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Chapter 254: 254 Speed is of the Essence in War

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254 Speed is of the Essence in War

Bing Qingqing hadn’t noticed Su Bai yet and was walking forward quietly. Suddenly, she felt someone grab her arm.

Suddenly, Bing Qingqing felt someone grab her arm. She reacted instantly and was about to fight back when she heard Su Bai’s voice.

“Don’t panic, it’s me.”

“Su Bai!”

When they finally met again, Bing Qingqing’s fear disappeared, and she looked relieved.

Not everyone could easily accept being caught by the Salvation Sect.

After all, the Salvation Sect was given the name of a cult.

No matter what the Sectists did, no one would find it strange.

“How did you escape?”

“They don’t know that I have a spatial-type Beast. Seeing that I’m only a Silver-level Beastmaster, they only sent two people to guard me.”

“So you used teleport to get here?”


Bing Qingqing was secretly happy. She said, “The Golden-eyed Lynx is quite talented. It can teleport 50 meters away! ”

Su Bai smiled. It seemed that the reputation of spatial-type Beasts with powerful skills was not undeserved.

With Bing Qingqing, the two continued to wander around the stronghold.

Not long after, they arrived at a strange place. There were all kinds of Beast eggs piled up here, as well as the juvenile Beasts that had been forcefully dissected.

They were placed into transparent jars. It was very eerie.

The air was freezing, and the juvenile Beasts in the jars had a ferocious expression.

Bing Qingqing frowned and couldn’t bear to watch anymore.

Su Bai was quite brave. After a few casual inspections, he confirmed that this was the place where the Salvation Sect conducted their secret experiments.

But the only regret was that Su Bai did not find anything related to the mannequins, which he was very concerned about.

The Black City would not have a mannequin-like spiritual vessel Beast appear for no reason. There must be a root to the cause.

But from the looks of it, the root did not seem to be related to the Salvation Sect, which was somewhat confusing.

After a fruitless round, Su Bai brought Bing Qingqing to the exit of the stronghold. The two of them swayed through the crowd and left the stronghold smoothly.

Bing Qingqing envied Su Bai’s spiritual-type Beast even more along way.

No matter how strong her Golden-eyed Lynx was, it could only teleport within a range of 200 meters at most. If she wanted to escape from the Salvation Sect’s stronghold easily, the difficulty would increase by more than one level.

“We are at the Dwarf Snowpeak.”

Su Bai sized up the surrounding environment, and after confirming the location, he immediately headed towards the Great Wilderness City.

Although this trip took quite a bit of time, at least the gain was a lot.

Finding the Salvation Sect’s stronghold was already considered a great achievement. Moreover, they even found the mole!

Soon, Su Bai and Bing Qingqing hurried into the city and arrived at the governor’s mansion.

“Hello, is there anything I can do for you?”

“I’m looking for the governor.”

“Do you have an appointment?”

“No, I haven’t.”

The receptionist maintained her professional smile and said, “Then I’m sorry. If you want to meet the governor, you need a legitimate reason and an appointment in advance. I can make an appointment for you now.”

Su Bai took out his phone, but found that his phone had run out of battery after a whole day of running. He simply borrowed a charger from the receptionist.

Although the receptionist was reluctant, she had to do her best to serve Su Bai since his team was B-level.

Soon, after the phone was charged, Su Bai dialed An Mengyun’s number.

“Mr. Su! You’re back?”

“Yes, I’m back. Where are you now?” Su Bai asked directly. “Come to the governor’s mansion and take me to see the governor. ”

“Coming right up!”

An Mengyun was so efficient that she rushed down to Su Bai and Bing Qingqing in a few minutes.

An Mengyun did not hesitate to bring them to the place where the governor, An Qingpu, was. She naturally had countless things to say about Su Bai, rushing back. However, it was all about cultivation.

“My progress hasn’t improved at all in the past few days without you around, Mr. Su.”

“Take your time.”

“Speaking of which, when are you going to carry out the mission again?”

“For the time being… I don’t think so.”

“Oh …”

An Mengyun lowered her head in slight disappointment, but she didn’t remain depressed for too long. Soon, she excitedly pestered Bing Qingqing and asked her about all kinds of things related to Beasts.

Soon, An Qingpu came to the conference room when he heard Su Bai was back.

When An Qingpu opened the door, Su Bai was alone. As Bing Qingqing was too tired, An Mengyun took her to the guest room to rest.

“You’re back so soon. Is there any progress?”

An Qingpu sat down and smiled. “With Xu Qingshan and Ma Tianlun leading this mission, it shouldn’t be too difficult.”

After all, in the eyes of the governor, the mission targets were just a few traitors. As long as it was still within the borders of the Great Wilderness, they could not thrive for long.

“There are some clues, but the situation is getting a little challenging.” Su Bai forced a smile. “Mr. Governor, Xu Qingshan and Ma Tianlun have gone missing. So have the other teams.”


An Qingpu frowned and asked, “What happened?”

Su Bai told him everything that happened when he arrived at Black City, including the stronghold of the Salvation Sect and the information about the traitor of Black City.

Throughout the entire process, An Qingpu’s wrinkled face turned ferocious and furious.

Though the Great Wilderness City was not doing too well under his governance, it had always been peaceful.

Unexpectedly, the Salvation Sect’s evil deeds had already quietly reached into the borders of the Great Wilderness and even nurtured a governor spy!

This was simply a great insult to An Qingpu!

“Mr. Governor, what should we do?” Su Bai whispered.

Judging from the current situation, the Salvation Sect would soon discover that they had escaped, so they would take immediate action.

Once the Salvation Sect escaped, all their previous efforts would be in vain.

An Qingpu took a deep breath, frowning as he pondered.

This matter was more serious than expected and could not be underestimated.

The Salvation Sect had not been active in the Great Wilderness City all these years, but they had made a move at this time. It was obvious that they had come prepared.

“If it were you, how would you deal with it?” An Qingpu asked.

“Speed is of the essence in war. Of course, the earlier the better. For example, we should start with the governor of Black City, who is also an elder of the Salvation Sect. As long as we control him, the Salvation Sect will not give up easily.” Su Bai replied.

The Salvation Sect’s elder knew a lot of things. Once they were controlled, the Salvation Sect would not reveal the secrets of the sect.

They would definitely think of ways to kill or save the governor of Black City, to prevent the Salvation Sect from disappearing.

“Hmm, not bad.”

An Qingpu nodded and was very satisfied with Su Bai’s answer. He immediately asked, “If I give you full authority over this matter, will you be able to complete it?”

“Leave it to me?”

It was too sudden. Su Bai was surprised.

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