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Chapter 36

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The Catacomb’s Entrance Has Vanished

Such a valiant and heroic bearing made all the students in the camp fight to see her appearance.

“It’s a rare holiday, and I have to do a mission.” She took off her helmet suavely, and her hair fell like a waterfall. She had a delicate face and a pair of azure blue eyes.

It was so beautiful that the students’ minds went blank.

Even Liu Yiyi was immersed in that person’s beauty.

“Let me make the introductions. Her name is Bing Mengqi. A C-rank soldier, and she will be your temporary commander. Her orders have the same priority as mine.” Lei Xing introduced.

Hearing that, the students were immediately shocked.

Bing Mengqi didn’t look much older than them, but she was actually a C-Class soldier!

It was extremely difficult for a soldier to increase his rank.

It needed to be built on a massive amount of military merits.

A C-rank soldier had to complete at least a hundred D-Class missions.

As for Lei Xing, it was also because he had completed a B-Class mission that he had been promoted to B-Class while making a name for himself.

“A dozen phone calls just to let me lead a group of rookies? Lei Xing, you’re looking out for me.” Bing Mengqi looked at them helplessly and said.

One of the duties of a soldier was to obey.

Lei Xing didn’t take Bing Mengqi’s complaints to heart.

After the preparations were complete, Lei Xing led the team and officially set off!

It was night in the Wilderness.

The roars of Beasts could be heard from time to time.

As the team leader, Lei Xing walked at the forefront, leading the team members to deal with the Beasts blocking the way. The students and teachers in the middle section were responsible for those trying to flee.

Bing Mengqi was in charge of cleaning up the rest.

“Brothers, give me some courage. I’m going to get Mengqi’s phone number!”

“A C-rank soldier’s strength is at least Bronze level, so I advise you to not overdo it.”

“You have a death wish, but I don’t.”

“That’s right. She must be very unhappy. If you go up now, aren’t you looking for a beating?”

“Don’t be afraid. I’ll support you!”

“Be quiet!”

The students in the middle of the line whispered, and Li Heng immediately stopped them.

The students were so frightened that they immediately shut their mouths.

“Freshman, who do you think is prettier, Mengqi or me?” Liu Yiyi approached Su Bai and asked.

Su Bai, who was walking behind her, didn’t care about her.

The Simplification System’s cold voice rang out in his mind again.


Simplification is in progress. Simplification complete!

Crackantula’s growth has simplified to speed up by staying beside a Beastmaster!

It’s finally here!

Su Bai had always been curious about the simplified condition for Whitey’s activation.

He didn’t expect it to stay by his side.

That was much easier than Bearen!

Zero cost and no conditions.

It was as heaven-defying as being able to level up by just logging into a game.

Whitey didn’t know what was going on, but it was also feeling happy with Su Bai from the feedback of the pact formed.

The Wilderness was very dangerous at night, and the team ran into groups of Beasts.

However, with Lei Xing as the vanguard, there was no pressure.


A Flaredrake roared angrily and spewed out flames from its mouth, instantly engulfing the Beasts.

The high temperature instantly carbonized a few Beasts.

Is this the strength of a regular soldier?’ the students thought. They were all dumbfounded.

“Flaredrake, continue forward!” Lei Xing shouted.

Flaredrake was Lei Xing’s pact Beast.

Even though it was a Flaredrake and had the appearance of a dragon, it did not have the bloodline of a dragon.

But it was worthy of being considered a dragon.

It was very powerful.

In the world of Beasts, there was no weakling among the dragons.

The dragon-type Beasts were even more legendary in this world.

It was rumored that there was a real Dragonmaster in Los Monstaria. The dragon-type Beast he had made a pact with was very powerful.

However, this was only a rumor.

No one could be sure that such a person existed in Los Monstaria.

After all, dragon-type Beasts were extremely rare, to begin with, and forming a pact with them was as difficult as ascending to the heavens.

Every Beastmaster would only give it a thought at most.

It was already good enough to form a pact with a dragon.

The Beasts the other Beastmaster soldiers were displaying were also powerful.

Dealing with the Beasts in the Wilderness was like taking candy from a baby.

And that was indeed the case.

The students simply had no need to take action at all.

They blindly followed behind the group.

But they also exclaimed that this trip was worth it!

“What a handsome Ice-Toothed Tiger! That’s the Beast I’ve been dreaming of!”

“This is the first time I’ve seen a Flaredrake. It’s so cool and ferocious!”

“I wonder when I’ll be able to join the army.”

“Work hard and do your best!”

“Sigh. The Beast isn’t a gentle one. I’ll die in one round.”

The crowd was shocked, and Li Heng had already given up on keeping them quiet.

It would be a wonder if this group of disobedient children could be quiet.

The speed at which they followed the soldiers was comparable to the students.

They arrived at the location Liu Yiyi had pointed out in less than half an hour.

Looking at the familiar cliff, Liu Yiyi led everyone to a place. Still, her eyes suddenly froze, and she surprisingly asked, “Where’s the cave’s entrance?”

Beneath their feet was nothing but gravel and sand.

There was no entrance to the underground.

“Su Bai, quickly try to recall.” Liu Yiyi quickly asked for help.

But Su Bai also frowned and said, “I also remember that the cave entrance was here, but it seemed to have disappeared.”

When everyone heard the cave disappear, they were no longer calm.

Especially the students. It was their first time following the soldiers out, so they were still excited.

“Don’t joke around. We’ve been preparing for so long.”

“That’s right, you guys should look more carefully!”

“Are you guys under an illusion?”

“Liu Yiyi is gifted as an Illusionist and has a Beast of the same type. How could she fall for an illusion?”

“You could be right. What if the other party is stronger than her?”

In comparison, Lei Xing, the soldiers’ commander, did not immediately question Liu Yiyi. Instead, he quickly began to plan countermeasures.

“Beardy, go to the left and check the terrain.”

“The flying Beasts will start patrolling from the sky. The rest of you, stay where you are.”

The soldiers who had been ordered to do so immediately.

The rest of the students were arranged to wait at the same place. During this period, the students were gossiping.

Fortunately, Li Heng managed to stop this momentum in time.

At that time, Su Bai said, “Logically speaking, disturbing the army in battle can be treated as a deserter.”

When the other students heard that, their eyes immediately widened.

No one would be willing to accept being taught a lesson by a freshman.

But there was no way to refute it.

Everyone could only silently wait for the results from Lei Xing.

A soldier holding a Braveagle rushed back in less than a few minutes and said, “An entrance to the catacomb has been discovered at the southeast coordinates. The investigation concluded that it was the targeted catacomb.”

Hearing this, Lei Xing nodded. He immediately turned to the crowd and said, “We have found the catacomb. We’ll set off immediately!”

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