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Chapter 274: 274 A Fight With the Salvation Sect Elder

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274 A Fight With the Salvation Sect Elder

Su Bai would never be careless when dealing with the elders of the Salvation Sect.

It was the same this time, he would not do anything too risky.

Bo Yang was a Platinum-level Beastmaster. He might have some means to resist spiritual attacks.

But at least for now, Su Bai was confident.

“Dream Wing, use Nightmare Cage to imprison him!”

Dream Wing flapped its wings, and specks of starlight appeared, surrounding Bo Yang’s body.

“A spiritual attack?”

Seeing this scene, Bo Yang’s expression remained indifferent. It didn’t seem to surprise him.

“If I’m not mistaken, you must be Su Bai.” Bo Yang revealed a mocking smile. He said coldly, “As expected of a Beastmaster who was able to destroy eleven strongholds in just a day. You really have some tricks up your sleeve. But you’re not the only one who has spiritual-type Beasts.”

Then, Bo Yang summoned a Beast egg.

Su Bai narrowed his eyes.

Upon closer inspection, the egg was similar in size to an ostrich egg, and there was a crack in the middle.

Obviously, this was a hatched Beast egg.

As expected, a furry little head with an eggshell on its head revealed its sharp beak and swallowed all the starlight scattered by Dream Wing under Bo Yang’s command.

“Since it’s your gift, I’ll give it back to you.”

“Devourer, use spiritual attack!”

Dream Wing was attacked by spiritual power. It trembled in the air and almost lost its balance and fell to the ground.

Su Bai also felt a bit dazed. The launched spiritual attack was from Su Bai!

“How dare you!”

After Dream Wing recovered, it was already angry. It had never suffered such a loss in the spiritual domain!

The simple fight made Su Bai realize that Bo Yang was a very calm and dangerous person. However, it was already impossible for Su Bai to escape using Invisibility.

However, what was unexpected was Bo Yang actually rushed over taking advantage of the gap.

Su Bai raised his eyebrows and thought, ‘Is this a melee fight?’

“Brat, come out!”

Bo Yang took a deep breath and took off his black robe, revealing his bulging muscles. He rushed forward and threw a punch at the exact location where Su Bai stood.

There was no time to think. Su Bai threw a punch out of reflex.

A clash of fists.

At the same time, it removed Su Bai’s invisible protection.

A brutal force gathered between them, forcing Su Bai and Bo Yang to take a few steps back.

“How is that possible?! ”

A trace of astonishment flashed across Bo Yang’s eyes. He didn’t expect that Su Bai’s physique could reach the same height as his.

Bo Yang’s physique could be considered the best among Platinum-level Beastmasters. He not only had Beasts with strong physiques to help him, but he also had a strong physique.

He even trained his body all year round.

Su Bai took a few steps back, so he wouldn’t miss the chance. He summoned Bearen while he was still free.


Bearen roared and charged at Bo Yang without hesitation.

Bo Yang was not stupid enough to use his body to try to resist the Beasts. He immediately evaded the attack and summoned an Azure-White Tiger to deal with Bearen.

The Azure-White Tiger bared its sharp fangs. However, it did not know that its opponent was not only Bearen but also Whitey, who had already quietly approached.


The sharp blade accurately landed on the body of the Azure-White Tiger. Although it did not cause fatal damage, it still had some effects.


Bo Yang shouted loudly, his expression finally turning solemn. He didn’t expect Su Bai to have so many powerful Beasts.

Not only did Su Bai have a spiritual-type Beast, but he also had a strong Bearen and a Crackantula with extremely high agility and attack power.

For such a luxurious lineup to grow to such an extent, the resources required were definitely not something ordinary Beastmasters could afford.

As he was thinking, Bo Yang had already begun to prepare to summon his main Beast.

However, at that moment, black figures suddenly appeared one after another. They held sharp spears in their hands and let out waves of cold laughter.

A chill ran down Bo Yang’s spine.

“What’s going on?!”

Bo Yang felt horrified. It was impossible for him not to notice the sudden appearance of so many people at the scene.

Moreover, these black shadows all became familiar faces in Bo Yang’s eyes. It was his nightmare!

When Bo Yang was a child, he was abused, and trampled by some b*stards! He clearly remembered that he had already taken revenge and slaughtered them all!

At the same time, Su Bai was relieved. Bo Yang had already been hit by Dream Wing’s Nightmare Cage!

That move did not work before. This time, Su Bai had Whitey unleash the Lock Skill that it stole from the Cloudflies during the break in the battle.

As a result, Bo Yang’s Devourer was temporarily unable to counter Dream Wing. This allowed the Nightmare Cage to hit its target.

“Bearen, finish him!”

Su Bai did not hesitate. He had to be decisive in the face of such an enemy.

However, Bo Yang suddenly moved and fled at an extremely fast speed at that moment.

“Don’t even think about escaping!”

Su Bai immediately recalled Bearen and chased after it.

Facing a Spiritualist Beastmaster who was a level higher than him, Su Bai knew that it wouldn’t be so easy to deal with him. Even if the other party was affected by Lock Skill.

Bo Yang’s spiritual power would not lose its effect because of that. He fell into a panic in an extremely short period, and he reacted quickly to detect the abnormality and break the illusion.

With constant pursuit, Bo Yang rushed out of the cave and summoned a Falcon. After riding it, he immediately soared up.

Su Bai also summoned his Golden Dragon and chased after Bo Yang.

In terms of speed, Golden Dragon was not inferior to the Falcon, and was even faster!

The dominance of an SS-level talent was displayed vividly at this moment. In just an instant, Golden Dragon caught up with Falcon.

The Platinum-level Falcon was the king of the sky. it immediately unleashed a dense number of Wind Blades at Golden Dragon in an attempt to shake it off.

However, Golden Dragon used an extremely agile movement technique to pass through the Wind Blades and its claw landed directly on the Falcon’s left wing.

With the pain, the Falcon lost its balance and began to lower its altitude.

Bo Yang found it hard to believe that he was in such a sorry state.

A mere Beastmaster who wasn’t even twenty years old actually had such a powerful Beast and was able to force him to this extent!

“Falcon, drop at the peak!”


Bo Yang shouted as he rode on his Falcon.

In the end, he landed on the peak of Mt. Prime Snow.

Su Bai jumped down and asked, “Why aren’t you running anymore?”

Bo Yang slowly turned around. The contempt in his eyes had completely disappeared. He said, “I admit that you are indeed very strong, but that’s all.”

“Take a good look at this world. This is your last chance,” said Su Bai.

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