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Chapter 270: 270 The Culprit Behind the Mannequins

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270 The Culprit Behind the Mannequins

The other Gold-level Beastmaster immediately summoned his Beast. But at that moment, Xu Qingshan and Ma Tianlun stepped forward and pressed the Beastmaster’s shoulders with their hands.

“Don’t move!”

The Gold-level Beastmaster sensed an aura that wasn’t weaker than his. He instantly determined that Xu Qingshan and Ma Tianlun were also at Gold-level, not weaker than him.

“This is the Great Wilderness City. Do you still want to make a move here?” said the Gold-level Beastmaster. After that, he shook his shoulders hard and shook off Xu Qingshan’s hands.

The scene attracted the attention of the people around them.

But Su Bai raised the token in his hand calmly. The Gold-level Beastmaster’s gaze faltered, not expecting that he had got himself into trouble.

‘They represented the Great Wilderness City!’ one of the Gold-level Beastmasters thought.

The other Gold Beastmaster stood up, still feeling aggrieved. Just as the Gold-level Beastmaster was about to launch a sneak attack on Su Bai, the Gold-level Beastmaster was kicked away by Xu Qingshan.

“Call your person in charge here immediately. I’ll only give you three minutes!” Xu Qingshan shouted.

The Gold-level Beastmaster in front of Xu Qingshan subconsciously gulped, then immediately turned around and left in a hurry.

The attendant from earlier also realized that something was wrong. She immediately called the manager of Heavenstone Pavilion to come over.

The manager rushed over with a smile and asked, “My esteemed guests, please calm down. If there’s anything, you can talk to me first.”

In response, Xu Qingshan and the others only smiled and did not say anything.

An Alchemist who colluded with the Salvation Sect must have a high status. A mere lobby manager was not qualified to ask, and they did not want to waste time with him.

Seeing that no one was responding, the manager could only hide it with an awkward smile.

Not long after, a middle-aged man wearing luxurious clothes strode over. He was the Platinum-level Alchemist of Heavenstone Pavilion, Liu Shanlong.

There were also more than ten Gold-level Beastmasters accompanying him.

“My esteemed guests, may I ask what business you have with our pavilion?” Liu Shanlong asked.

Heavenstone Pavilion had existed since the early days of the Great Wilderness City.

However, it did not mean that they could become like the Prestige Merchants Association in Black City. Under the iron fist rule of An Qingpu, they were not as powerful as they were decades ago.

“We’re looking for someone. I heard that you have an Alchemist who’s familiar with spiritual mannequins here. I want to see him,” Xu Qingshan said solemnly.

Liu Shanlong frowned when he heard about spiritual mannequins.

Ordinary Beastmasters might not have heard of that before, but Alchemists would definitely have heard of it.

After a short moment of silence, Su Bai covered Liu Shanlong with his spiritual energy. He detected a brief fluctuation in Liu Shanlong’s emotions.

Nervous, doubts, and some hesitation! These simple emotional fluctuations meant that Liu Shanlong really knew that there was an Alchemist related to the spiritual mannequins in Heavenstone Pavilion.

“May I ask, what is this all about?”

“It’s none of your concern.”

“Very well!”

Liu Shanlong already understood what was more important. He immediately said to the accompanying Beastmaster, “Quickly, call Liu Xing over!”

Not long after, a pale-faced man rushed over. It was the Alchemist of Heavenstone Pavilion, Liu Xing.

What was surprising was that Liu Shanlong’s explanation was very simple. Liu Xing had only joined the Heavenstone Pavilion less than a year, and his level was only Silver-level!

There were thousands of Alchemists of this level in the Heavenstone Pavilion! However, Liu Xing was the only one who was related to the spiritual mannequin.

Liu Xing stood in front of everyone, being stared at by many pairs of eyes. His nervous expression was obvious. Even his hands and feet were trembling.

“Do you recognize this?”

Su Bai took out the remains of the mannequins and put them in front of Liu Xing.

“No, I don’t!”

In an instant, Liu Xing reflexively denied, “Although I have some attainments in spiritual vessels, I still can’t transfer the consciousness of the Beast!”

Su Bai chuckled. “Have you heard of Han Ping? ”

Liu Xing panicked and subconsciously took half a step back after that.

In an instant, Xu Qingshan immediately made a move and captured Liu Xing on the spot.

“Take him back for interrogation first.”

With Su Bai’s assurance, Liu Xing was escorted away by a group of Beastmasters.

When Liu Shanlong saw that, he didn’t care about Liu Xing’s life at all. Instead, he was worried that Heavenstone Pavilion would be implicated.

There was no smoke without fire. Recently, there were rumors about the Salvation Sect infiltrating the Great Wilderness City, so Liu Shanlong had to be vigilant.

“Mr. Liu, we won’t disturb you anymore. If there’s any need in the future, please be easy on us.”

“You are too kind.”

Xu Qingshan left with Su Bai and the others. He immediately brought Liu Xing back to the governor’s mansion for interrogation.

Su Bai finally had time to rest. There were Spiritualist Beastmasters who specialized in interrogating, and their methods were more professional than Su Bai’s.

It would not cause damage to the other party’s brain because of the forced spiritual invasion.

An hour later, Xu Qingshan came to the lounge and woke Su Bai up.

“I didn’t expect this guy to be the mastermind behind the creation of the spiritual mannequin.” Xu Qingshan smiled bitterly and told Su Bai the result of the interrogation.

About three years ago, Liu Xing heard that there was an Alchemist in Black City who was also proficient in spiritual vessels, so he went to Black City to pay a visit.

Liu Xing could not find Han Ping, but he found Han Ping’s research materials and took them all with him.

Liu Xing took things one step at a time, and coupled with his good aptitude in Alchemy, he quickly found his own path. He was different from Han Ping, who worked behind closed doors.

When Liu Xing reached a bottleneck and could not find a way out, he took the initiative to look for the Salvation Sect!

The reason was simple, spiritual vessels were a minor field that Alchemists rarely studied.

In the end, Liu Xing was able to research the spiritual vessels into a variety of effects. Such as those mannequins that Su Bai had seen before. Liu Xing’s masterpiece looked no different from ordinary people.

A human soul was the main component, while the soul of a Beast was the auxiliary component.

However, the creation’s success rate was too low. There was no way to achieve mass production.

“If they have achieved mass production, it will be a big threat.” Su Bai frowned.

“Perhaps.” Xu Qingshan was not optimistic about the situation either. He smiled bitterly and said,” However, only Liu Xing knows how to do that. We just need to control him.”


Liu Xing was a death-phobic individual. He was aware that if he became too involved with the Salvation Sect, he would be in jeopardy. As a result, in his negotiations with the Salvation Sect, he only used mannequins.

However, he was not smart enough. This was because the various refining materials that Liu Xing purchased had all gone through the Heavenstone Pavilion’s process.

That was why he left behind the seal of the Heavenstone Pavilion.

All in all, it was a good harvest for the Salvation Sect’s operation this time.

“The governor knows about this and has already imprisoned Liu Xing in the governor’s mansion. I believe that we will be able to find a way to resolve the crisis of Black City’s Beast tide soon,” said Xu Qingshan.

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