, enveloping the girl within.

Su Bai’s guess was right. Other than him and Bing Qingqing, there were other Beastmasters in this house!

However, the girl collapsed and sat on the ground, crying in despair.

In this world, ordinary people were like reeds drifting in the wind, without any strength to struggle.

Su Bai was speechless. He stood beside her and didn’t urge her.

After a long while, the girl took a deep breath and said coldly, “Why should I believe you?”

“Because you have no other choice. I’m afraid your parents have been taken hostage by others,” Su Bai said calmly.

A trace of grief flashed in the young girl’s eyes. After a fierce mental struggle, she stood up silently and told Su Bai the whole story.

This was not what the young girl wanted. She was so insignificant under Su Bai’s power that she had no choice but to submit.

Su Bai knew that he couldn’t solve it with conventional methods. Just five days ago, a group of people suddenly barged into this place. According to the girl, they were accompanied by strange Beasts.

Therefore, the young girl thought they were Beastmasters. Since it was late at night, the young girl and her family had no room to struggle.

They were subdued, and their parents were tied up. The young girl’s parents followed the Beastmasters into the basement and left the two girls behind and warned them not to reveal anything. The Beastmasters threatened to kill the hostages.

Su Bai had a general understanding of what took place. Under such circumstances, ordinary people would indeed feel powerless.

“Can you really protect my parents?” the girl asked. She had let down her guard and looked at Su Bai with confused eyes.

Su Bai remained silent. He hadn’t confirmed the other party’s identity yet. If they were just Beastmasters who were usually mischievous, Su Bai might still have a chance.

However, if it was those b*stards from the Salvation Sect, they would never have the slightest pity and leave behind the two could have an accident at any time.

Silently, the girl seemed to understand Su Bai’s thoughts and showed a bitter expression. However, she still had a trace of anticipation.

“Take me to them.”


The girl wiped her tears with her sleeve and looked behind her.

Bing Qingqing and the other girl were laughing happily. They were getting along very well.

When he came to the entrance of the basement, Su Bai searched with his spiritual energy.

He discovered the energy fluctuations of five people in total, and there were three Beasts guarding the door at the entrance.

This group of people was all Bronze-level Beastmasters.

When the door was opened, they would be attacked immediately.

“If all five of them are Beastmasters, then the parents of these sisters have probably been dealt with long ago.” Su Bai shook his head.

Then, Su Bai sent out Whitey and used Dream Wing’s invisibility on Whitey to sneak into the building through the cracks at the edge.

“Five Beastmasters, two corpses, and three Beasts.” Whitey transmitted the information through its consciousness to Su Bai.

“Kill the Beasts first, then deal with those people. Just leave one of them alive. You have to be fast.” said Su Bai telepathically.

“Yes, master!”

Following Su Bai’s order, Whitey started to move in the dark.

As a predator in the dark, its sharp legs were already approaching, but the three Beasts did not notice it at all and continued to stare at the door.


With a muffled sound, Whitey killed the Beasts at an extremely fast speed before they could react.

“Who is it?!”

By the time some Beastmasters reacted, they heard a loud thud, and they instantly lost all their strength and fell to the ground.

Whitey was like the Grim Reaper, instantly finished off four Bronze-level Beastmasters.

At the same time, Su Bai opened the entrance of the basement and punched the Beast that was just summoned.


The sturdy Beast was smashed into the wall by a powerful force, leaving the Beastmaster leaning against the wall with a shocked expression.

“D-Don’t kill me!” said the shocked Beastmaster. The inexplicable death of his companions filled him with fear.

Plus, Su Bai knocked his Beast unconscious with one punch, which made him unconscious, and he no longer had any fighting spirit.

But Su Bai’s expression was cold at the moment. He had nothing to say to these scum who killed civilians. The reason Su Bai kept the remaining Beastmaster alive was that he still had a use for it.

Immediately, Su Bai had Dream Wing cast an illusion on him, guiding him to reveal his identity, organization, and the reason he was hiding.

“My name is Shi Ding, a low-level Beastmaster of the Black City Wolfsbane Gang. Because of the gang leader’s operation a few days ago, I killed more than ten civilians, so I’m hiding here.”

Shi Ding’s eyes were lifeless as if he had been swallowed by the illusion.

‘This group of people turned out to be the wanted criminals Xu Sanshu and the others searching for.’ Su Bai thought.

“What is the purpose of killing civilians?” Su Bai asked.

The illusion was not omnipotent. Forcefully combining it with spiritual power to interrogate Shi Ding would cause irreversible mental damage.

If an ordinary person suffered such an attack, they would probably die in less than three seconds.

As for how long a Beastmaster could last, it depended on their own strength.

A Bronze-level Beastmaster like Shi Ding could only last a few minutes at most.

Under normal circumstances, Su Bai wouldn’t use such extreme methods, but he didn’t need to worry about such scum.

“I don’t know… Our leader didn’t say.”


Su Bai was disappointed that he didn’t get the answer.

Then, Su Bai used Dream Wing to reverse the illusion. Shi Ding’s originally numb face instantly became extremely ferocious, and his body felt as if it was being bitten by thousands of insects.

This was one of the reasons why countless Beastmasters were afraid of Illusionist Beastmasters.

As long as one was willing, under the illusion, one could feel a situation that was worse than death.

However, Shi Ding’s mind was already damaged, so after struggling for a moment, he was completely dead.

In a corner of the basement, there were two corpses. They were the parents of the two sisters.

Before coming in, Su Bai told the girl to wait. Now that he saw such a scene, he couldn’t bear to tell the girls the cruel truth.

However, the girl heard that the commotion in the basement had disappeared at that moment. She walked in with a perturbed mood and saw the corpses that were still warm. She was full of resistance.

The strong smell of blood made her hold back her nausea as she swept her gaze across the basement.

In the end, when the young girl saw the two corpses in the corner, she finally broke down emotionally.

A loud wail sounded. The young girl pounced toward her parents’ bodies and buried her head into their arms weakly.

Su Bai sighed helplessly, left the basement, dialed Xu Sanshu’s number, and told him everything that had happened.

While waiting, Su Bai was worried about the girl’s mental state and was ready to go back to the basement.

However, the girl had already stepped out of the basement and came to Su Bai.

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