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Chapter 300: 300 Advanced Through the Pre-selection

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300 Advanced Through the Pre-selection
The venue was divided into hundreds of examination rooms of different sizes.

Every once in a while, a batch of contestants would enter the examination room and then the official selection would begin.

Su Bai had just arrived at the venue when a group of contestants walked out of the examination room. All of them looked gloomy and it seemed that their progress was not going well.

Su Bai took a look at his number and sat quietly in a corner of the hall.

After a few days of cultivation, the one who was the most surprised was Anves. According to Anves’s test, Su Bai’s alchemy level was at least Platinum!

Su Bai was a bit surprised. After all, his Beasmaster level was only at Gold. He did not expect his alchemy level could actually surpass his Beastmaster level.

However, the dwarves’ Alchemy Festival was strictly for participants that were below the Platinum level.

The biggest reason was that the Alchemy Festival itself was used to train the younger generation of Alchemists, in case the high-level Alchemists were to smurf around.

However, humans could not obtain proof of alchemy qualifications from the dwarves.

Therefore, Su Bai was still a novice Alchemist; he was not even a beginner. This restriction would not hinder Su Bai.

Not long after, A group of contestants walked out of the examination room. Some dwarves were full of confidence, while others were dejected.

“Why are the questions this year so difficult? I was eliminated with just a slight issue!”

“Hey, me too.”

Then, an announcement sounded.

Su Bai heard the number and stood up immediately. He headed towards the examination room.

Along the way, many dwarves noticed Su Bai and smiled mockingly.

“Ridiculous. How dare humans attend the Alchemy Festival in our Heavencraft City? I think they must be tired of living.”

“I bet this guy won’t last more than ten minutes!”

“Ten minutes? Three minutes at most!”

“Don’t talk nonsense. This is the young human that Lord Anves brought back.”

“Hmph! Lord Anves must have been deceived by this human. Humans were best at deception!”

Their words didn’t affect Su Bai at all.

After entering the examination room, there was an alchemy furnace the size of Su Bai’s body and a judge.

The dwarf judge looked at Su Bai and said calmly, “Are you ready to start?”


“Alright.” The dwarf judge opened the lid of the alchemy furnace and handed over the box in his hand. “Your test is to use these materials to forge a Beast-cores weapon. There is no limit to the variety.”

“How do I pass?”


Hearing that, the dwarf judge smiled disdainfully and said, “That depends on the quality of the Beast-cores weapon you refine. If you refine a Bronze-grade weapon, you will be eliminated immediately.”

“What about Gold-grade?”

“If you can refine these materials to Gold-grade, I’ll directly pass you!”

“That’s not bad.”

Su Bai chuckled and looked at the materials in the box.

No wonder even the dwarves in Heavencraft City were complaining. These materials could be seen everywhere.

Just like the most abundant rusty copper, with the price here, one Bronze-grade Beast-cores could buy a lot of it.

There were also a few other materials that were not much better than rusty copper.

Su Bai glanced at the materials and prepared to refine them.

Because of the rules, there was no way to use the elven technique to refine in the Spiral Realm.

Therefore, Su Bai could only release energy from the alchemy furnace to ignite a bright flame.

When the dwarf judge saw that, his expression changed.

Then, Su Bai threw all the materials from the box into the alchemy furnace.

“Are you crazy?”

The dwarf judge could not sit still and shouted in panic, “Who taught you alchemy like this? This is simply nonsense!”

The dwarf judge was amazed by Su Bai’s rich energy. However, this series of operations caused his blood pressure to rise.

Su Bai did not explain further but concentrated on the operation. He did not learn the first and second volumes of the Basic Design Concepts of Beast-Core Weapons in a Nutshell for nothing.

According to Anves, no more than 500 dwarves in the main city could study the two books!

Su Bai had become one of the five hundred dwarves.

As the flames danced, the materials in the alchemy furnace gradually began to shape and fuse.

The dwarf judge could not watch the whole process. According to his experience, the outcome of Su Bai’s nonsense was to make all the materials useless!

Time passed by, and the flame of the alchemy furnace had not stopped, but Su Bai had already finished refining.


As Su Bai spoke, he took out the Beast-core weapon from the alchemy furnace.

The entire weapon was of uniform thickness, both ends were round, and the color had a touch of light green.

The dwarf judge endured the discomfort and looked up. Then, his expression instantly froze.

“A stick?”

The dwarf judge had never expected to see such a joke-like Beast-cores weapon in the Alchemy Festival.

“That’s right.” Su Bai nodded.

Then, Su Bai handed over the stick in his hand.

However, it seemed that the dwarf judge’s patience had reached its limit. He suppressed his anger.

The dwarf judge held Su Bai’s long stick and began to test. As long as there was a slight chance, he would take advantage of it.

After all, the dwarves did not like Su Bai from the humans.

If it wasn’t for Anves, the people would have been angry and chased Su Bai out of the city. Being able to tolerate it until now was already the greatest concession.

At the same time, there were more than a hundred contestants gathered outside Su Bai’s examination room. Their purpose was to laugh at Su Bai who was eliminated.

This year’s Alchemy Festival was very difficult, and more than half of the participants would be eliminated. Among them was no lack of Gold-level Alchemists.

There was a light on the door of the examination room. A green light would indicate a pass, and a red light would indicate a failure.

There was no doubt that they did not think Su Bai would succeed.

In the dwarves’ impression, humans had extremely low attainments in alchemy.

In addition to the problems left behind by history, they could not wait to witness Su Bai’s failure and take the opportunity to humiliate him!

“The others have already come out. Why is this guy still inside?”

“Hehe, I think he’s most likely eliminated!”

“Let’s make this clear first. As long as he’s eliminated, we have to be the first to go up!”

“To do what?”

“To spit on him!”

There were many discussions in front of the door. Soon, they fell silent with a flash of light.

“It’s green light!”

They did not expect Su Bai to pass!

All of them stared at each other with their eyes wide open, thinking that they were seeing things.

In the room, the dwarf judge’s reaction was even greater.

“Th-This… How could it be Gold-grade?!”

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