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Chapter 247: 247 The Strange and Mysterious Person

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247 The Strange and Mysterious Person


Feeling the feedback of his spiritual energy, Su Bai’s face gradually turned solemn.

Fear, sadness, and pain were all gathered in the emotions of these two mysterious people. However, they were still talking to Mr. Zhu calmly.

It was impossible for a normal person to behave as such!

“I’ve had enough!”

Suddenly, Zhu Qing stood up and shouted, “I’m quitting. I’m quitting from you all. I’m giving you all my previous investments, but I won’t get involved in the future! Furthermore, I spent a lot of effort to build the Prestige Merchants Association. I can’t be destroyed with you! Of all the people you’ve offended, are you tired of living to offend the Great Wilderness City?!”

After saying that, Zhu Qing collapsed on the sofa.

“Quitting?” The mysterious man sneered. “You’re in a quagmire. How can you get out so easily? Does Mr. Zhu think that you can escape? ”

The mysterious man sneered.” You’ve already got bogged down. How can you get out so easily? Do you think you can escape, Mr. Zhu??”

“What are you talking about?!” Zhu Qing’s face instantly turned ashen.

“Since you already want to quit, there’s no use keeping you around.”

A sharp dagger suddenly stabbed out from the mysterious man’s hand and pierced through Zhu Qing’s throat.

Only when he was about to die did Zhu Qing react. He wanted to hit the call button on the table.

However, Zhu Qing felt so powerless that he couldn’t even muster the strength to raise his hand.

The two mysterious men stood up and dashed out of the door almost instantly.

“They are so swift!”

Su Bai wanted to stop them, but he was too slow. However, he immediately chased after them.

Su Bai sensed the extraordinary spiritual power all the way and left the Prestige Merchants Association.

However, what surprised Su Bai was that the two mysterious people left the Prestige Merchants Association unimpeded and did not attract the attention of the bodyguards.

As Su Bai continued his search, he arrived at a quiet park.

‘They stopped?’ Su Bai frowned and slowed down his pace carefully.

This was a relatively open area of the park, and there were no obstacles around. The two mysterious people looked around as if they were looking for something.

“Someone is following us?”


Su Bai was shocked when he heard that.

These two mysterious people were definitely not weak. They could actually vaguely sense Su Bai’s existence! It turned out that they had come to the open area to find Su Bai, who was following them.

However, it seemed that they did not see through Dream Wing’s Invisibility.

“Let’s split up. We’ll meet up after we shake that person off,” said one of the mysterious men.


The moment the other mysterious man opened his mouth, a sharp light pierced through his head.

A white shadow appeared in an instant.

Obviously, Su Bai would not lose the clue for nothing. He would not let go of such a good opportunity to let them escape and let Whitey kill one of them in an instant.

The remaining mysterious person immediately reacted and took out a dagger.

Su Bai was confused. Normally, one would have summoned his Beast by now. No matter how Su Bai looked at it, the other party seemed to wish to do it personally.

Since that was the case, Su Bai immediately stepped forward and let Whitey appear to attract the other party’s attention. Then Su Bai seized the chance to sneak attack the mysterious man’s back.


Su Bai punched the mysterious man, and he was sent flying dozens of meters away.

This was the result of Su Bai holding back his strength. After all, he could kill a Beast with one punch. If Su Bai used all his strength, the mysterious person would definitely die on the spot.

But what surprised Su Bai was that the feeling of that punch was a little off. He rushed up and lifted the mysterious man’s cloak without waiting for him to get up.

“A mannequin?!”

Under the cloak was a mannequin made of metal.

‘No wonder the punch felt so strange. Turns out that it wasn’t a human at all, but a metal.’ Su Bai thought.

Su Bai wanted to interrogate the mannequin with his spiritual energy, but it had already stabbed the dagger into its chest and committed suicide.

“Tonight was getting weirder and weirder.” Su Bai frowned.

Su Bai’s gaze swept across the two mannequin corpses. First, he used his spiritual power to sense the strange emotional fluctuations in the two mannequins. Then, the clues were cut off again with the death of the mannequins.

When Su Bai used his spiritual power to investigate, he found that there was still residual energy left in the mannequins.

Clearly, the mannequins were no different from a real person other than their appearance!

After putting the two mannequins into the Fourth Heaven, Su Bai immediately returned to the hotel and hid in his room to examine them carefully and do some research on the information at the same time.

In this world, Beastmasters generally focused on subdued Beasts, but there were also people who had walked all kinds of paths.

For example, cultivating the spiritual vessel through unusual means. Those cultivators used the spirits as Beasts!

However, the time required for such a cultivation method was usually hundreds or even thousands of years.

At the same time, there was an even more serious flaw, which was that the spiritual vessel did not have intelligence.

For that reason, Su Bai went to the Second Heaven and asked Chun for her opinion.

Su Bai was surprised by Chun’s reply. She said even the elves didn’t understand the existence of spiritual vessels.

At the same time, Chun also mentioned that she had felt the fluctuations of a spirit from the Spiral Realm’s stone stele during the time she was in the Second Heaven.

Su Bai was aware of that. After all, when he tried to recover the Spiral Realm, he also felt that thin and mysterious consciousness.

If Su Bai continued to investigate, he would not be able to figure out the truth. He had to calm down and report to Xu Qingshan and Ma Tianlun about it and leave the troublesome matters to them.

However, not long after, Su Bai’s hotel room suddenly rang with the hurried doorbell and knocking on the door.

When Su Bai opened the door, he was greeted by a group of burly men and Zhu Hanshuang with a serious expression.

“What’s the matter?” Su Bai asked with a smile.

The fact that Zhu Hanshuang had come to find Su Bai so early in the morning was most likely related to Zhu Qing’s death.

“Twelve to one o’clock in the middle of the night, where were you?”

“I’m strolling around the food junction.”

“Any witnesses?”

“No, there wasn’t any.”

“Then please come with us.”

Zhu Hanshuang’s cold voice sounded. The few burly men behind her immediately began to move.

Zhu Hanshuang had made ample preparations for this trip. She had mobilized the Silver-level bodyguards of the Prestige Merchants Association to find her father’s murderer.

“You sure know how to act unceremoniously.” Su Bai chuckled and pushed the bodyguard away with his palm. The terrifying force made the bodyguard take a few steps back before he could react.

“Unceremoniously? Do I have to be nice to you and ask you to come?” Zhu Hanshuang sneered.

“You don’t have to do that. But first, you have to tell me the reason.

“My father was assassinated in the VIP room, but no one went in at this time.”

‘Is that so? Then why can I sneak in?’ Su Bai frowned. He did not expect the two mannequins to come into contact with Zhu Qing without a trace, and no one noticed them on the way when they were escaping.

‘This was getting more and more interesting.’ Su Bai thought.

“I don’t know! The last person who came into contact with my father, other than a group of scumbags, you are the most suspicious!” Zhu Hanshuang gritted her teeth and said angrily.

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