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Chapter 251: 251 A Platinum-Level Beast With Limited Consciousness

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251 A Platinum-Level Beast With Limited Consciousness

Xu Qingshan and the other Gold-level Beastmasters’ disappearance was considered a huge matter in Black City. No one knew who could possibly hold back such a powerful team.

However, Xu Sanshu could not do anything at the moment. He had already mobilized most of the guards in Black City to clear up the surrounding Beasts.

With the support of the Black City Guards, everyone began to clear up and kill the surrounding Beasts!

The battle lasted for several hours.

Under Black City’s mobilization, only then did a group of cowardly mercenary Beastmasters step out of the city gate and start clearing the surrounding Beasts.

At the same time, Su Bai, Bearen, and Golden Dragon were fighting frenziedly, upgrading the Golden Dragon’s level to Upper-9 Bronze level!

The convenience brought by the Beast tide allowed the Golden Dragon’s strength to leap to another level.

At 7 p.m., the surrounding Beasts were no longer as many as before. Gradually, the Beastmasters felt a little relieved.


Suddenly, the Golden Dragon sensed a strange aura among the dozens of Beasts.

Su Bai looked over after receiving the Golden Dragon’s feedback. He was surprised.

Among the Beasts, there was actually a mannequin whose entire body was made of metal. It was exactly the same as the mannequin that killed Zhu Qing, the leader of the Prestige Merchants Association!

It was exactly the same as the mannequin that killed Zhu Qing, the boss of the Prestige Merchants Association!

“Bearen, catch it!”

Su Bai certainly wouldn’t let go of this opportunity.

Bearen slapped away the Beasts in front of it, then bent its back and approached the mannequin with its palms touching the ground.


It only took a few seconds for Bearen to get close to the mannequin and control it.

Su Bai immediately went up to check. He first tried to talk to the mannequin, but he realized that the mannequin did not seem to have intelligence. It only repeated mechanical actions and even roared from time to time. It was like a Beast!

“Strange, is there a difference between having intelligence and not having intelligence?”

Su Bai looked at the weird mannequin in front of him.

According to Han Ping, the biggest difference between him and the metal mannequin could be determined by the magic circles engraved on its torso.

Su Bai didn’t hold back. He had Bearen pull the mannequin’s head off and looked inside through its neck.

Similar to the previous mannequins, Su Bai frowned. Just as he was puzzled, a horn sounded from not far away.

Turning around, Su Bai suddenly realized that the Beasts had started to retreat, leaving the surroundings of the Black City.

Normally, the Beast tide definitely couldn’t have lasted for only half a day! However, the development of the matter far exceeded everyone’s expectations.

At the same time, Bing Qingqing brought Firebird and the Four-eared Glazecat back to Su Bai. There was a hint of fatigue in her eyes. It seemed that she had been fighting for nearly a few hours and had exhausted her physical strength.

“Are you alright?” Su Bai asked.

“I’m fine. Fortunately, the city walls are being strengthened. No Beasts have entered the city yet.” Bing Qingqing forced a smile.

For the commoners in the city, it was undoubtedly a nightmare for the Beasts to enter the city.

The Beast tide suddenly ended. Su Bai couldn’t help but look at the mannequin beside him. He didn’t know much about the magic circles.

Therefore, he immediately brought the mannequins to the mansion when the Beast tide ended.

In the mansion, Han Ping squatted on the ground and looked at the mannequin Su Bai brought. Han Ping looked left and right for more than ten minutes without stopping.

“Did you find any useful information?” Bing Qingqing urged.

“Yes… Interesting. This mannequin is different from the previous two.” Han Ping sounded very excited.

“What’s the difference?” Su Bai asked.

This was the reason Su Bai had brought the mannequin here, and he was not disappointed.

“It’s still unknown, but I can determine that this mannequin has imprisoned an incomplete consciousness of a Platinum-level Beast!” said Han Ping. His words made Su Bai frown.

It was supposed to be a very inconceivable matter, but it became somewhat reasonable with Han Ping around Su Bai.

After all, before Han Ping poured his consciousness into the mannequin, he would have to conduct thousands of experiments, so he could determine the specific situation at a glance.

A Platinum-level Beast, even if its consciousness was incomplete, it could still dominate any low-level Beasts.

The attack from the Beast tide on Black City was due to the mannequin’s incomplete consciousness. This Beast mannequin did not have any substantial strength, so it didn’t resist when Bearen captured it.

“Was this Beast tide man-made?”

Cold sweat broke out on Bing Qingqing’s forehead when she thought of this.

Deploying such a method, the other party was definitely not on the good side!

“Maybe. The probability of a Beast being a genius like me is too small. But it’s not impossible,” Han Ping teased.

Su Bai ignored Han Ping’s wild and unrestrained words.

Things had gradually gone beyond Su Bai’s control.

In addition to the disappearance of Xu Qingshan, Ma Tianlun, and others, the most important thing now was to return to the Great Wilderness City and report the matter to the governor.

A Beastmaster who could use the spiritual mannequin might be from the Salvation Sect, or there might be another guy as strange as Han Ping hiding in Black City.

No matter what, Su Bai had made up his mind. He rushed back to Black City overnight to find Mu Shuai.

Su Bai told Mu Shuai all about his plan and continued to carry out the mission in the safest way.

“Yes, this matter is indeed a little tricky,” said Mu Shuai.

“Mu Shuai, what’s the situation on your side during this period?”

Su Bai was interested in what Xu Qingshan and the others had gained.

“Haha, it’s a long story. The two teams basically split up and scouted around the Black City, but they were surrounded by strange Beasts.” Mu Shuai smiled bitterly.


“Yes, these Beasts aren’t Beasts, so Captain Xu and Captain Ma felt that something was amiss, so they searched everywhere for clues. In the end, they suddenly disappeared.”

Mu Shuai was helpless. He had lost contact with the team in just a moment.

The timing of the Beasts’ attacks was always very coincidental. They chose to attack when the team was the most tired after running around.

Mu Shuai was unsure of the specific reasons. But he agreed with Su Bai’s next move.

However, Xu Sanshu quickly rushed to the hotel with another piece of bad news.

“What? You mean the other teams are missing too?!”

Mu Shuai’s eyes widened as if he had seen a ghost.

Other than Xu Qingshan and the others, there were a few other teams that came to Black City this time. Their mission was to be responsible for another area, and the nature of their mission was similar.

However, they lost contact with all of them on the same day. It was unbelievable.

After receiving the news, Mu Shuai could no longer sit still.

“Su Bai, go back as soon as possible!”

It should have been faster for Mu Shuai to rush back to the Great Wilderness City on his flying-type Beast. However, due to the previous attack, the Great Roc’s wings were injured.

That was why Mu Shuai entrusted this heavy responsibility to Su Bai.

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