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Chapter 276: 276 Parasitize the Primordial Giant

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276 Parasitize the Primordial Giant

After the pact was formed, Dawn Queen completely submitted in an instant, and everything it had belonged to Su Bai.

“Master, what was the opportunity you were talking about?”

“You’ll know later. Follow me.”

An idea flashed in Su Bai’s mind. He brought Dawn Queen out of the Spiral Realm and into the real world.

Dawn Queen looked at the white world. It was the first time it had come to the real world. But it was barren all around, with nothing but snow.

The doubt in Dawn Queen’s eyes grew heavier. It did not understand why it was here.

Su Bai asked, “Do you wish to become stronger?”

“Of course I do!” said Dawn Queen. She hurriedly explained, “I was indeed boasting shamelessly in the past. My idea of becoming stronger has not changed. Now, my only wish is to assist you, Master!”

Dawn Queen had learned from Su Bai that one had to bow down under the eaves.

Su Bai’s eyes were calm after hearing Dawn Queen’s words. From the Dawn Queen’s information, Su Bai could see that its affinity with him was very low. Only a pitiful 11 points!

There was always the risk that Dawn Queen would devour or betray him.

Dawn Queen had always been obedient because Su Bai had grasped its lifeline.

If it were any other Beastmasters, they would not tolerate such a Beast that had hidden danger.

But Su Bai was different, he reached out to stroke Dawn Queen’s head. It made her feel flattered and immediately lowered her posture by half a height.

There was even more shocking news. Su Bai had already simplified it. He only needed to pet the Beast to increase its affinity with him.

That was why Su Bai was able to do things that ordinary people could not do, which was to train his Beasts!

Dawn Queen’s heart, which was initially perturbed, gradually underwent a subtle change. It enjoyed Su Bai’s petting.

A subtle emotion surged in Dawn Queen’s heart. In its eyes, Su Bai was no longer as scary as before.

In less than five minutes, Dawn Queen’s affinity with him increased from 11 points to 67 points!

Although the Dawn Bugs did not have the facial features of the humans, their figures were curvy.

Other than the fact that it was a little bigger, it could make countless men drool with its proud figure.

Su Bai couldn’t help but mutter when he saw the change in Dawn Queen, “Why did the atmosphere suddenly become weird?”

It didn’t take long for Dawn Queen’s affinity with Su Bai to reach 100!

Now Su Bai had no more worries. He pointed at the ground and said, “Look here.”

“Master, I don’t understand.”

Dawn Queen was still puzzled, but it still bent down to feel the land.

“This is the corpse of a Primordial Giant. It won’t be long before it comes back to life in another form,” Su Bai said calmly.

Dawn Queen suddenly raised its head, its heart pounding. It could not imagine that there was actually a Beast beneath the snowy ground!

“Master, you mean you need me to parasitize it?”

“That’s right. How confident are you?” Su Bai asked.

The Dawn Bugs’ parasitic skill was like a puppeteer, controlling Beasts as puppets.

However, the situation of the Primordial Giant was different. The energy contained in its huge body was incalculable.

“I can’t do it alone. But if all my kins were mobilized, it might be possible to parasitize the Primordial Giant if each Dawn Larva is responsible for a small area!” Dawn Queen said.

At the current Third Heaven, the Dawn Bugs were flourishing. There were more than 2,000 Dawn Larvae.

If Su Bai hadn’t given the order, they would have gone up to 5,000 already.

“Then it’s decided. You go back and make preparations first.”

“Yes, Master!”

Su Bai recalled Dawn Queen back to the Third Heaven. He looked into the distance from the top of the mountain and felt a little nervous.

‘If this plan failed, the losses brought by the Primordial Giant were definitely something that the borders of the Great Wilderness could not afford.’ Su Bai thought.

Not long after, a team of Beastmasters arrived at the snowy mountain. They were the official Beastmasters of Great Wilderness City. They had come here because they had detected an unknown energy fluctuation.

“Hey, kid. Why are you alone?”

After checking Su Bai’s ID card, a Beastmaster said, “If you have nothing else to do, hurry down the mountain. There are abnormal energy fluctuations here.”

This abnormal energy fluctuation was undoubtedly emitted by the Primordial Giant.

A huge body couldn’t move at will. It was awakening at this moment.

Su Bai immediately told them about the Primordial Giant. The Beastmasters widened their eyes, not daring to believe the absurd truth.

“Su Bai, are you sure you didn’t fall into the illusion?”

“I’m sure. If there’s any void, you can take me to the governor and punish me.” Su Bai said solemnly.

The other party took a deep breath. Although it was ridiculous, they had to believe it, not all of it.

“I got it. I will inform the Great Wilderness City immediately.”

Then, the team of Beastmasters immediately retreated from the snowy mountain and rushed back to Great Wilderness City.

Su Bai waited. He had been observing the Primordial Giant’s condition. The chaotic souls within had calmed down a little compared to before. They had probably adapted to the Primordial Giant’s body.

“It’s coming!”

Suddenly, Su Bai stood up.

At the same time, the ground began to tremble violently, and an avalanche descended at this moment.

In order not to be affected, Su Bai immediately summoned Golden Dragon and rode it in the air.

At that moment, countless snowflakes poured down.


A loud explosion sounded. The Beasts that had been resting all year round felt the unusual change and fled one after another.

However, their speed was far inferior to the Primordial Giant. They were either buried in the thick snow or fell from the sky.


With another loud bang, the Primordial Giant’s hand rose from the ground.

The size of its palm was already comparable to one-tenth of the size of a city.

Su Bai was speechless and he looked at the awakened Primordial Giant solemnly.

A huge body with just a slight movement would bring endless disasters to the earth.

The surroundings of the snowy mountain became purgatory. Tens of thousands of Beasts were affected, and this was just the beginning.

“I’m back, Master!”

Soon, Dawn Queen returned to reality. She half-knelt on Golden Dragon and said, “I have already gathered all my kins and will heed your orders at any time, Master!”

Su Bai looked at the huge thing under his feet and shouted, “Start parasitizing!”


With a command, a vast expanse of Dawn Larvae surged out from the Third Heaven.

Like fresh snow, it landed on the head of the Primordial Giant.


Dawn Queen took the lead in charging forward, using its incomparably sharp teeth to tear at the exposed outer body of the Primordial Giant.

The process was extremely slow because the Primordial Giant’s physique was powerful. It was not something that they could easily destroy.

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