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Chapter 272: 272 A Bounty From the Salvation Sect

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272 A Bounty From the Salvation Sect

The reward mentioned on the bounty was not suitable for Su Bai.

As Anqingpu had originally set the bounty on hundreds or thousands of Beastmasters, the reward was not attractive enough.

Now that Su Bai had destroyed eleven Salvation Sect strongholds by himself, it was not fair for An Qingpu to give him 11 Gold-grade Beast-cores just like that.

“What kind of reward do you want?”

“Team points are enough.”

“That’s all?”


An Qingpu laughed in disbelief after hearing Su Bai’s answer.

If it were any other Beastmaster, they would want at least a hundred Gold-grade Beast-cores. But Su Bai did the opposite, he only needed team points.

An Qingpu could still vaguely guess the reason.

Most of the areas at the border were open to Beastmasters. Their main mission was to suppress the number of Beasts.

If they continued to venture deeper into the uninhabited land, that would be the chaotic world of Beasts!

Gold-level Beasts could be seen everywhere, and even stronger existences could be found easily there!

Even a Diamond-level Beastmaster would have to tread on thin ice.

As for the team that could advance to A-level, it was already one of the best at the border. Even if the Beastmasters in the team were only at Gold-level, they already possessed extraordinary experience and strength.

Take Xu Qingshan and Ma Tianlun’s team as example. Although they were all at the Gold-level, their horizons were not something ordinary Beastmasters could compare to.

Even when they were in trouble during this operation, the Salvation Sect did not capture them. They were trapped by their own silly teammates.

An Qingpu understood that the normal missions at the border were not enough to satisfy Su Bai. What Su Bai wanted was a wider world!

“Alright, go back and wait for the news.”

“Yes, sir!”

Su Bai nodded and left the mansion. He returned to the villa to rest and had a good meal.

Not long after, a text message came to Su Bai’s phone. It was a notification from the Great Wilderness City officials that his team had advanced to A-level!

Destroying eleven Salvation Sect strongholds was undoubtedly a huge blow to the Salvation Sect.

Especially Su Bai, who did it alone and favored by An Qingpu.

An Qingpu used a little of his power to directly award Su Bai enough points to upgrade his team’s level.


Su Bai let out a long sigh of relief after he put down his phone. He lay on the soft bed and smiled.

Perhaps after this crisis of the Salvation Sect was over, he could truly step into the world beyond the border!

Su Bai’s consciousness went to the Second Heaven. After a day of battle, he saw his Beasts were still full of energy.

Especially Golden Dragon, which had received a considerable improvement. It displayed its top-notch Beast posture in the sky of the Second Heaven, scaring the Beasts in the forest until they trembled.

Even the Sprite Foxes were having a hard time. To the Sprite Foxes, it was fine if a rogue Bearen came. But it would be a different story when the dragon appeared!

The only strange thing was that Chun had been stimulated by something and had started to focus on learning the skills of the elves. She was communicating with the Beasts in various parts of the forest.

At first, it did not seem to be progressing smoothly. The Beasts with a strong personality ignored her and even showed an attacking stance.

But Chun was not a meek person at all. Since the Beasts did not listen to her, she used the hard way!

After spending some time with Su Bai’s Beasts, they had become very familiar with Chun.

So Chun immediately brought Golden Dragon, Bearen, and Dream Wing to walk around the entire forest and communicate with any Beast she caught.

Su Bai was between laughter and tears when he looked at this small world that was being thrown into chaos by this group of elf and Beasts combined.

The next morning, Su Bai immediately left the Great Wilderness City after a short breakfast. He rode on the Golden Dragon to the Salvation Sect’s stronghold.

So far, the Salvation Sect still did not take any action. This made many Beastmasters restless.

The strongholds were destroyed one by one, but the Salvation Sect was still able to sit still. It was like a calm before the storm, very strange.

When Su Bai arrived at the stronghold, he spent less than twenty minutes getting rid of the guarding Salvation Sectist and asking for the location of the next stronghold.

Just as Su Bai was about to leave, he suddenly sensed someone approaching. With his spiritual power, it was impossible for any fish to escape the net.

Su Bai also realized that the other party was hostile! He deliberately lay down to rest.

A moment later, a black shadow attacked! It was a Brown Mantis, and its sharp sickle was charging straight at Su Bai.

However, when Brown Mantis approached, Su Bai rolled to avoid its attack. He summoned Bearen and crushed Brown Mantis into pieces!

When the attackers saw that, they immediately began to retreat.

Su Bai thought that the other Beastmasters had found the stronghold by chance, but he was sure that they were here for him. Su Bai would not let them go so easily.

Su Bai summoned Golden Dragon, it streaked past those Beastmasters at an extremely fast speed! Then, a figure fell to the ground.

The others reacted quickly and immediately ordered their Beasts to attack Golden Dragon.

However, the summoned Beasts felt a powerful Dragon Aura. Those Beasts lowered their heads and trembled, not daring to have any intention of offending Golden Dragon.

“What’s going on?!”

A dark-skinned man was subconsciously shocked.

However, a tyrannical force instantly grabbed his neck and pressed him firmly to the ground in the next second.

“Since you’re already here, isn’t it rude to leave like this?” Su Bai asked.

At the same time, Su Bai gave an order in his consciousness to Golden Dragon.

Just as the swarthy man’s companions were about to retreat, they were all killed by Golden Dragon!

“Sir, please spare my life! I’m not a Salvation Sect’s lackey! We’re just passing by!” the swarthy man shouted anxiously, as he had a strong desire to live.

“Did I ask you a question?”

Su Bai’s eyes turned cold.

Lying in front of a Spiritualist Beastmaster was like insulting his intelligence.

The more one said, the more mistakes one made.

Since the swarthy man was not honest at the beginning, there was no need to continue talking nonsense.

Su Bai directly used his spiritual energy to invade the man’s mind.

“Uh Ah Ahhh!”

Memories flashed through Su Bai’s mind.

It turned out that these few people were a group of mercenaries. They took advantage of the turmoil in the Great Wilderness City, and selected weaker Beastmasters to attack.

Those mercenaries happened to meet Su Bai here, so they chose to take action. The reason for their action was very simple. It was because of the bounty from the Salvation Sect!

Su Bai withdrew his spiritual energy and revealed a cold smile.


It seemed that his active performance in the past few days had already attracted the attention of the Salvation Sect.

Moreover, the bounty on Su Bai was quite high. The bounty’s reward was 100 Gold-grade Beast-cores! The Salvation Sect was much more generous than An Qingpu.

Su Bai broke the man’s neck and rode Golden Dragon to the stronghold of the Salvation Sect in the snowy mountain area.

‘Am I targeted by the Salvation Sect? Good then.’ Su Bai thought.

What Su Bai was least afraid of was the Salvation Sect coming to his door. What he was afraid of was that the Salvation Sect would be able to keep their cool.

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