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Chapter 317: 317 An Ignorant Fool

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317 An Ignorant Fool
The middle-aged dwarf was a member of a side branch of the Paris family. He was here to accompany Paris and to take care of his living.

The one who was the most panicked was the middle-aged dwarf without a doubt.

Paris had been attacked and was unconscious for no reason. If his family knew about this, the middle-aged dwarf would lose a layer of skin even if he did not die.

After all, this was the most important Alchemy Festival to the dwarves.

The entire family was betting on Paris and no accidents were allowed to happen. The same for other contestants.

“What, you can’t even sleep?”

Lu Le chuckled and said, “What, can’t we even sleep? Why don’t you just wake him up and ask him who hit him? It’s such a troublesome matter.”

The middle-aged dwarf’s face turned red. He would have done so long ago if he could wake Paris up.

The middle-aged dwarf felt Paris’s pulse. It was normal. There was nothing unusual.

However, no matter if he pinched, or shouted at Paris, there was no reaction.

The atmosphere became solemn.

The middle-aged dwarf said angrily, “If you didn’t hit him, just stay here quietly. Don’t blame me for being merciless if you keep pestering me!”

‘Oh my, he even threatens me now.’ Lu Le thought.

Lu Le shrugged and did not want to provoke the dwarves.

At that moment, Anves strode over.

The middle-aged dwarf seemed to have found his backbone. He hurriedly went forward and said, “Lord Anves, you must investigate this matter thoroughly. You must severely punish the person who beat Paris up!”

Anves’s gloomy expression made everyone feel that something was wrong.

Soon, Su Bai came over. Lu Le immediately went up to him for information.

“Captain, did you hit this person?”

Su Bai was the most likely suspect after such a sudden incident, excluding the Beasts’ attack.

After all, the conflict from a few days ago was still fresh in their mind.

The first suspect that came to Lu Le’s mind was Su Bai. The other members of the team had the same thought.

If it was Su Bai who did it, they could not sit idly by and do nothing. They had to be prepared to fall out with the dwarves.

Lu Le and the others were confused.


They then turned their gaze to Anvers and walked towards Paris, tossing the dagger and Mirage Cloak beside him.
“What’s this…”

The middle-aged dwarf recognized that those items belonged to his family. He said, “How dare you try to steal our family’s treasures!”

Anves shouted, “Bullsh*t!”

The middle-aged dwarf was taken aback and Anves roared, “I beat him up. This b*stard attempted to assassinate a hero of Heavencraft City at night.”

Anves did not mention Su Bai’s name directly, but addressed Su Bai as the hero of Heavencraft City.

The crime was directly pinned on Paris’s name.

Everyone’s expression tensed up.

The middle-aged dwarf’s pupils constricted. He could not believe it. The unconscious Paris was not the victim, but the failed assassin who attempted to assassinate the hero of Heavencraft City.

Such a crime was not a joke. If Su Bai was just a passerby, this might not be a big deal. With that heroic title, it meant that Paris was the rebel against Heavencraft City.

Before this, Su Bai did not expect the title given by Ampoc, the governor of Heavencraft City, actually had a use.

The middle-aged dwarf hurriedly said, “L-Lord Anves, there must be some misunderstanding.”

He was still trying to salvage the situation.

After all, the family spent a lot of resources and time nurturing a genius Alchemist.

If there was a mishap at the final moment of the Alchemy Festival, it would make the already dying wealthy families even worse.

Anves faced the crowd and shouted, “Shut up, you have no right to speak now! Paris is disqualified from the Alchemy Festival for attacking the hero of Heavencraft City.”

As soon as the sentence was pronounced, none of the dwarves present dared to speak up for Paris.

It was not surprising that Paris was disqualified from the Alchemy Festival. His crime was too heavy.

If the others had any objections, they would be going against the governor of Heavencraft City, Ampoc.

The middle-aged dwarf clenched his fists tightly, his teeth bleeding. He understood the current situation and he could only swallow his anger and stop speaking.

Hubala looked at Paris and said softly, “What an ignorant fool trying to kill Su Bai. You think you have two alchemical treasures and you could assassinate Su Bai, who can kill tens of thousands of Winglies?”

Lu Le and the others did not expect such a reversal.

“He’s really bold. How many jugs of wine did this guy drink tonight?”

“Assassinate the captain? I wouldn’t dare to, but Paris was indeed brave.”

“A mere Alchemist dares to compete with a Beastmaster in strength. Tsk tsk…”

Su Bai laughed hoarsely after hearing the team member’s words.

This was the Beastmaster’s impression of Alchemists.

If Paris had attacked one of them instead of Su Bai tonight, the success rate would be at least eighty percent!

It seemed that Su Bai had to find time to teach everyone a lesson. When Alchemists became stronger, they were not to provoke.

As for being disqualified from the Alchemy Festival, it was Anves’s promise to Su Bai. He promised that this matter would be handled properly, and there would be subsequent punishments.

When Paris was put into the cage used to store livestock, Su Bai dispelled the Nightmare Cage.

Without a doubt, Paris looked around in shock and found himself imprisoned.

“Let me out! Let me out this instant!”

Everyone on the campsite heard Paris’s loud shouts. But no one dared to talk to him.

Paris would be charged as a traitor for attempting an assassination on the hero of Heavencraft City.

However, the middle-aged dwarf could not help but come to the side of the cage.

Paris saw his savior and shouted, “Uncle Li, let me out! I’m innocent. I don’t know anything, why are you imprisoning me!”

He was not a fool. He knew that the assassination attempt had failed. But he wasn’t too smart either.

Acting dumb would not solve any problems, and Anves had already charged Paris his crime.

“Young Master, you have to be patient. When we enter the capital, I will immediately think of a way to save you!”

Paris squeezed out an angry roar from between his teeth, “I can’t stand it! I want to see Su Bai’s dead body now!”

The middle-aged man frowned and sighed, ‘As a genius carefully nurtured by his family, Paris had always been studying the path of alchemy. But he was arrogant and frivolous due to his lack of experience. If he had talked to me about this matter, perhaps the plan would be more thorough.’

However, things had already happened, and Li would not let things continue to develop. After comforting Paris, he left in a hurry.

Paris was staring at Su Bai ferociously.

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