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Chapter 306: 306 The Crushing Force

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306 The Crushing Force

There were not many Beastmasters in Heavencraft City, and their strength was still low.

Even the governor, Ampoc, did not have a flying-type combat Beast. He could not stop the overwhelming number of Winglies at all.

Su Bai and the others understood that.

The reason why the Winglies could bring such a huge loss to the city was precisely because of that.

Ampoc and the others could only intercept a small portion of the Winglies and had no time to deal with more Winglies, causing the rest to flood into the city.

“You guys will split into groups of three and be responsible for dealing with the Winglies in the city.”

“Yes, sir!”

Lu Le and the others immediately split into small teams and began to clean up the invading Winglies in the city.

On the streets and alleys, the dwarves had already hidden in the enclosed space, but the buildings would still be attacked by the Winglies.

No matter how hard Lu Le and the others tried, they could not cover the entire city. They could only do their best.

At that moment, Su Bai was walking on the street alone. He had released Golden Dragon, Dream Wing, and Whitey.


Amidst the roar, Golden Dragon felt as if it had come to an amusement park.

It gobbles up a Wingly in each bite. It treated the Winglies as a snack.

Dream Wing was in charge of crowd control. It released an illusion domain and controlled hundreds of Winglies. Then, Whitey would kill them all.


Golden Dragon has killed a Lower-Silver level Wingly and gained 760 experience points!


Golden Dragon has killed a Lower-Silver level Wingly and gained 760 experience points!

The Winglies died one after another, but the situation did not improve as expected.

The most fundamental reason was that there were too many Winglies.

It was really difficult to clean it up in a short period.

Although the killing efficiency was not as good as that of the Golden Dragon and other Beasts in the end, it could be dealt with quickly.

“This is bad.”

Su Bai punched the two Winglies in front of him and saw that some buildings were damaged.

If this continued, it would be difficult to overthrow the current situation. It was at this moment that Su Bai had to take the unconventional path.

The Winglies could not invade Heavencraft City without any organization. There must be a leader’s consciousness.

Immediately, Su Bai called back the Golden Dragon and flew up on it.

The Winglies in the sky were like locusts that had passed through. Faced with the pure energy emitted by the Golden Dragon, they rushed over like crazy.

“Yes, that’s it!”

Su Bai’s eyes flashed. He realized that this was the crux of the problem.

Winglies loved the energy, so they would definitely target alchemical creations or Beastmasters that emitted energy.

As long as the target was big enough, it could attract more Winglies.

Then, Su Bai returned to the ground and summoned Bearen.


Bearen looked at the enemies that filled the sky and it was filled with battle intent. However, when it heard Su Bai’s instructions, it lost interest.

“Use Gigamax and Lightning Armor at the same time!”


In a certain park, Bearen’s body instantly expanded by five times, making the buildings beside it seem a little mini.

At the same time, the Lightning Armor covering its body released extremely rich lightning elemental energy.


In an instant, all the Winglies within a hundred meters were attracted over. Like moths to a flame, the Winglies crashed into Bearen’s body.

Bearen has killed a Mid-Silver level Wingly and gained 650 experience points!


Bearen has killed an Upper-Silver level Wingly and gained 1,210 experience points!


Bearen has killed an Upper-Silver level Wingly and gained 1,140 experience points!

The more Winglies that were killed, the more they would rush over. They could not resist the temptation of energy.

Golden Dragon saw the Winglies around Bearen and it became extremely greedy, so Golden Dragon pounced on the Winglies and began to kill in all directions.

Dream Wing was a little clumsy at that moment. So, Su Bai put it back into the Spiral Realm.

To ensure safety, Whitey was asked to unleash the skill, Lock Skill! It directly disarmed the Winglies!

On the other side, Ampoc was still fighting, and he was extremely anxious.

Even though the Winglies posed no threat to him, he could not stop the other Winglies from swarming into the city.

At that moment, three dwarven Beastmasters rushed over.

“Sir, the surrounding Winglies seem to be heading in the same direction!”

“Where did they go?”

A dwarf Beastmaster frowned and said, “I don’t know. But it seems that that position was where the young human was previously.”

“Su Bai?”

Ampoc frowned. He immediately rushed over with his Beast, the Golden-Horned Brute Dragon.

When they arrived at the park where Su Bai was, they could not believe their eyes.

More than ten thousand Winglies had covered half of the park, and Ampoc could not see Su Bai at all.

The only thing that could be seen was a bright blue-white bolt of lightning in the middle of the dense Winglies.

It was hard for Ampoc to imagine just how vast the energy inside was to be able to attract so many Winglies.

Among the tens of thousands of Winglies, Su Bai was very happy.

With so many Winglies, Golden Dragon had already advanced to Upper-9 Silver level. Moreover, it seemed that it was only a matter of time before Golden Dragon reached the High-10 Silver level. Its experience points kept increasing crazily.

As a lightbulb, Bearen was rather worried. It felt offended by the continuous ramming of tens of thousands of Winglies.

The key was that the Winglies that offended it could not be killed. In addition, there was the Golden Dragon and Whitey around, so it could not attack as much as it wanted.

Just then, Su Bai sensed an unusual Wingly. It was at Lower-Platinum level! It completely surpassed any Wingly and was the most powerful individual.

Without a doubt, Bearen’s pure and majestic energy finally made this leader unable to endure it and was willing to show itself.

“Golden Dragon, I’ll leave it to you!”


Golden Dragon received the order and immediately rushed into the clouds. Its sharp claws accurately landed on the Wingly Leader, causing snowflakes to splash in the air.

The Wingly Leader was not to be outdone either. It endured the pain and attacked the Golden Dragon.

“Claw Attack!”

As the attack landed, sparks flew across Golden Dragon’s hard scales. The attack did not break through its defense at all!

Winglies had a low defense, and their combat ability was even more so. The only strong points were their skills and talent. Therefore, they were no match for Golden Dragon at all.


Golden Dragon began to attack the Wingly Leader crazily, but the Wingly Leader did not have any room to fight back. It was a completely one-sided suppression of the situation!

Soon, under a series of powerful attacks, the Wingly Leader was bitten into two by Golden Dragon.


Golden Dragon has killed a Lower-Platinum level Wingly and gained 61,000 experience points!

“We did it!”

Su Bai smiled when he heard the notification.

Looking at the weak attacks of the Winglies around Bearen, Su Bai suddenly felt that the situation was not bad, but rather pretty good.

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