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Chapter 290: 290 The Little Beast-core Cannon!

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290 The Little Beast-core Cannon!

At the same time, Lu Xingping’s Beast, Ice Elemental, also appeared quietly. As long as there was anything wrong with Anves, it would immediately attack!

Su Bai was not surprised to see the happy Anves. However, Su Bai was more interested in Lu Xingping’s Beast.

To put it more accurately, the Ice Elemental was a type of ice element Beast that had no physical body. It was quite rare.

As expected, the previous governor of Great Peace City had placed high hopes on Lu Xingping, who was not completely useless.

As for Anves, he was rather excited. As a hundred-year-old man, he actually addressed a little kid as his brother.

“Why are you stopping me? I’m not hurting my brother, Su Bai!”

The technology of the dwarves had always been known for its exquisiteness and miracles. But at this moment, Su Bai’s technique was a miracle in Anves ‘eyes!

Su Bai laughed hoarsely.

After studying the maintenance manual, Su Bai was already familiar with the structure and knowledge of the Beast-core Cannon. Naturally, he knew what Anves meant.

In reality, Anves was thinking too much. Although Su Bai had learned the maintenance manual, it did not mean that he could control it.

Most of the skills Su Bai used were of the elves that surprised and excited Anves! But Su Bai could not reveal it, so he just smiled and did not say anything.

“Mr. Anves, sorry for the offense.”

Seeing that the other party had no hostility, Lu Xingping heaved a sigh of relief and moved aside. At the same time, he recalled his Beast, Ice Elemental.

Anves did not mind at all. Instead, he praised, “It’s a small problem. I’m not a person who haggles over something minor. Su Bai, tell me what method you used!”

Then, Anves returned to the side of the Beast-core Cannon and said in a daze, “Don’t think that this component has a simple structure. We spent nearly 30 years on it….”

Anves said something that Lu Xingping and the others could not understand, but they could tell something. This hundred-year-old man seemed to be more innocent than they had imagined.

Facing the repaired Beast-core Cannon, Anves did not pursue the matter. Instead, he kept praising Su Bai.

“Captain Su, congratulations. Looks like you’re going to be lucky!” Lu Xingping laughed.

Repairing the Beast-core Cannon was already a great merit, and now it had even won the favor of the dwarf envoy.

Perhaps they might be able to use that opportunity to repair the cold war between the dwarves and humans!

Su Bai shrugged and was dragged away by Anves to nag. Su Bai had no choice but to agree with Anvers. The two of them talked for nearly six hours.

In the mansion’s lounge, Lu Xingping had just taken a nap and had already woken up to carry out his official duties.

At this moment, the minister of the military industry rushed over.

“We can’t be careless about the banquet later. How’s Captain Su doing?” Lu Xingping asked after getting dressed.

The minister smiled bitterly.

Lu Xingping’s expression gradually became serious, thinking that something had gone wrong.

However, the minister waved his hand and said, “No, no, no, Mr. Governor, you misunderstood. Captain Su is quite good. Not only is he good, but he’s even better. He’s so good that I’m speechless!”

“Don’t keep me in suspense!”

“After you left, Mr. Anves and Captain Su went to the warehouse of the Military Industry Department. They seemed to be discussing the production of a brand new Beast-core Cannon.”

Lu Xingping was speechless.

This news was like the rain after a long drought!

Besides, there was news that Anves liked Su Bai very much and was going to take him as his disciple!

If the relationship between the dwarves and the humans was restored because of Su Bai, he would definitely be the great hero of the humans!

Immediately, Lu Xingping rushed to the Military Industry Department, but he did not expect the warehouse door to be closed.

Not only Lu Xingping, even Bing Qingqing, and the others were sitting outside, staring at the door. They were very curious about the situation inside.

Suddenly, Anves shouted, “Wonderful!”

This made Lu Xingping even more curious about the situation inside, but he was helpless that it was not appropriate to barge in rashly.

“This is already Mr. Anves’s thirty-sixth line. I think whatever happens inside should be pretty good,” an Alchemist said helplessly.

Everyone was both excited and helpless about this situation.

In the warehouse, Anves was assembling all the parts with a rough and wild method and Su Bai was handing the parts to Anves.

To not expose his elf skills, Su Bai had especially refined all of them in the Spiral Realm and placed the parts in front of Anves.

Anves was stunned by the entire process.

Su Bai also took this opportunity to explain that the alchemy furnace was in his Beast Space so that Anves would not feel weird by the parts’ sudden appearance.

Anves sighed, “I really envy your humans’ Beast Space. It’s so convenient. Unlike me, a Platinum-level Alchemist. My Beast Space is less than thirty square meters. It’s hard to even put a working alchemy furnace in it!”

The replica of the Beast-core Cannon that the two of them worked on had already taken shape. It was different from the original version. The replica was made of 90% diamond.

What surprised Su Bai was that under Anves’ guidance, he made modules.

The replica of the Beast-core Cannon only needed about 316 module parts, which realized a simpler overall structure than the original. Even if it was broken, it did not need to be overhauled.

According to Anves, the structure of the Beast-core Cannon was very precise, and it would take a lot of time and effort to make one. However, this cannon had thrown away these shortcomings.

These cannons had already achieved mass production in the Dwarf Kingdom!

When Anves saw Su Bai’s optimized Beast-core Cannon, he could not wait to share his research results over the years!

Su Bai could not stop Anves’s enthusiasm. So they made such a replica of the Beast-core Cannon together under a joint effort.

The completed product was only three-fifths the size of the Beast-core Cannon! If put together, the replica was like a toy.

Anves stroked his white beard and laughed, “Don’t think that this thing is small. Its power is not inferior to the genuine one at all! But this one isn’t that ideal. After all, the materials used are just so-so. At most, I can use it for fun.”

Su Bai was shocked.

Diamonds were expensive material, but in the eyes of the dwarves, it was just so-so.

“Mr. Anves, this cannon should have a name, right?”

“Yes, it’s called the Little Beast-core Cannon.”


Su Bai was stunned. He did not expect dwarves to name things so simply and crudely.

Almost all the dwarves were Alchemists, and most of them were straightforward and honest.

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