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Chapter 31

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Extrasensory, an Epic Talent


Caressing complete. Affinity gained 1 point!


Caressing complete. Affinity gained 1 point!


Caressing complete. Affinity gained 1 point!

Su Bai didn’t care about their opinions. He was immersed in the pleasant sound of the system prompt.

In less than two minutes, the affinity points had already broken through 100!

It had reached 210 affinity points!

“So 100 is not the limit?”

Honestly, Su Bai himself was surprised.

Although Su Bai wanted to continue trying to see how much affinity could be improved, he was still very curious.

But time was of the essence.

The Demantulas in the distance seemed to have sensed the movement and had begun to approach slowly.

“Form the pact with me,” said Su Bai. He took out a small knife and made a cut on his fingertip. Then, he closed his eyes.

In an instant, both the Beast and Su Bai’s consciousnesses fused together.

The color of the Sigil on the back of Su Bai’s right hand deepened.

The pact was a success!

Su Bai looked at the cracked spider-type Beast egg with excitement.


When an opening appeared, a black shadow flashed past.

Su Bai didn’t even have time to see it clearly.

A palm-sized white spider had climbed onto Su Bai’s shoulder.

Its snow-white appearance made it look like a holy angel.

Compared to those Demantulas, the white spider was much more attractive.

Su Bai immediately opened Crackantula’s information panel.

Name: Crackantula

Lineage: Thousand-Demon

Potential: Lower Diamond

Level: Mid-4 Iron

Talent: Extrasensory (Epic)

Skills: Sharp Blade (B-level), Ripple Scamper (A-level), Rip (A-level)

Nature: Perseverance

Affinity: 210

It had just hatched, and its level was already Mid-4 Iron.

It was two levels higher than when Bearen hatched.

But what surprised Su Bai the most was that Crackantula was hatched with two A-level skills!

Bearen’s Lightning Armor was an A-level skill.

It displayed terrifying power, whether the increased defense or the damage reflection effect.

Crackantula was even more outstanding.

It had two A-level skills.

There is a high chance of it breaking through its skill to S-level in the future!

As expected of a Diamond level potential Beast, the base point was already high.

It also has an Epic talent, Extrasensory, which significantly increases sensitivity. A natural talent for combat.

It was just that Su Bai was not too sure about its lineage. He would have to check further when he returned to the base.

Crackantula stood on Su Bai’s shoulder and affectionately rubbed its little head against him.

As expected of an affinity of 210.

Everyone’s jaws dropped when they saw that Su Bai had successfully formed the pact.

‘Caressing the spider-type Beast egg like a pervert would make the pact successful? That’s too fantasy.’ everyone thought.

“What a beautiful white spider.” At that moment, Liu Yiyi’s heart was moved. She was attracted by Crackantula’s appearance.

There would be no harm without comparison.

Su Bai looked at the Demantulas in the distance. Their bodies were covered in kiwis-like hair.

The colors were a hideous grayish-brown mix.

It was hard for Su Bai to imagine that the white spider was their offspring.

“Let’s hurry up and retreat before we’re discovered.” Su Bai returned to the crowd and reminded them.

If they did not flee after stealing the Beast’s offspring, they would be attacked by the group of Beasts.

Liu Yiyi and the others were very curious about Crackantula.

However, they also understood the current situation and immediately began to retreat from the spider Beast nest.

While escaping, they were almost discovered by the Demantulas several times. Luckily, Su Bai was at the front and reminded them in time.

It was not entirely Su Bai’s credit because Crackantula had activated its epic talent, Extrasensory!

Thus, that was why they could avoid danger in time.

Unbeknownst to them, the Demantulas had already gathered in a cluster near the cave’s entrance.

Everyone was panicking.

They feared that the Demantulas would be alerted if they were not careful.

Fortunately, he had the help of Crackantula’s talent.

Su Bai could accurately control the situation and escape from the nest of dozens of Demantulas.

They successfully returned to the tunnel.

“Whitey, can you find the way to the surface?” Su Bai asked.

Whitey was the name Su Bai gave to Crackantula. After all, it was too awkward to call its original name.

When Whitey heard that, it made a few gestures with its front paws on its shoulder.

Then, it nodded its little head.

Seeing that it was feasible, Su Bai immediately said to the others, “Everyone, follow me closely. We’re ready to leave this place.”

Before Liu Yiyi and the others could react, Su Bai had already started to take steps.

“What’s going on?!”

Although they were a little confused, everyone still followed.

Along the way, they encountered the low-level Soilants blocking their path.

Whitey would jump up and tear those Soilant’s necks with its sharp claws.

Whitey was as terrifying as an assassin.

It was hard to imagine that Whitey, the size of a palm, had such combat power when it was just hatched.

After the battle ended, Whitey would immediately return to Su Bai’s shoulder.


Su Bai complimented it, and Whitey shook its head proudly.

Compared to Bearen, the catacomb was like a battlefield specially prepared for small and high-spirit Beasts like Whitey.

“So there’s a fork in the road here?!”

With Whitey’s lead, everyone finally realized the fork in the road because it was a blind spot.

There were also environmental factors that made the tunnel have many hidden branches.

There was no other option. Everyone was focused on the path ahead, ready to go into combat mode if they came across any Beasts.

Naturally, they would subconsciously ignore it.

But fortunately, they had Whitey’s talent, Extrasensory.

Everyone walked smoothly in the tunnel. They could feel the breeze blowing in their faces in less than ten minutes.

“We’re finally out!”

They left the catacomb and saw the starry night sky they had not seen in a long time.

Everyone was overjoyed and took in deep breaths of fresh air.

“Let me see this little spider.” Liu Yiyi’s excitement was not over yet. She immediately went up to Su Bai and said enviously, “What a beautiful spider!”

Hearing that, the other students also quickly gathered around.

“It’s indeed pretty, but why does it look different from the Demantulas in the nest?”

“This is the most attractive spider-type Beast I’ve ever seen!”

“I’m so envious. My fingers are still hurting. I haven’t gotten anything yet.”

Everyone couldn’t hide their envy towards Su Bai.

“Cute little guy, let me touch you, okay?”

Liu Yiyi stretched out her slender index finger, but before she could get close, Whitey disappeared with a swish.

“Su Bai, you’re so stingy. It’s just a touch. Why put it in the Beast Space?” Liu Yiyi pouted and said.

“I swear it wasn’t me, Yiyi.” Su Bai didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as he took out Whitey from his pocket and explained, “This little fellow is probably too shy and doesn’t want to be touched by you.”

“It moves that fast?!” Liu Yiyi was very surprised.

With such speed, Liu Yiyi didn’t even see a shadow and hid in Su Bai’s pocket.

The others didn’t even know what had happened.

Su Bai chuckled and was about to put Whitey into the Beast Space, but the little guy rejected him.

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