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Chapter 245: 245 The Prestige Merchants Association

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245 The Prestige Merchants Association

Although the young girl had stopped crying, her red eyes were still visible.

“The Black City’s guards will be here soon. Some matters will be handled by them…” said Su Bai.

But before Su Bai could finish his sentence, the girl suddenly knelt on the ground with a thud and said with a sobbing tone, “Thank you, Mr. Beastmaster!”

As an ordinary person, even if she was only thirteen or fourteen years old, she could still understand. If Su Bai hadn’t come, she and her sister’s life would have been taken by those scums.

“Get up.” Su Bai helped the girl up and comforted her. “You are strong. You are the only one your sister can rely on now. Don’t fall down so easily!”


The girl wiped her tears away again.

Soon, Xu Sanshu arrived with a group of guards. After some investigation, they confirmed that these people were the Beastmasters of the Wolfsbane Gang.

Xu Sanshu’s face was filled with anger when he walked out of the basement.

“This group of b*stards are really getting more and more lawless!” Xu Sanshu cursed.

“Sanshu, what’s the situation with the Wolfsbane Gang?” Su Bai asked.

“It’s just a small organization. They were all Beastmasters at Iron-level and Bronze-level. They were involved mostly in sneaky stuff.” Xu Sanshu said coldly.

“Then why did they kill the civilians?”

“We’re also investigating this, but we can’t rule out external factors.”

Su Bai automatically linked the Wolfsbane Gang with the Salvation Sect. Because he couldn’t believe that a weak Wolfsbane Gang could do such a thing with a premeditated plan.

The Black City was indeed very chaotic. However, it definitely wasn’t to the point where Beastmasters would treat human lives with contempt. Unless there was another force that forced the Wolfsbane Gang to commit a taboo.

“Don’t worry about those two little girls.” Xu Sanshu sighed. “In such a situation, the Black City will have someone to take care of them.”

“Alright.” Su Bai nodded without any objection.

Although Black City’s situation was not good, Xu Sanshu was still commendable as its manager. At least, he was trustworthy.

The sky gradually darkened, Su Bai and Bing Qingqing returned to the hotel. However, Xu Qingshan and Ma Tianlun were nowhere to be seen.

Su Bai had expected that. As the main team for this mission, Xu Qingshan and Ma Tianlun were much more tired because they needed to run around more often.

Those two would be searching for all the information they could find and were probably still busy in some remote place after this trip.


Bing Qingqing crossed her legs and stroked the two cats in her arms, but she still hadn’t recovered from the tragedy of the sisters.

Even though this was not the first time Bing Qingqing had seen it, she still could not let it go.

Around seven in the evening, a Beastmaster rushed over. It was Liu Ziping, a member of Xu Qingshan’s team.

Su Bai, my captain is busy at the moment, so he has a mission for you.”

“What mission?”

“I’ll brief you on that.” Liu Ziping took out the map of the Black City and pointed to a street in the south of the city, “This is the Prestige Merchants Association in Black City. According to the informant, the leader of the association might have frequent contact with outsiders. I’m not sure about the details.”

“So my mission is to investigate that association?” Su Bai asked.

“That’s right!” Liu Ziping nodded. He continued, “Although there are many Beastmasters in Black City, based on the information we have now, the Prestige Merchants Association originally only did local business. They didn’t do any foreign trade at all. There must be something fishy about such a situation suddenly appearing in the past year.”

After saying that, Liu Ziping took out a search warrant from his pocket. It was given by the governor of Black City. Su Bai could use it to enter the merchant association.

“The Captain also instructed to not act rashly and to inform us immediately if you discover anything.”

“Understood.” Su Bai nodded.

After knowing the whole story, Su Bai immediately went to the location where the Prestige Merchants Association was located with Bing Qingqing.

At night, the streets of Black City were completely devoid of civilians. It had become the world of Beastmasters.

Su Bai came to the street where the Prestige Merchants Association was located. It was very prosperous here. Many Beastmasters were gathered here.

On the surface, the Prestige Merchants Association was just a place to sell Beastmaster equipment or materials, but in reality, it was operating an underground casino. This was the true reason why it was prosperous.

The leader of the Prestige Merchants Association spent most of his time in the underground casino and was a well-known gambler.

Su Bai took Bing Qingqing into the merchant association and prepared to go to the underground casino. But unexpectedly, the bodyguard at the door reached out to stop them.

“I’m sorry, you don’t have the qualifications to enter.”

“Why not?! Everyone can go in. What’s the difference between us?” Bing Qingqing asked as she frowned.

The bodyguard did not say anything.

“Pretty girl, do you want me to bring you in?” At this moment, a few shifty-eyed men approached and laughed. “It’s not easy to enter the underground casino. You have to get someone you know to introduce you.”

Bing Qingqing’s face turned cold.

Su Bai smiled. “Can you guys take us inside?”

Their purpose of coming here was to probe the merchant association leader, in order not to alert the enemy, they tried not to use Black City’s investigation order.

“Sure, it’ll cost you 20 Bronze-grade Beast-cores!”

“Of course.”

Su Bai would not be stingy if he could solve the problem with money.

Moreover, 20 Bronze-grade Beast-cores were not even worth a small amount of money in his eyes.

But at that moment, the bodyguard suddenly said, “The situation has changed recently. No new faces are allowed to enter.”

The expressions of the few men changed. Clearly, they did not want to meddle. They went straight into the underground casino and ignored Su Bai.

“Dear sirs, we’re not strangers. We’ve been in the Black City for a while. Why don’t you make an exception?” Su Bai asked with a fake smile.

As Su Bai said that, he took out two Silver-grade Beast-cores and quietly stuffed them into the bodyguard’s hands.

“Go in and don’t cause trouble.”

“Of course.”

Su Bai took two steps back, gave Bing Qingqing a look, and prepared to enter the underground casino. However, a woman with a cold expression strode out and stopped them at that moment.

“Don’t move!” After the woman finished speaking, she slapped the bodyguard’s face with a crisp sound. She scolded, “This is the first time, if there is a next time, get out of Black City!”

“Another roadblock.”

Su Bai felt helpless. The woman in front of him was obviously not someone to be trifled with.

The scolding frightened the bodyguard. He returned the two Silver-grade Beast-cores to Su Bai and didn’t even dare to breathe.

“We naturally welcome you to the Prestige Merchants Association, but this is not a place you should be. So, please leave,” the woman said coldly.

Su Bai raised his eyebrows and smiled. He asked, “May I know your name?”

“Zhu Hanshuang, the daughter of the Prestige Merchants Association’s leader. At your service.”

The atmosphere at the scene was strange. Many Beastmasters didn’t dare to stay any longer.

Su Bai said, “We’re here to find the leader of the Prestige Merchants Association. Since you’re his daughter, why don’t you introduce him to us?”

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