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Chapter 314: 314 Paris's Killing Intent

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314 Paris’s Killing Intent

Paris said impatiently, “Lord Anves, this is the place! It’s the Crimson Core vein! I can guarantee that it’s at least 5,000 tons!”

Anves asked Su Bai with doubt, “Is there a Crimson Core vein here?”


Su Bai smiled.

Paris was even more excited when Su Bai did not deny it.

Paris immediately added, “The Crimson Core vein was originally discovered by us together. In the end, this group of humans actually wanted to monopolize it and chased me out!”

He could not wait to see Su Bai being expelled.

It was just as Su Bai thought, Paris received the support of his clansmen based on his words.

“In our territory, they still dare to chase our people away. This group of humans is really lawless!”

“That’s right, Lord Anves, hurry up and get them out!”

“The matter of the Crimson Core is small. We can’t let our clansmen be bullied!”

“That’s right!”

“Don’t talk nonsense. Su Bai is the hero who saved Heavencraft City!”

The situation was getting more and more chaotic.

“Shut up!” Anves immediately shouted.

Everyone quieted down. Su Bai and the others were waiting for the development of the situation.

The value of nearly 20,000 tons of Crimson Cores was still difficult to estimate.

Logically, it was against the rules for Su Bai and the others to take away the resources in the dwarves’ territory.

However, the strong preyed on the weak in this world. The dwarves did not find the Crimson Core vein first, nor did they have the ability to mine it quickly.

Therefore, the Crimson cores would belong to whoever could obtain them first.

It was unjust for whoever with the stronger fist would be the one with the bigger reason.

As the oldest, Anves was especially clear about the rules of this world.

Anves stroked his beard and smiled, giving a subtle hint with his eyes.

Su Bai raised his eyebrows and answered immediately, “It’s indeed not big. It’s only about a few hundred kilograms of Crimson Cores.”

Paris heard that and said loudly, “I don’t believe it. Lord Anves, please send someone to investigate personally!”

“Okay, I’ll bring people down to take a look. You guys wait here.”

With that, Anves immediately led a team of Beastmasters into the cave.

Just in case something dangerous happened.

Su Bai even lent Whitey to Anvers to ensure his safety.

During the waiting period, Paris’s hateful eyes never left Su Bai.

Su Bai smiled helplessly.

If Paris had not been so greedy and asked for 40%, perhaps things would not have been so stiff.

At that moment, Hubala came over and said with a smile, “Su Bai, do you have any extra Crimson Cores to sell me?”

For every Alchemist, the temptation of a Crimson Core was self-evident.

Hubala was a disciple of Ampoc, and his vision was not as short-sighted as Paris’s.

If the matter could be resolved peacefully, he definitely did not want the whole city to know about it.

Especially since Ampoc’s attitude towards Su Bai had changed, Hubala realized that the relationship between the two races was not as rigid as before.

“Sure I can.”

Su Bai took out a pound of Crimson Cores from the Spiral Realm and put them on the ground.

Instantly, hundreds of pairs of eyes were attracted.

“According to our market price, one gram of Crimson Core can be exchanged for 30 Silver-grade Beast-cores. 500 grams would be… I can’t afford it.” Hubala laughed awkwardly.

“It was that expensive?”

Su Bai was a bit surprised. 500 grams of the Crimson Cores could be sold for 15,000 Silver-grade Beast-cores.

The value of the 10,000 tons of Crimson Cores was equivalent to making them rich!

“I will take less, just five grams.”

Hubala took out one Gold-grade Beast-core and 50 Silver-grade Beast-cores from his Beast Space.

Su Bai had no objection. He searched for a long time in the Spiral Realm and finally found a Crimson Core that fulfilled Hubala’s requirements.

Both parties completed the transaction.

At that moment, Anves and the others had already come out under the watchful eyes of everyone. Paris was especially anxious.

Anves coughed dryly and said loudly, “Ahem. After investigation, it is just as Su Bai said. This Crimson Core vein is not big, and there are only rocks and other mineral veins left inside.”

Hearing that, most of them lost interest.

Su Bai was not surprised by that. The method he used was the skill of the elves, which was more precise than borrowing the fire of the alchemy furnace.

Therefore, almost all the Crimson Cores that had been mined were not left behind.

If it was just a simple investigation, it would not be able to find out how many Crimson Cores there were on the rock wall.

Anves’s behavior earlier was very obvious. He was biased towards Su Bai. So even if they could see that there were more Crimson Cores, they would not say it.

As for the dwarven Beastmasters who had followed him in, they did not have such discerning eyes.

Therefore, whatever he wanted to say, was all up to Anves.

“But how are we going to solve the problem of them bullying Paris?”

“That’s right, they still have to explain themselves!”

The crowd was noisy.

Anves continued, “I can’t decide the specific situation based on the two sides. The best solution is to let Su Bai make the decision. Su Bai, what do you think?”

Su Bai nodded and said, “Just do as you say, Mr. Anves. I can guarantee that I never chased Paris away. It was just a problem of distribution of benefits between us.”

“Haha.” Paris smiled disdainfully.

Su Bai did not care and added, “But we found it together. I’m willing to give Paris a pound of Crimson Cores to solve the problem.”

A pound of Crimson Cores was worth 15,000 Silver-grade Beast-cores.

Everyone present gulped and was very envious.

At the same time, they were impressed that Su Bai could really give Paris some benefits.

“Paris, what about you?” Anves asked.

Paris gritted his teeth. He had already noticed that the wind was gradually moving away from him.


If Paris did not accept Su Bai’s suggestion, he would be the one being despised by everyone.
Paris had already suffered once before, so he would not be so stupid this time, so he braced himself and nodded.

But he would not let Su Bai off so easily.

“I accept, but I don’t want that one pound of Crimson Cores!”

Paris said expressionlessly, “I accept, but I don’t want that one pound of Crimson Cores! I didn’t do anything. It’s not appropriate to hold it. You can hold it yourself. But this thing is hot. Be careful not to get scalded.”

Su Bai shrugged.

Anves frowned, knowing that Paris was up to something.

However, if this matter continued, it would only become more and more troublesome. So Anves brought the team back to the camp.

On the bus, Su Bai sensed Paris’s strong killing intent. He knew that this matter was not over yet.

However, Su Bai had already done his best. If Paris continued to cause trouble, Su Bai would not continue to give in.

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