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Chapter 40

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Beastmaster Skill, Soul Link


Enlightenment is complete. Learned Soul Link, a Beastmaster skill!

Soul Link (A-level): A Supporter type. Dramatically increases the cooperation between the Beastmaster’s two formed pact Beasts. At the same time, the Beastmaster gains the telepathic connection effect, increasing their attributes by 210%!

A Beastmaster skill was a skill that only belonged to the Beastmaster.

Su Bai was secretly overjoyed.

Ordinary Beastmasters would have to spend years or even a considerable sum of money to obtain a Beastmaster skill. Yet, he had somehow entered a state of enlightenment and acquired an A-level Beastmaster skill!

Before that, Su Bai didn’t even dare to think about it.

An ordinary C-level Beastmaster skill book would cost at least tens of millions in the market.

In the entire Los Monstaria, the price of an A-Class Beastmaster skill was comparable to that of an S-Class Beast skill!

And now, that skill was free for Su Bai.

“He actually succeeded.” Bing Mengqi stood at the side and was deeply shocked by the scene in front of her.

She had never heard of anyone who could gain enlightenment so quickly.

But that was good.

There was not much time for Su Bai to slowly gain enlightenment at that moment.

The moment of hesitation was all because Bing Mengqi couldn’t bear to break Su Bai’s enlightenment.

After all, to Beastmasters, enlightenment was an extremely rare opportunity throughout one’s life.

“There’s no time. Let’s go!” Bing Mengqi directly pulled Su Bai and Liu Yiyi out of the secret chamber.

Li Heng and Leng Lang had already left with their students.

About 20 seconds ago, it wasn’t too long, but they stayed for one more second.

No one could guarantee that there would be no accidents in the next second.

Su Bai and Liu Yiyi followed closely behind Bing Mengqi and returned the way they came.

Along the way, there were many aggressive Beasts.


Under Su Bai’s order, Crackantula was like the Grim Reaper of the night.


Crackantula has killed a Mid Iron level Elixirat and gained 10 experience points!


Crackantula has killed a Mid Iron level Graytipede and gained 6 experience points!


Crackantula has successfully leveled up to Mid-5 Iron level!

At the same time, Bing Mengqi wasn’t idle.

Her Beast, the Six-eared Snowfox, was as strong as Crackantula.

Numerous icicles shot out, and the Beasts blocking the way were dealt with perfectly.

“This is bad.” Su Bai looked at the dead Beasts and analyzed them with a frown, “The Beasts are even more irritable than before. They can’t distinguish between friend and foe.”

The three of them had fallen into a chaotic battle.

The surrounding Beasts didn’t have a common enemy. Instead, they would attack whoever they encountered.

This momentum was even eviler than the Beasts infected by the Scarlet Mist.

“Be careful.”

Bing Mengqi may be a soldier, but she was less seasoned than Lei Xing. This was the first time she had seen such a strange situation.

Luckily, Su Bai and Liu Yiyi were both students who could make her worry less.

If Bing Mengqi had been looking after the other students, she probably wouldn’t be so calm.

Although the situation in the catacomb was chaotic, the Beasts’ low level was a blessing. The three of them could thoroughly deal with them with their combined strength.

Soon, they caught up to the leading group and were about to reach the catacomb’s exit.

In comparison, Li Heng and Leng Lang’s team was in a sorry state.

The students were covered in wounds and mentally exhausted while facing such a sudden situation simultaneously.

When they finally saw the light at the exit, everyone’s eyes showed a trace of emotion.

“We can finally leave this damn place!”

“Just a little more… A little more…”

“Keep it up!”

The group broke out of the encirclement of the Beasts, and Li Heng was the first to arrive at the exit.

However, in less than two seconds, he waved his hand to stop the people behind him.

“Stop!” After a loud shout, Li Heng shouted with an unusual expression, “Something’s wrong outside!”

Hearing that, everyone’s heart skipped a beat.

Leng Lang came to the entrance of the cave and looked out.

His face immediately darkened.

Then, both Bing Mengqi and Su Bai checked simultaneously, and it was the same.

The previously empty and vast flat land was now filled with many Beasts.

It covered the sky and the sun.

Like a swarm of locusts, it suppressed the breathing of these people.

The other students wanted to go up and take a look.

Li Heng stopped them.

It was already chaotic enough. If this group of students was to see this scene, it would be even more chaotic.

But the truth cannot be hidden for very long.

Even a fool would know by looking at their faces.

“Not only is the situation not getting any better after leaving the catacomb, but it’s also heading towards a worse state.

“What do we do?”

Judging by the tense atmosphere, Su Bai turned his eyes to Leng Lang and Bing Mengqi.

Sitting around and waiting for death would not solve the problem.

The students on the scene were not too much even to say they were a liability, and even Su Bai considered himself better than them.

That was all.

“We’ll wait,”

After Leng Lang said that, he sat at the exit alone.

As a soldier, he understood better than anyone else present.

The importance of intelligence.

Going out rashly at this moment was no different from courting death.

Compared to Leng Lang, Bing Mengqi was calmer. She leaned against the wall and asked Su Bai curiously, ” I haven’t asked you. Did you gain a talent or a skill from your enlightenment? ”


Hearing that, Liu Yiyi, who was at the side, was stunned.

Only then did she realize Su Bai was in a state of enlightenment.

‘No wonder he doesn’t respond to me no matter how I call him.’ Liu Yiyi thought.

“I got a Beastmaster skill. It’s just an average improvement.” Su Bai touched his nose and chuckled.

It wasn’t that Su Bai was hiding it.

It was just that the world of Beastmasters was like that, to begin with.

No one was willing to reveal their trump card so quickly, not to mention that it was a Beastmaster skill.

“Yeah, very normal indeed.” Bing Mengqi muttered with a smile.

If it were any other student present, she wouldn’t have found it strange.

But if it was Su Bai, it would be a different story.

But the prerequisite was that Su Bai had to gain ordinary enlightenment.

Su Bai’s time of enlightenment was only a dozen seconds, so it was reasonable that he couldn’t get a high level of skills.

But Bing Mengqi’s intuition told her that Su Bai was not simple.

The students present were all shriveling in the corner, holding their heads and feeling uneasy about their lives.

On the contrary, Su Bai was just a freshman.

There was no fluctuation in Su Bai’s expression nor any panic.

This shouldn’t be the doing of a freshman.

“I’ve found something,”

At that moment, Leng Lang returned and said, ” “It’s a formation, and it’s not small.”

‘A formation?’ Bing Mengqi thought.

Hearing those words, Bing Mengqi’s expression gradually became serious.

They immediately prostrated themselves at the entrance of the catacomb.

Sure enough, Bing Mengqi found traces of a formation.

With such a complicated formation, it was definitely the handiwork of the Salvation Sect.

“I knew it. The Salvation Sect is plotting another operation. We don’t know what’s going on with Captain and the rest,” Leng Lang analyzed.

Leng Lang continued, “It’s not very rational to act rashly. But the formation is already activated. If we don’t interfere, I’m afraid…”

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